Friday Flash Fiction “Granger Pack”, Part 1

Happy Friday!  It’s finally here! 

Here is this weeks Friday Flash Fiction.  This is Part 1 of the new mini series, “Granger Pack”.  I hope you enjoy this.  Remember…ALL Friday Flash Fiction is written RAW and UNEDITED!  I LOVE writing these flash fiction segments for you to read on Friday’s.  It’s a quick and fun short story that is just as much for me as it is for you.  It’s almost like practice for me and it gives you something to take you into the weekend with a smile. At least I hope so! 

Anyway….. Here is this week’s Flash Fiction.  I hope you enjoy it! ~Theresa


 Granger Pack, Part 1

“You mean the world to me. You know that right?” Vaughn sighed, as he held his mate on the bed of furs in front of their fireplace. The cold winter nights were made for snuggling with the woman who held his heart.

“I do,” Sophia said, nuzzling his neck. He growled low in his throat when she nipped him playfully on the chin. “We should do this more often. It’s been too long.”

“It has,” he sighed, heavily. “I don’t want to talk about the pack right now. Just you…us.”

“Okay,” she smiled. “Well, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it, my beautiful mate,” Vaughn looked into her big brown eyes. The same ones that captured his heart almost a year ago. Her family had come to his pack looking for a new start. She was the oldest of her siblings. At twenty-three, Sophia had taken the role of mother to her three younger brothers after her mother was killed in a car accident. Her father was severely depressed from the loss of his mate and had completely give up on life. Vaughn, being the alpha of the Granger pack, opened his pack to them, putting them up in a home on his land. It wasn’t until a few months later that he realized that she was his intended mate.

“I love you,” she smiled, taking his strong hand into her much smaller one. When she placed it on her stomach over her womb, his heart started pounding in his chest.

“Sophia,” he gasped, but his voice was still just a whisper.

“I’m pregnant with your child,” she smiled, her eyes fluttered at the feel of his warm hand against her flat stomach.

Vaughn immediately sat up, his hands roamed her body. “Are you okay? Are you sick? Have you been sick?”

“Shh,” she laughed. “Everything is fine. I talked to the doctor and I’m only a month and a half along. So far, everything looks fine.”

“Thank God,” he sighed. Leaning over, he placed his other hand over the first. There was a babe in there. His babe. The first of many. They’d agreed on having many children, because it’d been a dream to both of them to have a large family. “Thank you.”

“I should be thanking you,” she smiled. He was still hovering over her, his hands stroking her soft skin. He touched her face before sliding his hand into her long, blonde hair. Vaughn pulled her up to meet his lips. The connection seared both of their senses, leaving them breathless when there was a knock on the door.

“I’m going to kill whoever is there,” he growled. The sound echoed through the room.

“It’s probably important, Vaughn,” she said, pulling a fur over herself to cover her body from anyone’s view.

“Still going to kill them,” he grumped, walking to the door.

Sophia watched her mate rise from the floor, wrapping a fur around his waist. She still got an ache inside when she watched him move with power and the grace of an alpha. The muscles in his broad shoulders flexed when he ran his hand through his tousled, dark hair. Before he opened the door, Vaughn looked over his shoulder, his midnight blue eyes looking over her protectively. He stood to his full height, which was over a foot taller than her short five foot four frame. She was tiny, but he was a giant to her, a warrior.

“What,” he growled, as he opened the door, but only slightly. He was protecting his mate and unborn baby. Sophia had to bite back a giggle when she thought of how overprotective he was going to be now that she was pregnant with his child.

She couldn’t make out the words that were being said, but from the exasperated sigh coming from her mate, she knew that he would have to deal with something within the pack.

“I have to go,” he said, leaning down and capturing her face with both hands. “There has been a mother and her two small children brought in from Mansville.”

“Oh no,” she gasped, holding her hand over her mouth. Vaughn’s eyes softened at her worry of someone in need. “Do you need me to come with you?”

“No, my mate,” he smiled. “Let you worry about yourself tonight. I will take care of the female and make sure she is settled in. I will have Travis stand guard outside until I return home.”

“Okay,” she sighed. “But if you need me.”

“I will send someone to get you, but I don’t think this is necessary.”

“Please give her my welcoming and tell her I will meet with her in the morning,” Sophia promised.

“Yes, my mate,” he smiled, leaning in for one last kiss. “Get some rest while I’m gone. Take care of our babe.”

After Vaughn left, Sophia lay on the furs enjoying the soft feel on her body. Vaughn had taken such care with her tonight. He fed her and then made love to her for hours. Everything had been so perfect. She reached up and touched the spot on her neck where he’d fed from her. Although they are shifters, they needed blood to survive along with human food.

Sophia would meet with the woman and children tomorrow. Vaughn had a huge heart and refused to turn away any wolves in need. The pack was made up of several broken families. Most of them were missing a mate due to tragedy, others were worse. There were four women who had been removed from their male mates for the abuse against them. It broke her heart every time the warriors of the pack would bring in an abused female, but Sophia worked with them to help the women see that they can survive. Vaughn made sure of it. The women were given jobs within the pack, or if they were skilled, they could work in town at the several business run by the alpha and his family.

Instead of falling asleep on the furs, Sophia walked across the room and climbed into their huge bed that had been custom made for Vaughn’s extraordinary height. She probably looked like an elf laying in the middle of the bed, but she really didn’t care. It didn’t matter where she fell asleep, Sophia would find herself tucked in Vaughn’s arms every morning when she woke up.

When her eyes opened, they sunlight filtered through the sheer curtains on the windows casting a soft light across her body. Her wolf paced in her mind, wanting to run, to feel the earth beneath its paws.

“Down girl,” Sophia giggled. Her and Vaughn had run the previous weekend when they had the sudden urge to shift and hunt just after dusk. It had been a wonderful night, just the two of them. Well, it really wasn’t just the two of them. The warriors of the pack had gone with them into the woods behind the pack house to keep an eye on the two alphas. Their lives were always in danger because of who they were.

She left the master suite and headed into the kitchen, finding the pack chef rolling out the beginnings of what looked like biscuits.

“Good morning, Ester,” Sophia said, taking a seat at the bar. “Have you seen our alpha?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ester nodded. “He advised me to let you know he would be back in time for breakfast. He wanted to have a meeting with the warriors beforehand.”

“Okay,” she said, breaking a banana off of the cluster of them that were sitting on the counter. She peeled it carefully, hoping it would go down as smoothly as the one did the morning before. She didn’t come clean with Vaughn the night before. She had been feeling sick, but it was very minor. The last thing she wanted to do was to make him worry. Shaking her head, she suppressed a giggle and took a bite. She moaned from the flavor and was thankful it stayed down.

Warriors filed in the back door, each of them nodding to Sophia as they entered the house, just like Vaughn had trained them. His warriors were the largest males that he could find within their race.

Her scent filled the kitchen; the woman who’d made him the happiest man on the face of the Earth. He smiled at his mate as he crossed the room. She was stunning and even more so since she had become pregnant with his child.

But something wasn’t right.

“Mate,” he growled. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she lied, placing a calming hand on his forearm.

“Don’t lie to me,” he whispered, his eyes shifted to that of his wolf. The glowing yellow would’ve scared his warriors, but his true mate wasn’t fazed.

“Calm down,” she chuckled. “I’m just a little…” Nothing else was said as Sophia jumped from her stool and used her speed to rush to the bathroom off of the kitchen.

Every warrior in the kitchen stood on guard, their guns and knives drawn, their eyes scanned the room for threats. Vaughn was by her side instantly as she sunk to her knees and emptied the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

“Oh, gods,” she moaned.

“Get the doctor, now!” Vaughn scooped her up into his arms and took Sophia to the master suite where he placed her on the bed. His hands shook as he brushed hair away from her pale face. “Talk to me, mate.”

“I’m fine,” she growled. Sophia looked completely worn out. It was only seven in the morning and he knew that she slept well, because his beautiful mate had been plastered to his side the entire night. “Just let it pass. The doctor isn’t needed. He will tell you the same thing.”

“I worry,” he admitted, stroking her face and placing his hand on their unborn child.

“And you are going to have a stroke from worrying so much,” she smiled.

“I’m a shifter,” he scoffed. “We don’t have strokes.”

“Well, you will be the first ever,” she teased. Vaughn finally relaxed and called the warrior he’d sent after the doctor, telling him to disregard. His mate was okay.

“Do you feel like eating,” he asked, helping her sit up in the bed.

“Actually,” she smiled. “I’m starving! Plus, I have to get over and meet the new arrivals.”

“I don’t know about…,” he began, but quickly quieted when Sophia gave him a hard stare.

“I will be going to check on them,” she demanded.

“So stubborn,” he shook his head. “No need to go to them, the female will be here with her children for morning meal.”

“Good,” she nodded, standing up and pushing him out of the way. “Let me clean up and then I will be down.”

Vaughn ran his hands through his hair and watched as his wife walked into the bathroom, her sexy hips shifting from side to side as she went. He had to adjust himself from the visual. If the pack wasn’t waiting downstairs for them to eat and to see if his mate was alright, he may have just taken her back to bed.

Sophia searched the faces of the pack that had gathered in their home for the Sunday breakfast that Esther served every week. Two warriors, Michael and Thorn were hovering over the new addition and her two children who were obviously twins.

“Hello, my name is Sophia,” she said, introducing herself. The woman’s eyes bulged when Sophia knelt down so that she was eye level with the children. “And what’s your name?”

“Kara and this is my sister, Mia.” The one with the cute dimples held her head up proudly when she said their names. Mia was shy and tucked her head against her mother’s chest.

“My name is Leslie Manns,” she smiled.

“Hi Leslie,” Sophia smiled. The two women shook hands, but she noticed Leslie was very uncomfortable. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Um,” Leslie looked around the room. “My alpha. With all due respect, I wish you wouldn’t kneel below me.”

“Why,” she asked.

“You are the alpha,” Leslie said, wide-eyed. “You are not supposed to sit below me.”

“What did he do to you,” Sophia whispered.

“Things you would never understand,” Leslie whispered, tears threating her big blue eyes.

“Not here,” Sophia shook her head. “Yes, I am your alpha, but I am also your friend. I will guide you and strengthen you. You will live free here. If you have any problems, you are to come directly to me. If you cannot find me, you will ask a warrior to find me. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered, still looking around the room. When Leslie saw that no one was paying attention to her, she leaned in closer to Sophia. “He will come for me. I know he will. I’m sorry. I don’t know if I can stay here.”

Sophia felt the fear radiating off of the female, but she knew that as alpha, she had to stand strong as an example to the women of the pack. “He will not get within our land. This I promise you.”

“Yes, alpha,” Leslie bowed her head. “Thank you for helping me.”

Sophia touched Leslie’s head as she stood, allowing the magic of her wolf to bleed strength into the scared female. Sophia felt Leslie jerk as the power. Releasing her, Sophia turned and found Vaughn watching her carefully. She didn’t have to voice her concern, because the low warning growl that rumbled out of his chest told her that he heard everything.

Sophia didn’t know exactly who this man was, but Leslie’s fear of him set her on edge. As Vaughn stepped closer to her, she knew that he felt the fear as well. If this male came seeking Leslie, then they needed to be prepared.

Prologue to “Burn Me”

Here is a very early and unedited version of the Prologue to “Burn Me”.  I know you guys are dying to know what the hell is going on with Gabe and Brooklyn.  I hope this helps.




When I opened my eyes there was no pain.  There was soft, white light everywhere.  Figures moved around me, their faces hidden as if they were covered by a fog.  My body was translucent.  Still solid, but somehow, I was able to see through my hands.  There were scars on them, angry and red.  My body was covered in the same soft light that enveloped my surroundings.

“Gabriel,” a voice beckoned.  “Gabriel, my son!”

“Ma,” I gasped, searching the faceless beings that floated around me going everywhere, but also…nowhere.

“No, no, no,” my mother cried as she floated up to me.  Her face.  I could see her face as the fog lifted. 

“Ma,” I questioned.  “What’s happening?  Where am I?”

“It’s not time, son,” she cried.  “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Where am I,” I asked, scared for once in my life.  I was even more scared than the day I held her when she died.

“You have to go back, Gabriel,” she sighed.  “Your job is not complete.  You have to go back!”

“How,” I asked, tears threatening, pricking at my eyes.  “How, momma?”

“You fight Gabriel,” she said, her hand reaching out to touch the palm of my hand. Her skin was as soft as I remembered.  She smelled of lilac, the perfume she always wore.  That smell brought me back to a time when I was loved by the woman who gave me life.  Now, I realized, she was here in my death, urging me to go home.

“How do I fight,” I begged. 

“She needs you,” my mother cried.  “Brooklyn needs you, Gabriel.  And that sweet, loving boy.  He needs you as well.  Fight for her, Gabriel.  She is the woman who loves you.  She needs you to come back to her.  Now is not your time, my son.  Fight for her!  Fight Gabriel!”

“Ma, I love you,” I blurted.  It was the words I’d wished I’d told her one more time.  “I love you!”

“I know, son,” she smiled, that radiant smile that reminded me of Liana.  “I’m so proud of the two of you.  My sweet little girl, Liana.  How she has suffered, but you and that boy Reed healed her.  You healed her with your love, Gabriel.  I’m so proud of you.  I love you, son.  You need to fight!”

“I’m trying, ma,” I said.  “I love her so much.”

“Then return to her, Gabriel,” she smiled, seeing me smile thinking of Brooklyn.  “That’s it, fight!”

The light faded, my mother’s face began to blend with the fog.  “Ma!”

“Fight Gabriel.”

“Fight, son!”

“She needs you!”

“Fight!  Fight!  Fight!”

Friday Flash Fiction, “Little Lamb”, Part 4

Sexy man on motorcycle

Happy Friday!!

Here is the final installment of “Little Lamb”!  I hope that you have enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Remember, the Flash Fiction posts are always written RAW and UNEDITED.

This is something I share with you, because it’s fun and also gives me a break from the other things I am writing.  It’s a fun little activity for me and it gives you a FREE short story to read. 


Little Lamb

Part 4


Afternoon thunderstorms rumbled outside the window of Cannon’s tiny apartment. I was currently bundled up on the couch writing a paper for my upcoming final exam. This was it. I’d be graduating in just a few weeks. Hopefully after graduation, I would finally fulfill my dream to become a history teacher. I didn’t care if it was middle or high school, I just wanted to teach.

The sharp bite of pain in my ribs had finally become manageable. My father came last weekend to check on me and spend some time with Cannon. They’d gone out for drinks and when they returned, I saw my father soften toward the nomad that had come to mean so much to me.

I’d finally confessed last week to Cannon that I didn’t want to go back to my apartment. The memories were just too painful. He’d welcomed me with open arms and admitted he didn’t want me to leave either.

Things had progressed in our strange relationship. Well, somewhat progressed. Every time I wanted to take that final step to have him make love to me, he’d push back and say that he thought I wasn’t ready. Not after everything that had happened.

Well, I was so ready that I wanted to explode! We’d kissed, touched, and even brought each other to climax with just our hands and mouths. Cannon knew my body better than I did. I think it has gotten easier for him to look at me since the bruises faded. Other than the pain in my ribs, I was completely healed. Only when I lifted something heavy or turned the wrong way, would I cry out from the injury.

I jumped when a bolt of lightning crashed somewhere close, causing the power to flicker twice before completely giving out. Thankfully, the temperatures were mild and the apartment wouldn’t become a baking oven until the power returned.

My cell phone rang and I smiled when I saw it was him calling. He’d become very protective of me, even so much as to threaten the clerk at the small grocery store down the street, telling him to keep his eyes off my ass. I was taken. Cannon was perfect.

“Little lamb,” he spoke, before I could even say ‘hello’. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Cannon,” I sighed. “Power went and it’s storming it’s ass off right now. Nothing to worry about.” He was always worried when it came to me. It was sweet, but sometimes irritating. The other day, he checked the path I walked to the car to look for any tripping hazards…before I left the apartment!

“I think I’ll come home for the rest of the day,” he announced.

“You can’t ride in this weather,” I gasped. Okay, I was a little worried about him, too.

“I’m bringing my brother’s Mustang home,” he laughed. “I’ll be alright.”

“I’ll see you soon,” I said, hanging up after a short goodbye.

The storm raged outside for the next fifteen minutes. I heard the rumbled of a car pull up in the parking area just below the apartment. It was only another few seconds before Cannon burst through the door, water soaking his clothes and running rivulets off of his bald head. He was smiling widely, something I had never seen. He looked like a boy, young and carefree. Nothing of the hard MC nomad that he portrayed every day.

“Fuck,” he wiped a big beefy hand down his handsome face. “It’s really bad out there.”

“Yes, it is,” I breathed, watching him shed his shirt there at the little tiled spot by the front door. His muscles flexed as he moved to peel the wet material from his tanned skin. His faded denim jeans rested low on his hips, giving me a glimpse into the V shaped muscle that disappeared beneath his waistband. A tiny drop of moisture rolled down his shoulder, circled his dark brown nipple and continued its trek southward. I didn’t see where it went, because my eyes were focused on his chest.

His chest heaved with breaths that were now audible. Looking up, our gazes met and Cannon’s eyes were filled with a heated desire I’d only heard about in love stories. He unlaced his boots and kicked them to the side, never taking his eyes off of mine.

I stood automatically, dropping the blanket somewhere next to my feet. We both moved quietly as we took small steps toward each other. Somewhere in the middle, he opened his arms and I went into them willingly.

His lips pressed to mine, hot and wet from the rain that drenched his body. Cannon shivered when I ran my tiny hands up his bulky arms, feeling the soft skin beneath the pads of my fingers. In one swoop, I was in his arms, our lips still playing an erotic dance. His tongue moved along the seam of my lips, before pressing, demanding entrance.

My hands cupped the back of his head, pulling him closer as if I could get beneath the protective layers of his skin. His hands held me close as he repositioned me to where my legs were now around his waist. The moment I ground my aching sex against him, I felt his hardness against my sex. I moved against it, rubbing myself up and down like a cat in heat.

“Bed,” I moaned, only releasing him for a split second.

Cannon moved toward his room and carried me to the bed, carefully laying me out on the pillow. He didn’t speak as he pulled my yoga pants down my legs and tossed them in the floor. My red tank top followed. His eyes darkened with heated lust as he took a moment to look over my body, memorizing the scene before him.

“Beautiful,” he said, before finally divesting the last piece of clothing on his body.

His hardness jutted out from his body, the tip a deep plum color. A bead of moisture sat at the tip and I licked my lips, leaning forward to take it with my tongue.

The moment my lips closed around his flesh, Cannon sunk his fingers in my hair and moaned, causing wetness to pool between my legs. I held him in my hand and from the way he expressed his enjoyment of what I was doing, I knew that I also held his heart.

Cannon wasn’t the type of man to let anyone inside. He was closed off and preferred to live as a loner, but somehow opened his heart to me. I had to fight back tears and concentrate on what we were doing. If he saw any tears from me, Cannon would pull away and not allow this to continue and I was having none of that.

“You have to stop, baby,” he hissed through his teeth. I couldn’t help the smug look on my face, knowing I could bring this giant of a man to his knees with just one touch. We’d done this several times before, so I knew what brought him pleasure.

Fortunately, he also knew exactly what I liked as well.

I was flipped over on my back, the tiny scrap of lace I used to call my panties were ripped away from my body. He pushed my legs out to the side to accommodate his wide shoulders. The hot press of his tongue to my sex sent sparks into my vision and I called out his name, begging for more.

He ate, nipped, and licked at my core, never stopping in his love making. He inserted two fingers the moment he sucked on my clit, making my release shoot toward the surface. My back arched off of the mattress, the world around us completely shut out, as if we were the only two people left alive.

“I need inside you,” he growled, causing my sex to clinch around his fingers.

His mouth found mine and I could taste my desire on his lips. This seemed to excite him more as he laid his body beneath mine.

In all of the months that I watched the nomad biker pass by my school every day after classes, I never would’ve thought that I’d fallen in love with the bad boy who was in charge of my safety. No, Cannon wasn’t a college frat boy, he was the man who made me feel whole again. He saved me from my demons and showed me what true love was.

“I love you, little lamb,” he whispered as he pushed inside me. “Stay with me. Be my girl.”

“I’ll always stay with you, Cannon,” I whispered, stroking his strong, rugged jaw.

As the storm raged outside the apartment, Cannon and I made love until we were too tired to go at it again. He held me against his body and spoke of a life into the future. One that I had dreamed of since I was a little girl. He was no prince, but Cannon was the man who would treat me like a queen for the rest of our lives.


The End……


Friday Flash Fiction Little Lamb, Part 3

Happy Friday!

Here is your next installment of Friday Flash Fiction.

As with all the Friday Flash Fiction, this story is RAW and UNEDITED!  It is written solely for entertainment.  I hope you enjoy!


Sexy man on motorcycle

Little Lamb, Part 3


I held her as she slept. The pleading in her eyes, the tears spilling from those pretty blues sent me right over the edge of the cliff. I fell head damn first for her. I didn’t have the heart to deny her this small amount of safety in the night. When I had checked on her earlier in the night, my little lamb had been in the throes of a nightmare.

With her in my arms, she trembled with the cold and with the memories. “Shhh, little lamb. Nothing can harm you now. I won’t let anyone get to you.” And my words were true. I wouldn’t let anyone lay so much as a finger on one fiber of hair on her head.

My Glock was next to the bed, within reach of my hand. I seriously doubted that anyone would break in here to take her from me, but I wasn’t going to test the theory that all was safe. I didn’t live in the greatest of areas and I should probably move. I had the money to step up a little, but I liked my simple life. I didn’t need luxury, but little lamb did. She was perfection in a human form.

The perfection in my arms moaned and shifted back into my chest. “Cannon?”

“Yes, little lamb. I’m here,” I whispered in her ear. I kissed the top of her head that was pillowed on my bicep.

“I hurt,” she choked. “And I need to pee.”

“Okay,” I said, sitting up carefully in the bed. I quickly replaced my body with a pillow, ensuring she was comfortable. “Let me carry you.”

“I can walk,” she winced and cried out when she moved to a sitting position.

“I’m carrying you,” I growled. Leaning down I looped her arm over my shoulders and slid my other arm under her knees. She tried to protest again, but I silenced her with a look. “You have to let me care for you, little lamb.”

“I have to move around or I won’t heal,” she growled right back at me. My little lamb had a tiger inside her and that tiger had bite. I liked it.

“Now,” I said, setting her to her feet next to the toilet. “You can move.”

“Leave,” she rolled her eyes.

“I’m going, I’m going,” I chuckled and held my hands up in defense. “Let me get your meds and I’ll be right back.”

When I returned, she was just shutting off the light in the bathroom. The flash of fluorescent light showed me that her eye had turned a nasty purple and green. Her throat sported a reddish-purple gash that made me see red.

I scooped her up carefully and returned her to the bed. She took the Lortab I handed her and drank half the glass of water I brought with me. I finished the water and set the empty cup on the small table next to my bed. Little lamb eyed the Glock momentarily, but didn’t comment on it.

“It’s for our safety,” I said, answering her silent question.

“Do you have that many enemies,” she asked, her voice soft.

“Sometimes,” I shrugged. “It’s who we are, little lamb. You know this.”

“Yeah,” she yawned.

“Go to sleep,” I said.

“Please,” she asked, holding up the covers. “I feel safer with you here.”

I didn’t reply as I slid in the bed, finding a comfortable spot on my back. She snuggled up against my side and used my arm as a pillow. It only took seconds before she was fast asleep. I followed not too long after.

Warmth against my right side woke me, the sun was barely up in the sky. It was Friday, her day off of classes. My brother already knew that I wouldn’t be coming in to the shop today. Little Lamb was the priority over everything else. When the MC President tells you to do something, you move heaven and hell to make it happen. When it’s the prez’s daughter, you lay your life before hers. When it was the woman that consumed your world, you accept the blade that cut’s into your heart, so that she can be safe, free.

My little lamb. I’d been infatuated with her for months, seeing her just out of reach. But now, now she is in my arms. There is an energy of awareness between us. The fact that I almost kissed her yesterday was proof of that. As bad as I wanted her in my arm, underneath me panting my name, I couldn’t do that to her. She was too special to hook up with a thug like me.

But fuck if I didn’t want to be her knight in shining armor, the man who gave her the world.

She moaned in her sleep, her hand moved to my chest. Little lamb’s tiny fingers fisted in my shirt, her forehead pinched with whatever she was dreaming in her sleep.

No,” she whispered. Her body didn’t freeze, nor did she jerk awake. Before she could say anything else, I used my thumb to rub the spot between her eyes, relaxing the tight muscle. She smiled warmly and felt back into her deep sleep.

I watched her, held her, for two more hours. My phone chirped alerting me to an incoming text. I carefully reached for it on the table beside the bed. My gun rested there within an arm’s reach. The text was from her father. I breathed a sigh of relief at his words.


He’s done. Won’t be hurting women again.


I could only imagine what that meant. I purposely kept myself out of the final punishment for a reason. I’d already beat the man to the point of death before her father arrived. He didn’t cry like a bitch, like I thought he would. No, the fucker laughed. He said things that made me hate him even more.

“She’s a hot little piece of ass.”

“She begged for me to stop. Lot of fight that little one.”

“I. Made. Her. Bleed.”

“The stupid cunt wouldn’t give me any. So, I took it.”

“What? Is she yours?  

“Ha! I ruined her. You won’t want to touch her pussy after what I did!”


I hope her father let the fucker live and cut his dick off. That’s what he deserved. To be castrated.

“Cannon,” little lamb stiffened. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, little lamb,” I whispered, relaxing my body. I’d gone stiff remembering his words.

Reaching over, I stroked the softness of her cheek. Her blue eyes were hazy from her sleep. She tried to take a deep breath to sigh and jerked from the pain.

“Let me get you some meds,” I said, helping her into a more comfortable position. It’d been four hours since the last dose and he was probably due. “I’m going to wrap those ribs this morning and get you up and moving, little lamb. It’s not good for you to be in the bed.”

“Is that a good idea,” she frowned.

“I broke three ribs last year,” I admitted. “Laid my bike down and slammed into a tree. That was the doc’s orders, so I’m passing that on to you.”

“If you insist,” she scowled, scrunching up her nose in defiance. She didn’t want to move and I didn’t blame her one bit. That’s a hard injury to deal with. I couldn’t imagine what she was feeling. It was easier for me, I’d broken my ribs more times than I can remember. She was so small, fragile. It had to be painful.

“I do,” I growled. “Meds, wrap, then eat. In that order.”

“You’re bossy,” she growled. “What if I just want to sleep? I’d rather throw the blanket over my head and not come out for the next thirty years.” The last was said in a quiet voice.

“You will not hide from the world,” I said, leaning over where I was in her face. “I won’t let you.”

“I didn’t think you would,” she mumbled. Little lamb was a bit on the grumpy side in the morning.

“How about some coffee,” I offered, laughing when her eyebrows shot up and she nodded enthusiastically.

After her meds, I let her drink the cup of coffee I made for her while I quickly showered.

“Can I shower before you wrap me up,” she asked.

“Sure,” I nodded. “Let me get you some clean towels.”

I left her to hit the pantry in the hallway, grabbing two towels and returning to the room. I gasped when I turned the corner and she was about to face plant on the bedroom floor. Fast as lighting, I grabbed her by her upper arms, stopping her from hurting herself even further.

“Fuck,” she growled, grabbing her side. “Ouch!”

“Are you even going to be able to shower?” I asked, honestly worried about leaving her in the standup shower alone.

“You’re not coming in there,” she said, wide-eyed.

“You better believe your ass I am,” I growled. “All I need is for you to fall out of that shower. No way!”

“Well, I’m not getting undressed in front of you,” she scolded, giving me a look that promised death. My little lamb was showing her lioness side…and I still liked it.

“Okay,” I paused. “You get in the shower and then I will sit on the toilet, just in case you fall. I’ll be able to catch you.” My bathroom only had a shower, no tub. There was a curtain there to keep the water contained in the stall.

“No peeking,” she glared.

“Promise,” I laughed, holding my hands up in defeat.

I stood my ground and didn’t peek at her, but I was a guy. Plus, my finger may have had a slight gap in it where I could see her legs and nothing else. She had amazing legs, lean and tight. I couldn’t look at her with all of the bruises it would make me seek out that asshole’s body and I’d unload my gun into his lifeless body. No, I’d wait. I’d wait for my little lamb to recover.

After that, she was mine and I wasn’t letting her go.


To Be Continued…




“Need Me” Chapter 1

Need Me Final SM


Here is the first chapter of “Need Me” in A Glory Days Finale.  I hope you love Gabe as much as I do.  He’s twined himself into my heart and will never let it go. 

Look for Need Me to be release the first week of September!



Chapter 1




Everyone was off with their wives and here I was…alone. 

Ever since Liana, my beloved sister, had been violated by that monster, I hadn’t been myself. The spunk that used to power me died when she was hurt.  In her worst times, she found love with my best friend and Glory Days bassist, Reed Sullivan.  When I wasn’t enough to heal her, Reed stepped up to the plate and did the unthinkable.  He loved her enough to bring her out of the shadows, away from her demons.

She didn’t need me anymore.  Liana had Reed.

All I’d ever known was to take care of her, no matter where I was in the world.  Liana had always been my top priority, even over Glory Days.  I’d promised our mother, on her deathbed, that I would let no harm come to my little sister.  I’d failed the two women in my life.  My sister when she was attacked and the simple promise to my mother.

I inherited my nurturing side from her.  We didn’t have much growing up, but we were loved nonetheless.  When we found out she was dying, I stepped up and took over.  I became the man of the house before I was even old enough to drink. 

Finding Ash and Glory Days, was my way out of the slums, out of poverty.  Those first few years, we busted our asses to get noticed and it wasn’t long before we were signed.  My mother died before we’d hit number one on the charts.  It was hard, but I knew, somehow, that she was looking down on me and smiling happily at my success.

I used my portion of the money we made to buy Liana a place away from the poor area we grew up in.  She went to college and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she lived up until a couple of years ago when she fell in love with Reed.

I made it my life’s mission to provide for my little sister, pay for her college, and to protect her.  She needed me and now…she had overcome so much pain and anguish, to get where she was with Reed. 

I also paid Eric a ton of fucking money to keep tabs on my father.  Yeah, I hadn’t seen him since I was a small boy, but I knew exactly where the son of a bitch was.  Didn’t matter anyway, we didn’t need him.  We didn’t want him.  After being let out of jail – too soon if you ask me – for molesting those little girls, Kevin Miller was working construction in a tiny community in the panhandle of Florida.  He never had attempted to contact me, or Liana, and I wanted to keep it that way.

I was on my own – for once in my life – and I was clueless as to what to do with myself.  I was too damn old and too much of a public figure to party.  The paparazzi were always watching us, waiting for one of us to slip up.  We were smart, not giving them any reasons to put us on the front page of any magazines. 

Now, I was just alone and pathetic.  I came to this place because it was secluded and the photographers couldn’t get within a hundred feet of the place.  The windows were tinted, where one could see out, but no one could see inside.  The food was amazing and so was the view. 

A beautiful view that I had the pleasure of meeting once, but never had the balls to ask her out.  I found myself remembering her in my sleep, imagining things that would probably get me arrested, but damn, I couldn’t get the memory out of my head.


Yeah, that’s what I was.  Totally infatuated with the owner of the restaurant I was currently sitting in. Cordeau’s was owned by the amazingly beautiful Brooklyn Cordeau.  Cajun French cuisine that was made with a spin, since it was located in Los Angeles. 

I’d only met her about a year ago, when the place first opened.  She’d been at the door on opening night.  I’d heard about the grand opening and decided to stop in, because I was pathetic and had nothing else to do.  Why I came in here every chance I could, I still had no idea.

Well, I did have an idea.  The woman with the long brown hair and big brown eyes mesmerized me more than any woman I’d ever laid eyes on.  She looked to be a little older than myself, but not by much.  I’d recently turned twenty-nine and the sexy chef couldn’t be older than thirty.

She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid my eyes on.  She was from New Orleans and the Cajun twang to her voice sent the blood straight from my head to my dick.  Her curves, yeah well, I could write a million number one hits to her body alone. 

“Mr. Miller,” my waiter, Thomas, said as he approached my secluded table, a white cloth was draped over his arm.  “So nice to see you again.”  The man was tall and very well dressed.  His dark skin and Cajun accent told me that he wasn’t from Los Angeles, either.

“Thank you,” I replied and set my menu down, thankful my waist was under the white tablecloth.  Just thinking about her caused me to sport a rock hard evidence I didn’t want anyone to see, except her.

“What will you be having today,” he inquired.

“Same as usual,” I smiled and raised a questioning eyebrow.  “Any chance that Ms. Cordeau is available for a moment?”

“I’ll be happy to extend the invite to the lady,” Thomas smiled.

Maybe this time she’d be willing to at least let me introduce myself.  Honestly, I just wanted to hear her amazing accent up close, see her plush lips part in a heated sigh.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to touch her, even for a handshake.  The idea caused my body to tremble like a crazed fan.  I had to tamp down the overwhelming urge to barge into the kitchen and demand her presence.

I was toast.  This woman got under my skin.  Hell, I didn’t even really know her in person.  My fantasies formed her in my mind.  Long days and nights on the road would make a man do that.  There were plenty of empty hours to get lost in your own, wicked thoughts.

I checked my phone as I waited for Thomas to bring my wine and gumbo.  Kane had texted me, saying that we were going to postpone tomorrows writing session, because Delilah was sick and he didn’t want to leave her side until she was better.

That man had changed in the last year, for the better.  Delilah had taken our best friend, straightened him out and brought together his family.  Now, he was expecting twins!  His anxiety was all but vanished from his existence.  It took fear of losing the love of his life to snap something in his brain, making him right for once. 

I stifled a laugh, because Kane Maddox wasn’t completely right, on a normal day.  His anxiety had changed directions, though.  Now, he was an overprotective father-to-be, but at least he was focused on his future.  I still made fun of him for fainting, not once, but twice!  I had no idea how he’s going to handle the delivery, when that time came.

“Ms. Cordeau asked me to advise you that she will be out shortly,” Thomas winked.

“Thank you,” I jerked upright in my chair.  She was going to join me. Deep breath, Gabe.

I had one shot at impressing her.  If I fucked this up, there was no way in hell I’d ever forgive myself.  There was just something about her that screamed she needed to be mine.





“Brook,” my head waiter Thomas smiled as he peeked around the corner where I was stationed in the kitchen.  “Your sexy-as-fuck guitarist is here.”

My face flushed red and heat pooled between my legs.  That “sexy-as-fuck guitarist”, Gabe Miller, was in my restaurant every time he was in town.  I’d denied meeting him for a second time since opening the restaurant, because…well, look at him!  That man was tall and muscular, but not overly bulky.  His black hair was cut short in the back, but his bangs were long and covered the most bluest of blue eyes.  I’d dreamt of those eyes, the ones that were so sexy they should be illegal.  Tattoos adorned his arms and that man’s ass could fill out a pair of leather pants like they were custom tailored for him.  His lips were always in a perfect pout and he didn’t even have to try to look like a sex god.  It just came naturally.

I couldn’t hide from him forever.  We’d had a small introduction on opening night, back a year ago.  I’d been so overwhelmed by him, that I used some lame excuse and got away from him as soon as possible.  Third time must be the charm, because I couldn’t put him off again.

Gabe Miller had a presence about him that made everyone in the room notice him walk through the door.  He looked one thousand percent rockstar and he worked that look like a damn supermodel.  He was also an idol of mine, being as I played guitar a very long time ago as a job.  Now, I only pick it up when I have a chance, which wasn’t very often.  He was here and asking me to come to his table, again.  It was one of the hardest things I’d ever done.  It was time to pull up my big girl panties and go out there to have a decent conversation with the most famous guitar god that ever lived.

As I cleared the service entrance to the kitchen, the dining room was full, but my eyes landed on him…his profile, because he was half-turned away from where I was standing.  I watched as Gabe Miller held a glass of red wine up to his full lips and tilted the liquid back, just enough to allow a small amount to touch his tongue. 

My knees vibrated and it was difficult, but I walked forward.  My head was held high as people greeted me when I passed.  He still hadn’t noticed that I was coming toward him.  I was glad for the moment to study him before our eyes met.

I was only a few feet away when he turned his head as if he sensed my presence, a breathtaking smile lit up the corner of his mouth.  He’d brushed his bangs off to one side and his face was finally in full view.  As I approached, he set his napkin on the table and rose to his full height.

He wasn’t the tallest man I’d ever met, but he still towered over me.  The top of my head was level with the top of his shoulders.  He was dressed nice, for the visit to my restaurant.  The sexy rockstar had paired his tight, black leather pants with an untucked, pale yellow button down dress shirt.  The yellow was so pale that it looked white, the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows.  On his feet, he wore a pair of laced up leather boots.  My mouth watered and I had to swallow down my need to drool as I held out my hand.

“Mr. Miller,” I rasped.  Damn! Did my voice just have to do that?  I sounded like a lusty tramp.  “Thank you for coming tonight.  It’s my pleasure to have you here.”

“Thank you,” he smiled.  The blue in his eyes sparkled and I locked my knees in place to keep from falling.  When he touched my hand, it was like a raging fire burned through my veins and into all of the places my body wanted him to possess.  My nipples beaded in my bra and my sex pulsed with the idea of him ravishing my body.  “Would you like to join me?”

“Actually,” I paused, the look on his face broke me.  He looked like I was about to tell him I killed his puppy, or something.  “I’d love to sit with you.”

“Thank you, Ms. Cordeau,” he said, coming around to pull my chair back so that I could take the seat to his right.  The boy had manners.  That was for sure!  Definite points in his favor.

“Please,” I laughed.  “Call me Brooklyn.”

“Brooklyn,” he smiled, my name fell from his lips like velvet and a promise.  What that promise was, I was afraid to find out.  Being Gabe Miller, he was more than likely used to getting whatever girl he wanted.  For the tiniest of seconds, I wanted to pretend that the sensual way he said my name meant that he was thinking of me, on a deeper level.

Get a grip, Brook!

Gabe Miller was not my type, anymore.  Long gone were my days of rock and roll.  I was already thirty and it was time to be an actual adult.  I had bills to pay and partying was out of the question.  It had been for the past seven years.

Thomas swooped in and brought me a glass of wine, along with two bowls of gumbo.  Thomas was my life saver on most nights.  I’d had him around for so long that the man knew my thoughts before I actually had them in my own head.

“So,” Gabe began, bringing me back from my rambling mind.  “How long have you been a chef?”

“Oh,” I cleared my throat.  My body leaned forward as a response to his deep voice, like a damn moth to an open flame.  “My mother taught me to cook when I was just a little girl and I never went to school to learn.  I found that I liked it and was pretty good at it.  Plus, my friends basically told me I was wasting my talent at home and should open a restaurant.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I took the plunge and opened this place.”

“You are an amazing cook,” he smiled and took a sip of his wine.  His full lips pressed against the glass and my legs tightened underneath the tablecloth. 

“Thank you,” I blushed.  “It was the best decision I ever made.”

“I agree with your friends,” he nodded.  “True natural talent is hard to find nowadays.”

“You’re pretty talented yourself,” I blushed.  Damn, why did I say that?  Can I just stand up and beat my head against the wall now?  Please?

“So you listen to us,” he smiled, a little smugly.  Just a lift to the corner of his beautiful lips.  When he smiled, the corner of his eye – that I could see from his bangs – crinkled in the most adorable way.  Hell, not adorable!  There was nothing but sexy, rockstar rolling off of this man.  He was…perfect, handsome.  Desirable.

“Actually,” I nodded.  If I was going to blurt stuff out, might as well be honest.  At least that’s what momma always said.  “I used to play guitar.”

“You did,” his eyebrows rose in wonder.  “Why did you quit playing?”  His expression changed from seriousness to complete excitement at my mentioning of the guitar.  I guessed that if he started talking about cooking Cajun food, I would’ve had the same reaction.  This was Gabriel’s element.  Why did I just call him Gabriel?  Is that his full name?  He looked more like a Gabriel than a Gabe.

“Long story,” I shrugged.  “Just got older, more responsibilities.  Now, I have this place.  There really isn’t enough time.”

“Well,” he rose an eyebrow at me.  “You should play.  It helps you get away from it all, every now and then.”

“True,” I smiled, remembering the times I was on stage, playing with my little band.  It did take away the worries, the stress.  When I played, it was…my safe place.  My happy place.  Until my life had taken an unexpected turn.

“Hey,” he said, bringing me back from my past.  “I would like for you to come see us at Rosie’s this weekend.  We are playing there, kind of getting back to our roots.  Will you be my guest?”

“Oh,” I blushed.  “I couldn’t.”

“Please,” he pouted.  He looked so hurt at my words, it make my heart clench.  I wanted to stroke the long, black hair that had fallen over his beautiful eyes so that I could look into them fully.  Why did he hide them from the world?

“I…yes,” I nodded.  “Sure, I’ll be there.” 

“Good,” he smiled.  It was beautiful…he was beautiful.  “I’ll put your name on the guest list.  Just give them your name at the door.”

“Thank you,” I laughed.  “I haven’t been to a concert in awhile.  I don’t get out much.”

“You’ll have fun,” he assured me and I believed him.

“Ms. Brooklyn,” Thomas said from my side.  “I hate to intrude, but you are needed in the kitchen.”

“I’ll be right there,” I nodded toward my friend.  “Gabe, it was a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” Gabe smiled and stood up from his seat, holding his hand out to help me out of mine.  I had to lock my knees together to keep from swooning and losing my balance.  He really was a gentleman.  “I’ll see you Saturday, Brooklyn.”

“Thank you, Gabriel,” I purred.  His hand squeezed my fingers when I said his full name.  If his name wasn’t Gabriel, I was sure he would’ve said something to correct me.  But he didn’t. 

The fire that bled off of his skin and into mine was full of promise and unbridled passion.  When he lifted the back of my hand to his lips, as a silent goodbye, I smiled so hard that my face hurt.  His lips…they were soft against my skin.  His hands were calloused from years of playing the guitar, but the two sensations together were more appealing than I ever thought they could be.   

I suddenly couldn’t wait for Saturday night.

Once I handled the panic stricken chef in the kitchen, I returned to the dining area and felt a loss at Gabe’s table being empty.  I saw Thomas clearing the dishes and wine glasses when he picked up a card.  He smiled to himself and looked up toward the kitchen.  The slight wink told me that Gabe had left something personal. 

Automatically, my feet were moving in the direction, my curiosity getting the better of me.  “What did he leave?”

“Here,” Thomas laughed, handing me a small business card.  It was his own personal one, with his e-mail address and a P.O. Box.  The name Glory Days was across the top and his name was in smaller letters just under the band’s name.  I turned the card over and smiled when it read:


The gumbo was delicious, but the company was even better.

Thank you!


Below was a phone number…his number!  Followed by:


If you ever just want to pick up the guitar again.


Was he telling me we could play together?  Holy…freaking…shit!  Gabe Miller, the number one guitarist in the world, wanted to give me lessons?

If the dining room was empty and the place was closed, I would’ve squealed like a little kid!  I had to compose myself until I returned to the back room. Leaning on the wall in the kitchen, I ignored the raised eyebrows of my employees and clutched the card to my chest, smiling like a damn fool.

The night soon came to an end.  I left the restaurant in the hands of my crew and headed home.  It was still early and he probably was still awake.  So, I hoped that I had a few minutes to spare and he wasn’t already asleep, before I had to curl up in the bed.

I was still smiling like a fool when I reached my little townhouse, not far from Cordeau’s.  The lights were still on, so I bound up to the door with a smile on my face.

“Honey, I’m home!” I said as I opened the door. 

The Meaning behind Glory Days


The Meaning Behind Glory Days


When I started writing Glory Days, I wanted to send a message, stand for something I believe in.  As you know, the girls in the Glory Days books all suffered some sort of abuse at the hands of those close to them, step-fathers, boyfriends, acquaintances, and strangers. 

By no means did I want to glorify the rape and/or abuse.  If you have read the books, you will notice that I didn’t go into detail about the actual acts of abuse.  I only gave what was important to the books, to see the state of mind the women were in.  The members of Glory Days spoke out against violence.  Ash, Reed, Kane, and Gabe found love with amazing women who’d been dealt a bad hand in life.  As the band rallied behind the women, the women found, not only love, but freedom from their abuse.  The women became stronger and overcame their abuse to live a wonderful life, falling in love, and raising families.

Although the books are fiction, the abuse is real.

Glory’s Place, Liana’s shelter for abused women is my own dream.  Ever since I was a teenager, I promised myself that if I was ever financially stable to open shelters in cities that needed a place to protect women, I would use that money to help others.

I am not a doctor, or even a psychologist, but I have a strong belief that a woman should never live in fear of another person.  A person, man or woman, should not live a life under the thumb of someone who has power over them. 

You are the master of your own life.  No one should dictate what you do, where you go, who you talk to, or what money you spend.  There is no excuse for abuse.  An apology and a promise to never leave a bruise on your skin again is just a sorry excuse to keep you in their clutches. 

Abuse is more common than you think.  Someone who is sitting next to you at work, church, or a neighbor down the street may be suffering, but the abuse may never be seen, because abuse is not only physical, it can be mental as well.  An abuser can be anyone.  They can be corporate CEO’s, the trash man, a public figure.  Not all monsters are scary on the outside. 


Words do hurt. 

Fists do hurt.


The word abuse describes a wide area.  Abuse can come in the form of physical, mental, and sexual.  Abuse is beatings, rape, demeaning words (You’re stupid. You will never amount to anything. You’re ugly. No one will ever want you.), or a bully on a playground.  In the end, abuse is abuse.  No one should suffer.  No one should hurt.  No one should die.  My wish is that someday, the word ‘abuse’ will be wiped from our vocabulary. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, physical, mental, or sexual, there is help out there.  There are people trained to get you the help you need.  Here is a list of national abuse hotlines.  There are also local places in your area that can help, please seek help immediately.


ChildHelp National Child Abuse Helpline   1-800-4-A-CHILD 

National Domestic Abuse Hotline              1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline           1-866-331-9474

National Sexual Assault Hotline                   1-800-656-4673


Thank you to those of you who have fallen in love with my Glory Days. These books have more meaning to me than the words on the paper.  It is the message behind the stories.


Much love to you all,

Theresa Hissong

Author of the Glory Days series




Friday Flash Fiction LIttle Lamb, Part 2

It’s that time again!!  Here is your Friday Flash Fiction.  As will ALL Flash fiction, this story is RAW and UNEDITED and told in 2000 words or less.  I hope you enjoy Part 2 of Little Lamb.


Sexy man on motorcycle


Little Lamb, Part 2


I couldn’t see out of my left eye. Alex had hit me so hard this time. I’m such and idiot. I knew he had a temper, and this time was bad. He’d been choking me on the side of that building. My throat was bruised, black and blue, from his forearm pushing on my throat. It hurt to swallow.

My sex ached from the painful intrusion of his hand. Shock set in again when I remembered the things he’d done to me this weekend. It was humiliating. It was wrong. I’d been hiding the abuse for months, refusing to come home during Spring Break a few weeks ago. I just hid in my apartment, not letting anyone know I was home. But he found me. I was barely able to cover the bruises when classes resumed the following week.

Now here I was alone in the biker’s apartment, the nomad. I’d seen him for a few months every day when I left class. I had a feeling that my father sent protection for me, since my excuses to return home for holidays began. Even with the abuse, Cannon’s daily presence made me feel somewhat protected. Now, he’s out in the night with three other men hunting down Alex Ferguson. Biker justice would be dealt out tonight. My father had been notified despite my tears, my pleading.

Ronan O’Rourke, the MC prez and my father, was not a man to cross. Especially when it came to his daughter. He was on his way here to Austin to deal with the man who’d placed his hands on me. I knew that Cannon would find him tonight. I also knew that Cannon would beat him to the point of death until my father arrived to deliver the final act to take this man’s life. If they let Alex live, it would be a miracle.

The sound of motorcycles off in the distance grew closer as the seconds ticked away. I’d been around them long enough to distinguish the sounds of bikes I knew. My father and brother were among the seven bikes that roared up to Cannon’s apartment. Cannon’s motorcycle with its throaty rumble was first to arrive.

I pulled the hoodie that Cannon left for me over my head, wincing with the sharp stab to my ribs. I had showered and pulled on a pair of his sweatpants and reused my tank top I’d been wearing earlier in the day. I had to roll the cuffs up and the waist down, so that they would fit me. I was a quarter of Cannon’s size.

My father was a big man, my mother not so much. My smallness was the reason Alex preyed upon me. I barely weighted a hundred pounds. My five foot three height made me look like I was still in junior high school. If it wasn’t for the makeup I wore, you’d have to ask for my identification to believe that I was in fact twenty-three years old.

“Katerina,” my father roared as he burst through the door.  His eyes fell upon me and it was like someone pulled the life from his eyes.  His hands shook as he walked toward me carefully.  When he fell to his knees next to the couch I was sitting at, I lost all sense of calm.  The tremors returned to my body and I jumped into his arms, crying for all I was worth.

“Daddy,” I whispered.  I winced from the pain in my ribs.  I’m sure one or two of them were broken from his kicking me while I was on the floor, already wishing for death after the beating Alex gave me the weekend before.

“Are your ribs broken,” he growled.  “Let me see.”  I didn’t have time to protest when he scooped me up softly into his arms.  Cannon pointed toward the bedroom and followed us inside, closing to door behind him.

“I think they are,” I whispered.  “It hurts to breathe deep.”

“Show me, pumpkin,” he softened, but his hands still shook with anger.  Cannon was there, beside him.  His face was brutal with his anger.  It helped that he was here.  I’d gotten used to him being around, even though I didn’t know him until today.  I thought about the rough biker as mine.  The way Cannon acted toward me, I think he thought of me as his own as well.

“Can you do it, little lamb?  Or do you need some help?”  Cannon moved forward, my father scowled, before recognition lit his features.  When I met his eyes, he nodded in approval.  It wasn’t much of a nod and if you didn’t know my father, you wouldn’t have recognized the gesture for what it was.  My dad was happy about Cannon’s protectiveness.

“Please,” I whispered.  Cannon had not seen my ribs yet.  He helped me onto his bed, “I’m going to roll you on your left side.  Let me know if it’s too much.”

“Okay,” I gasped from the pain.  “Just go slow.”

“Always, little lamb.  Always,” he whispered, looking into my eyes.  Closing mine, I relaxed my body and let Cannon help me over onto my side.

He pulled the hoodie and tank top up.  The material gathered at my bra line and didn’t go any further.  He was trying to give me some dignity.

That son of a bitch,” my father roared.  “Where is he?”

“In the mechanic’s shop, detained,” Cannon admitted.  “He’s been thoroughly worked over.  Now, it’s your call as to where we go from here.”

“Pumpkin,” my dad said, taking a seat on the edge of Cannon’s bed.  “Do you want me to take you to the hospital?  Are you hurt anywhere else?”

“Just my pride, daddy,” I admitted.

“This is not your fault,” Cannon said, dropping to his knees and taking my hand with his own. 

“I…yeah, Cannon.  It really is.  I should’ve known better.  I should’ve called my dad.  I should’ve done a lot of things that I didn’t do.  I have to deal with this on my own and heal.” 

“No more,” my dad said, his face was that of a man on a deadly mission.  “Get her some pain medication, now.  You, young lady, are to stay with Cannon until you are healed.  You are not going back to that apartment alone.

“I have the weekend, then I need to get my car so I can drive to school on Monday.”  It was Thursday, and I had a three day weekend, so that gave me time to heal.  I had no doubts in Cannon’s ability to take care of me.  I also knew when to give up a fight about staying in bed when told too.

“Well get it for you,” he said. “I’ll send Walker to get it.”

I nodded and let Cannon ease me back into a more comfortable position.  He tucked some pillows behind my back so that I could rest on my side.  I could breathe better that way.

My father kissed my head and left the room with a promise to return later.  I heard motorcycles fire up shortly after that.  They’d left me to go take care of Alex.  I didn’t even protest what I knew they were going to do.  He deserved everything he got.

“Alright little lamb,” Cannon said from the door.  “I need you to take this.”

He stood there in the doorway taking up all of the space.  He really was huge.  His features were harsh, but also beautiful in that rough kind of way.  He kept his head shaved.  Those brilliant blue eyes were the key to his soul.  He was a nomad, caring to live on his own, but still wanting to be a part of the club.  I took the white pill and glass of water, downing the pain medicine quickly.

“I need to take off this hoodie,” I winced when I tried to pull it back over my head.  It was easier to put it on earlier. 

“Let me help,” he said, kneeling down next to the bed.  Even on his knees, Cannon was tall enough to tower over me.  “Lift your arms, slowly.  That’s my girl.  Pull your arm out slowly, one at a time.  Good girl, little lamb.  Let me ease you back down.  Oh, I know that hurt.  The meds will kick in shortly.”  He talked me through the entire process.  Even though he was a big bad ass biker, I was learning that Cannon had a soft side when it came to me.

“Thank you,” I said.

“You’re going to be okay, little lamb,” he whispered, stroking a hair back from my face.  I couldn’t help my reaction.  It felt normal, hell even right, to nuzzle my face into his big hand when he stroked my uninjured cheek.  His chest rumbled from a growl.  I looked up into his eyes and I thought, just for a moment, he was going to kiss me.

“I can’t do this to you,” he cursed, standing up from the bed.  “You don’t know me, little lamb.  I have no right to touch you.  You play with fire, you’re going to get burned.”  He turned for the door, slamming it shut as he left the room.  If the medicine hadn’t have taken that moment to kick in, I would’ve gone after him.

In my fog induced state, I knew that I wanted him.  I wanted his hands on me.  Cannon made me feel cherished.  Like I was to be held upon a cloud, never to be harmed.  My father obviously saw something in the way he cared for me.  I could see it in his eyes.

Cannon checked on me, about the time the sun went down.  He tried to get me to eat, and I refused.  Knowing my father was dealing with Alex and remembering the things he’d done to me over the past few weeks, I had no appetite at all. 

I woke up around nine because I needed to use the restroom.  When I opened my eyes, I found Cannon asleep in a chair next to my bed, his Glock rested on his lap.  He was protecting me.  His harsh features relaxed in his somber, the muscles on his arms flexed with whatever he was dreaming.  He’d removed his shirt and changed into a pair of basketball shorts.  His chest was covered in a mural of the setting sun, his arms were a forest of trees surrounding a lake.  I wanted to reach out and touch him, to see if his skin was smooth under my fingertips.  He’d been my savior, my protection.  If I’d known about him sooner, would I be asleep in his bed tonight?  If it wasn’t for Alex’s brutality to me, would I’d have ever met this man?  The fact that I realized I was glad Alex did those things to me, because that meant that I met Cannon, caused fear and anger to radiate through my body.  Tears pricked my eyes and I let them roll silently down my face, so that I didn’t wake him. 

But that didn’t stop him from knowing.  As the first tear hit the pillow, the sound could’ve been a gunshot in the room, because Cannon’s eyes shot open, his gaze zeroing in on me.  I had one shot to get him to come to me and I took a chance, holding out my hand.

“Please, Cannon.  Hold me.  I need you.”  He silently stood from his chair.  After a deep breath, he walked over and climbed in the bed.  Careful of my injuries, he held me while I cried myself to sleep.


To Be Continued……


Release of Prologue to “Need Me”, Book 1 in A Glory Days Finale

Here is the Prologue  (Unedited) to “Need Me”, Gabe’s first book in the Glory Days Finale trilogy.  Look for this novella to be released the first week of September!


man in fur







Never in my life have I ever been so fucking scared.  She was there, in a hospital bed, almost dead from the hands of a rapist.  Her face was unrecognizable.  My sister, my sweet, darling, baby sister, had taken the wrath of the fucker who was after Mary.

I didn’t send protection to watch over her when we knew someone was out to hurt our family, our Glory Days family. Yes, Mary had fallen into our lives and stolen each and every one of our hearts. She was the intended target, but my sister was the message.

I promised mom, I fucking promised her, that I would take care of Liana. And I failed. I failed the two women who’d been in my charge to take care of since the day my mother kicked our sorry ass father out of the house. He’d been caught doing things to little girls at the library he worked at as a janitor.

My mom’s only worry was that he’d done something to her, Liana.  I was still young when she kicked him out, but she told me the truth as I got older.  It was a heavy weight for her to bare alone and I think she needed someone to confide in.

Over the years, we’ve watched Liana, looking for any signs that he’d hurt her.  The doctors assured my mom that Liana still retained her virginity, but he could’ve touched her in other ways.  She was so young then.  She doesn’t remember.


Not once have we seen any signs of him hurting her.  I breathe a sigh of relief every time I lay eyes on her now.  Married to Reed, holding their beautiful son, my nephew.  Yes, Liana’s okay. 

She has Reed now.  I used to hate him, worried that he’d hurt her emotionally.  He was too good of a man to hurt her physically.  Do you know how many boys I ran off in high school?  How many since then? Overprotective big brother is right.  The images of someone laying a hand on her brought a feral rage to my system. 

No woman should be harmed…ever.  Regardless of age.  A child should be raised with loving parents, not ones who prey upon their innocence.  Women are to be cherished.  They are the ones that bring life into this world.  They are so strong, stronger than us men.  The things their bodies do to change- just to bring one life into the world- is a miracle I will never understand. 

Mom left us with nothing.  I didn’t blame her for that.  She did what she could to help us, but the cancer was stronger.  If it wasn’t for Ash and the band, I don’t know where we’d be today.  I cringed at remembering the thought of us having to live hand to mouth, on the streets of L.A.  Yeah, we’d both be dead by now.

I am thankful for what I have accomplished.  I am thankful for my mother who raised me to not be like him.  No, I am nothing like him.

I just wish I was stronger.  I wish I was smarter, so that I could’ve sent security to stay and watch over her. 

“She will need you, Gabriel,” mom whispered, as she struggled for breath.  The breast cancer had spread.  It was in her lungs, her ovaries, her stomach and so many places that there was nothing that could be done.  She was so sick.

“I know, ma,” I cried softly.  “I promise.  I promise I will take care of her. No one will hurt her. I swear to you.”

“You are such a brave boy, my son,” she reached up with shaky, bone-like fingers.  Her color was ghostly pale, her lips held no color and the life was already drained from her body. 

“I love you, ma,” I kissed her on the forehead.  She was so cold and fragile.

“Don’t forget, Gabriel.  Liana will need you.  Take care of her and yourself.  Find happiness my beautiful son.  When you find the woman you will love for eternity, tell her…,” she gasped for air.

“Ma,” I started, but she shook her head to continue.

“No, Gabriel,” she whispered.  I had to lean down close to her ear to hear what she had to say.  “Tell the woman of your dreams that you love her.  Every…day, Gabriel.  Love her and take care of her, because she will need you too.”

“I will, ma,” I promised.  “Ma………….no!”

Little Lamb, Part 1

Sexy man on motorcycle

Here is your weekly Friday Flash Fiction!

As will ALL Flash Fiction, this story is RAW and UNEDITED!  For those of you who are new, I write these in one attempt, not changing for editing any portion of the content.  The idea is to tell a short story in 2000 words or less. 

I hope you enjoy the first installment of, “Little Lamb”

Little Lamb, Part 1


I’d seen her many times, walking from campus as I took my lunch break.  The girl with the beautiful blonde hair smiled every day that I drove by on my motorcycle.  A good girl like that had no business making sexy eyes at a guy like me.  I wasn’t worthy of her beauty.  I was the bad boy, the guy your momma warned you about, sugar. 

But, here I was, making sure I drove by that same spot at lunch time, every day of the week not because I had to, but because I wanted to catch a glimpse of my blonde beauty.  At exactly, 11:07 every afternoon.  She would be leaving class and heading to her car.  Some days, she’d be standing at the corner, waiting on the light to turn, so she could scurry across the road.  Other days, she’d be walking with her friends down the sidewalk, heading in the same direction.

God, I was no better than a fucking pedophile praying on small children.  I lived a mean life, not a privileged one like her.  I was bald, tall, and muscular, where she was small and soft.  Her skin glowed, whereas mine was covered in ink, staking my claim on the streets as the man not to cross.  No, she wouldn’t touch me for anything more than a walk on the wild side.  I was not worthy.  She was as innocent as a little lamb.

Today was different.  I’d left the mechanic shop I worked at, heading to the deli. It was Wednesday.  As I approached the campus, my blood heated, anticipation making my hands sweat.  I was like Pavlov’s dog. I knew the reward that was coming, every time I cranked up the bike at eleven in the afternoon.  I’m surprised drool didn’t come out of my mouth.

Turning the corner on Fifth, my heart picked up speed just as my bike.  She should be coming into view, but she wasn’t there.  I sighed heavily.  She may already be at the light waiting to cross.

“Chill the fuck out, Cannon,” I barked at myself. 

The closer I got to the light, the tenser I became.  She wasn’t there.  My little lamb wasn’t walking with her friends on the sidewalk.  She wasn’t standing at the light.  Little Lamb has not missed a day in several weeks.  I’d seen her almost every day except that one day that she was obviously sick.  The next day, I saw her, but it was obvious that she wasn’t feeling well.  She’d worn a long-sleeved sweater and big sunglasses, even though the temps outside were too high for all of those clothes.  In the days that followed, the bigger, bulker clothes became less and less.  By the end of the week, my little lamb was back to herself, wearing her normal tight jeans and cute little school inspired shirts. 

Where is she! My subconscious growled in my head.  My mind clicked over…and over.  Something wasn’t right.  No, it wasn’t.

I turned at the light that she used to cross the street.  I doubled back around the campus, hoping she was just late leaving class.  College students scurried across the pedestrian crosswalk I was required to stop at, by law, but I didn’t give a fuck about them.  Let them stare at the big bad biker that’s trolling though their sparkly, shiny, rich life.  Fuck those punks.  I just want to know where little lamb is.

I’d made the block twice, when I caught a glimpse of blonde hair, billowing out from the side of a building.  My heart froze in my chest when I saw little lamb there.  Some mother fucker had her pinned to the wall, his forearm pressed against her throat, his hand was in her pants.

I slammed on the brakes, almost losing control of my Harley as I parked the thing on the grass.  My vision turned to red, the Glock at my back burned into my skin.  I wouldn’t pull it out yet.  No, not yet.  I didn’t want to do anything that would notify anyone to call the cops.  I wanted to deal out justice to this fucker myself.

Please,” she cried.  “Please stop.”

She wasn’t fighting him.  Why the hell was she not fighting him? 

On a growl, I launched myself at the asshole, knocking him out of his expensive ass designer shoes.  The guy was big, but not as big as myself. 

“What the fuck are you doing to her,” I growled, his shirt bunched up in my fists.  “She told you to stop!”  I punched him once, twice, a third time and little lamb didn’t beg me to stop.  She slumped down onto the hard packed ground, wrapping her arms around herself. 

“Did you want him to do that to you,” I growled at her.  Those blue eyes, I’d come to dream about at night, welled up with tears.  She was frozen, in shock.  “Did you?”

“No,” her voice was small, so small.  Just like little lamb.  She was a tiny thing.  I bet she didn’t weight a hundred pounds, soaking wet and holding weights. 

“She said ‘no,” I growled in the punks face.  “Did you not hear her? Because I fucking heard her from my fucking bike.”

The pussy didn’t fight, didn’t make up an excuse or even blame little lamb.  No, the bully laid there, praying not to damage his face.  Which was the wrong thing to say to me.  I punched him, making sure that he wouldn’t be seeing out of those eyes, or breathing out of that nose, for at least a month, maybe more.

“Come on, little lamb,” I said to her after her attacker had been knocked completely out.  I placed a boot to his ribs for good measure when I was finished with his face.

“I’m s…sorry,” she cried.  “Thank y…you.”

“It’s okay.  I got you,” I said, scooping her up into my arms.  “Think you can hold on to me?  I’m going to get you some coffee and clean you up.”  She was covered in dirt, there was blood on the corner of her mouth, and her eye was starting to swell.  The bastard had beat on her before trying to touch what was mine. Mine?  Where the hell did that come from?

“Yes,” she breathed.  “Please tell me your name.”

“Cannon,” I bit out.

“Cannon,” she whispered, testing my name on her tongue.  I almost lost my balance as my knees gave out from the sound coming from her beautiful lips.  As I carried her, I shifted her slightly so that I could wipe the blood off of her lip.  When I wrapped that arm back around her waist, she gasped, flinching in pain.  “What is it little lamb?” 

“My ribs,” she cried, before tucking her face into my chest, trying to bury herself into my jacket. 

“This time, or before,” I demanded.  It all made sense now.  The overly big clothes, those stupid glasses.  This wasn’t the first time.

“This weekend,” she admitted. 

“He won’t touch you again,” I promised.  “Never again, little lamb.  Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” she muttered into my shirt.  Our conversation was finished when we climbed on the bike.  I handed her my helmet and let her put it on.  I didn’t want to touch her face, not yet.  It was starting to swell.  If I touched her face and she pulled away from me, I’d go back and kill the son of a bitch.

As she adjusted the helmet, I called the shop. My brother answered on the first ring, “Cannon.  What’s up?”

“Taking the afternoon off.  Something’s come up,” I growled into the phone as I helped little lamb on my bike.

“What is it,” Edgar replied.  His voice told he was on alert.  I never took time off at the shop.  Never.

“Little lamb was hurt,” I whispered into the phone.  He knew her.  He knew my infatuation for her.  He also knew that I was stepping over a boundary that I shouldn’t cross.

“Cannon,” he growled.  “You can’t.”

“Oh, I can, and I did,” I admitted into the phone.  “No more.  I’m taking her to my place.”

“God Dammit! Can…,” he shouted into the phone, but I cut him off before he could say more.

The ride over to my apartment was quick.  She held on like she should.  Those tiny arms held tightly around my waist, her face pressed into the back of my leather jacket. 

Once we arrived at my place, I helped her off of the bike and scooped her into my arms. She weighed no more than a feather.  “Little lamb, do you not eat?”

“No,” she frowned.  “Are you one of my dad’s men?”

I froze halfway up the steps to my apartment.  How did she know?  She wasn’t supposed to know.  We were to have no contact with her.  It was just a job.  To watch the President’s daughter.  “Fuck,” I growled. 

I should’ve know that the daughter to the MC prez wouldn’t be stupid.  She’d grown up in that life, but now she wanted to go to college away from them.  As a nomad, I was asked to keep an eye on her.  Just check on her to make sure she was okay.  Once or twice a day, that was it.  But I became addicted to her.  The tiny, little lamb that I was in charge with protecting had been getting beat up, and violated, under my watch.

“You guys don’t hide very well,” she giggled.

“Are you laughing,” I gaped at her tiny body in my arms.

“Cannon,” she sighed as I carried her over the threshold of my place.  It wasn’t much, just a one bedroom apartment in the crappy part of town.  It wasn’t far from the campus, and it was only fifteen minutes to the shop.  I liked my place.  No one every messed with my bike.  That was all I really cared about. 

“Yes, little lamb,” I replied as I set her down on my couch.  It was knew.  I didn’t live in filth.  I just liked to live a simpler life. 

“Why don’t you use my real name?”

“Ok, Katerina,” I raised a brow.  “No, it doesn’t fit you.  I’ll stick with little lamb.”

“Are you going to tell my father,” she asked, worry etched in her brow.

“You know I have to,” I sighed.  “I need to get you patched up first.”

“Please, Cannon,” she cried, fisting my shirt.  “Don’t!”

“I have to tell him, little lamb,” I growled.  “You’re going to tell me who that guy is and then my friends and I are going to pay him a visit tonight.”

“Oh, Cannon,” she sighed.  Suddenly, her mind seemed to drift.  The tremors started in her hands, and before I could make the five steps across the living room, my little lamb had gone into full blown shock.

“Shhh,” I whispered in her ear as I rocked her in my arms.  “I’ve got you.”

“C…cold,” she shivered.  I pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped us both.  Her cold hand pressed to my chest, eliciting a shiver of my own. 

“Alright little lamb,” I began.  This could go either way.  “Name.  I want his name.”

“Alex Newman,” she said, once the shock had started to wear off, but I wasn’t done with questions.

“How long,” I asked.

“Cannon,” she warned.

“Right now is not the time to fuck with me, little lamb.  My temper is set to boil and it’s getting hotter by the minute.  Each bruise on your face is swelling, and I can’t take it much longer.  Tell me!”  She peered up at me, her blue eyes looking into my own blue eyes.  Ocean to ocean.  Although, she was heaven to my hell.

I would keep her safe.  Newman would pay for what he did to my little lamb.  Tonight while she slept, justice would be dealt out.  The cards were not in this man’s favor.

“How long?”

“Six months,” she whispered.

All of the blood drained from my face.  This had been going on since before I was sent to watch little lamb.  Did her father know what was going on already?

 To Be Continued……

Friday Flash Fiction… “Saving Windrose”, Part 4

Happy Friday to you all!!


Here is your Flash Fiction for the week.  This is the final installment of “Saving Windrose”.  I hope that you enjoyed this short story over the past 4 weeks.  I have found that I fell in love with Gavin and Hadley’s story.

Please enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


*All Friday Flash Fiction is written for fun.  The idea for my flash fiction posts are to write a story in 2000 words or less and post it RAW and UNEDITED!  These stories are straight from my brain to you.  They are not perfect and I don’t want them to be.  Its relaxing just to write an idea out of my mind without planning.  In a way, it’s practice for my more involved writings.  Again, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it!




Saving Windrose

Part 4


Gavin’s head was foggy, his body sore. The only thing keeping him from complaining was the soft female snuggled next to his body. He immediately knew it was his mate…Hadley. Her warmth bled into him during the day, her soft words in his ear gave him the will to heal…to come back to her.

Opening his eyes, he stared at her sleeping form in awe. She was his. He reached up with the arm that was not bandaged and stroked the soft skin of her cheek. Her long, brown hair framed her delicate face. Her lips were pushed out in a sleepy pout. She was beautiful.

A light knock on the door tore his eyes away from his mate. Quickly, he reached for the blanket to cover her up before calling out quietly, “Come in.”

Colton opened the door and smiled, “How are you?”

“Sore, but will be okay,” he replied.

“The cook has dinner ready. Would you like to eat now?” Colton asked, his head still peeking around the door, not quite inside the alpha’s room.

“Please,” he laughed when his stomach let out an audible growl.

Just as Colton closed the door softly, Hadley’s eyes blinked slowly as she woke from her deep sleep.

Gav,” she whispered.

“I’m here,” replied softly.

“Oh, Gavin,” she sniffled, tears welling up in her eyes. “I was so scared.”

“I told you I would come home to you,” he reminded her.

“But you’re hurt,” she gasped.

“Just a little scratch,” he smiled, stroking her temple. “I’ll be better by morning.”

They’d slept the entire day, only waking at dinner time. Colton returned with two trays of food. Gavin held Hadley against his side, so that she wouldn’t sit up and expose herself in front of the other male. She was dressed in a shirt and robe, but for Gavin, that wasn’t enough coverage for her to be seen by another male. He was becoming very addicted and protective of his new mate.

“You need to eat more,” Gavin demanded. She’d only eaten half of her meal, steak, potatoes, and half of a roll. There was still untouched food on her plate.

“I’m really not that hungry,” she crinkled her nose. The little worry line in her forehead gave away that her mind was elsewhere. He was quickly learning things about her.

“What worries you, my mate,” he asked as he stroked her hair back from her face, tucking a strand behind her ear.

“Tell me what happened,” she asked shyly. Gavin scowled at her request, hesitation in his eyes.

“He’s been dispatched,” he stated firmly.

“You…you killed him,” she swallowed.

“Yes,” he nodded.

“I need to go back to Windrose,” Hadley stated, her head popped up, her alpha nature taking over.

“Eat,” he demanded. “Then we will go back to Windrose and make a decision on how to combine the packs.”

“I’m sure they will all come,” she smiled. “There aren’t very many of us, but I need to know if you have room for them.” She pushed her plate away from her perch on the bed. Gavin frowned at the plate, but did not comment on her lack of appetite.

“Yes,” he nodded. “The town is large enough to accommodate new pack members. There are homes that sit empty and land that had yet to be developed. I’ve been thinking about building homes here for my Guardians on the property. They need to be close. Just in case.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “Let’s dress and you can take me back to Windrose.”

“Hadley,” he said, making her pause.

“Yes, Gavin,” she turned, looking him full on in the face. His dark hair fell haphazardly over his right eye. The other midnight blue eye watched her with such longing, it made Hadley’s heart ache. She knew that an alpha bonding was strong, but when two natural-born alphas bonded, it was said that the bond was unbreakable by even the gods.

“I will protect you…and your pack, with my life,” he declared.

“And I yours,” she said honestly. Whatever magnetic-magical-ancient pull that brought them together, caused her to instantly trust his word…hell his everything.



Gavin straightened his back, calling on his wolf to help him not show weakness in front of the Windrose pack. Hadley’s bandages had been removed, only a few light pink scars remained on her arms where Jericho had attacked her.

Gavin, on the other hand, was still bandaged underneath his denim jeans. His injuries were still fresh, causing a constant ache in his muscles. His arms were covered in a soft flannel shirt to conceal the damage there.

Hadley had sent word, by way of her brother, a few hours before, asking the town to meet at the alpha’s home for the announcement. As they pulled into the driveway, several cars were scattered across the lawn, others arrived on foot. Everyone looked at the front of the house with relief that Jericho’s short reign was over.

“Stay in the truck,” Gavin demanded. “Let me escort you out. It will show them we are on a united front. I’m sure your pack is uneasy with me, considering what the last alpha tried to do.” Gavin had been an alpha for about twelve years. He had much more experience than Hadley. Hell, she’d never truly been in charge of a pack, only considered “in-training” until the old alpha stepped down, or passed away.

Gavin rounded the truck quickly and opened the door. Holding his hand out, Hadley took his proffered hand and slid carefully out of the vehicle. Gavin placed a swift kiss on the back of her knuckles, giving her his silent strength. Hadley smiled warmly and brushed her fingers lightly over his strong jaw. When they turned toward the pack, she blushed slightly, because everyone was staring at them in awe.

Hadley looked at the people she had known since birth. Her parents passed away when she was a teenager, barely old enough to legally live on her own. Koby became her guardian for the last year of high school and the pack took it upon themselves to help raise her into the loving, responsible alpha she was born to be.

“Hadley,” a strained voice called from her left. She paused and looked at the man she’d known since his school. Garrett was a dear friend and at one time, her boyfriend. He was a caring, deep-hearted member of the pack, but Hadley didn’t feel the bonding connection that she recently found with Gavin. But Garrett was always there for her. His hope was that one day his wolf would finally recognize her as his. It’d been fifteen years and still nothing.

“Garrett,” she smiled. Gavin’s warning growl next to her caused both her and her old friend to pause. “Gavin, this is Garrett Needles. Garrett, this is Gavin Ward…my mate.”

There was a collective gasp that rang out through the crowd. Both men squared off silently, their wolves challenging the other. Hadley felt Gavin unleash his alpha, the feeling rippled through the crowd. The majority of the pack whined softly, most of them bowing their heads in submission. Garrett, however, did not.

“We have come to verify that Jericho Ross is gone,” Hadley began her speech, hoping to distract the two men from continuing their pissing match in the yard. Garrett finally broke eye contact with Gavin, dropping his head slightly in defeat. Gavin tucked Hadley close to his side and allowed her to continue.

“I am taking my rightful place as alpha of the Windrose pack,” she paused, letting her magical strength reach out to her people. All of them relaxed at the feel of her authority touching the pack. “I was attacked by Jericho a few days ago. My brother sent me to Eldridge for my safety, to the pack there. It was there that, upon meeting Gavin Ward, I found my true mate.”

There were gasps and sighs amongst the crowd, some women cried happily and others clapped with joy. Garrett looked displeased and hurt at her admission, but Hadley would deal with him later.

“I have come back to introduce you to the alpha of the Eldridge pack, and my mate, Gavin Ward,” she nodded toward the man at her side. He brought their combined hands up to his lips, kissing the back of her knuckles, before he spoke.

“It was a shock to myself and Hadley,” he began. “When she arrived in Eldridge. My wolf instantly knew this beautiful woman was my true mate. The magnetic pull to her was unbelievably strong and scary. She’d been injured. My sole focus was to heal her and protect her by finding Jericho Ross and destroying him for what he’d done to my mate and her pack.

“I am here to publically claim her as mine and to offer you, the Windrose pack, a home in Eldridge. We are more than able to accommodate each and every one of you with housing and employment. We have some buildings in the town square that are abandoned and can be used to start businesses, if you would like. I will do anything and everything in my power to see your transition is comfortable. Since Hadley is my mate…my alpha, I feel that you all are part of my family, my pack as well.”

“What if we don’t want to go to Eldridge,” Garrett scowled.

“You have your own free will,” Gavin stated. “I am not Jericho. I would never force you to do anything that you do not wish to do. As your alpha’s mate, that makes me your alpha and I will understand if you do not want to follow your rightful alpha, Hadley.”

Questions poured in and the two alphas answered as best as they could with the limited amount of time they’d had to come up with a plan. Hadley assured them that there would be plenty of jobs, homes, and schools for the pack. After all was said and done, out of the one hundred and forty-six pack members, only twenty-seven had decided to remain in Windrose.

“Please know that if you stay here in Windrose,” Gavin began. “You are not without assistance. The Eldridge pack would like to extend their help, if ever needed.”

“I’d like for everyone to come to Eldridge this weekend,” Hadley looked toward her mate for approval. He nodded for her to continue. “We will show you around the community. There are several thousand acres of forest in the town limits. You can build homes if needed, or purchase the ones that are available in town. The pack is always welcome at the alpha’s home. The full moon runs are usually held there each month.” Gavin had given her all of the information while they dressed and traveled to Windrose earlier. They’d crammed for ideas as to how they would combine the packs. As for now, it looked like it worked.

People came by in a line to greet the Hadley’s mate, the new alpha. The older ones asked about when they would hold the traditional mating ceremony. They were assured that it would be held at the next full moon. Hadley’s friends hugged her and told her how happy they were that she had finally taken her rightful place as alpha. They giggled when they told her that she was lucky to find such a handsome mate. Hadley growled a little when they eyed him too long. She was already becoming protective of him, maybe a little jealous as well.

“Come on, my mate,” Gavin said, after the pack had started to leave. They were going back to their homes to pack, preparing for the move. “I’m ready to take you home.”

“We have to prepare for our mating ceremony,” Hadley smiled.

“We may need to practice,” he nuzzled her cheek, kissing the mating mark on her neck.

“No,” she shook her head. The blush that heated her face was unwanted. She was nervous about the mating ceremony, but by no means was she reluctant. “We wait until we are properly mated.”

“Hmp,” he pouted. Oh! Wow! Hadley’s insides clinched at the strong alpha’s expression. He really was beautiful, especially when he was denied something that he wanted. She wanted to take back her words, just to please him, but she bit her tongue and kept quiet.

Kissing the mating mark on his neck, she sighed heavily, “Let’s go home.”

Home…to Eldridge. Her new life was just beginning. There was much to be done before the next full moon, which was in eighteen days. She’d met her true mate and he’d saved her. He’d saved Windrose.


The End…


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