Fully Loaded Release Day!

It’s finally here!

Fully Loaded Cover 1

Fully Loaded released officially today!  If you preordered it, then it should be in your library.  Paperbacks are being printed and I hope to have them in the mail to you (if you preordered) by March 10th.  I will let you know when I ship them by posting it to my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/authortheresahissong).

Links to the eBooks are on the page at http://authortheresahissong.com/fully-loaded/

I hope you all love Fully Loaded as much as I loved writing it!  Share with your friends and tell them 50% of the proceeds go toward Matt’s charity, Star Treatments!!

Thank you all so much for all of your support over the past several months!  I can’t thank you enough!

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Fully Loaded and Other Crazy Happenings

Good Evening!

I’m stopping in to give you all links to the preorder for Fully Loaded.

This book is an awesome project I have going with bassist, Matt DiRito!  Whew!  Not only is he my super hot, hunky Man Crush, he is my dear friend.

About a year ago, I approached Matt about writing a book starring him as the character.  In return, I promised to donate 50% of the proceeds to his charity Star Treatments.

Star Treatments is a transportation service for children with cancer.  The sponsored family will be driven to the child’s treatment facility by way of a tour bus!  How awesome is that!!??

Matt’s vision has taken form and now is a reality.  Please visit http://www.startreatments.org for more information.

Here are the links to the preorders on all platforms.  Autographed copies from me can be purchased at the link below.
Autographed Paperback from me…(Ships Approx 3/25) http://authortheresahissong.com/fully-loaded/

Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/fully-loaded-th…/1121205778…

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Fully-Loaded-Theresa-Hi…/…/ref=sr_1_2…

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/fully-loaded-3

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/517706

iBooks: https://itun.es/us/R1iM5.l

Release Date for Fully Loaded is 3/17

What’s next?

Well, a bunch of awesome things!

I am working on finishing up the second book in the Warriors of the Krieger series.  Blood at Stake will be Lydia and Ashby’s book and I hope to have it ready for you this summer.  This book has been a long time coming.  Let me explain the delay….

The first book, Blood and Roses was written almost six years ago and was the very first book I ever wrote.  I wrote this book while my husband was deployed to Iraq with the US Air Force.  During the process, I let my dear friend Kelly read it…Well, the first three chapters, anyway.  She LOVED it!

I sat on this book for four + years before I ever published it and I did not let Kelly read any more of it because I wanted her to be surprised when I finally put it out for the world to read.  Well, I published the book and Kelly was living in Hawaii at the time and was heading back to Georgia on a move and did not get to read it right away.

Kelly was killed in a car wreck shortly after moving to Georgia and was never able to read the book.  She’d constantly told me how proud she was of what I had done and that she would eventually get to the book, but she never did.

Every time I sit down to write on Blood at Stake, I get lost in thoughts about my best friend and how she was taken away too soon.  I will eventually finish Blood at Stake, and I appreciate all of you for waiting on me.  I want this book to be amazing and if the story is not in my head, I do not want to force it to be written.  Thank you for your understanding and I hope to kick this story’s butt soon!

The second book in the Memphis SWAT series, Lucky Two will be available late Spring and will be A.J Beckett’s turn to get his story told.

And lastly…Fatal Cross!  These guys began as just an opening band in my Glory Days books, but soon became a nagging in the back of my head.  With their drummer fired and in jail for his attempt on Liana Sullivan in A Glory Days Awakening, the band Fatal Cross has regrouped after finding a new drummer and a new lease on life.

The first book will be called Fatal Desires and will be Taylor Vaughn and Coraline Maddox’s book.  I hope this one burns up your sheets, because we all know Coraline is a spitfire and a wild hellcat who will need the right kind of man to keep her in line! Whew!

I hope you all are staying warm in the nasty cold weather that is happening across the country.  Stay posted to my social media for more information as I get closer to releases for all books.

Much Love!

Theresa Hissong

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To My Husband….

American flag

To Wayne….

The Uniforms You Once Wore

His uniforms rest in the corner of the closet. Two years have past since they draped the back of the honorable man I married. He now wears the uniform of a civilian, not tied to his country by way of a contract. He has seen peace and he has seen war. As a wife, I have endured love, loss, togetherness, and separation, but those uniforms are a part of me as well. For I have ironed creases sharp as a knife’s blade, sewn patches with pride, watched that camo walk away and return a soiled, tattered mess from a year’s worth of sacrifice. For 20 years, we have endured it all, but no matter how far apart, we did it together. But a military wife I will always be….even as I see the uniforms he once wore. ~Theresa Hissong.

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Fully Loaded…Chapter 1

Fully Loaded Cover 1


Here is chapter one from Fully Loaded!

I am giving you this unedited version a little early, so I hope you enjoy!

Copyright @ 2105 Theresa Hissong

Chapter 1

The place was packed to the walls with people from all walks of life. Women dressed in clothing that was either to tight, or designed for someone twenty years younger than the wearer. Men mingled around, beers in hand. Couples were meeting up, for more than just the concert. I cringed when I thought about some poor woman waking up with one of these men who were steadily flowing through the crowd, most likely not caring for the music, but more to pick up an easy lay.

The first band was already on stage, belting out their one and only release, hoping that would make sales skyrocket, opening for one of the best rock bands to hit the scene in the last few years. I’d heard of the band that was currently on stage and these guys were really good. I hoped that they succeeded, because they really deserved it.

A guy with a multitude of trashy tattoos brushed against my arm as I walked toward the bar, hoping I could just get a bottled water. I shivered from the contact as the man smiled. Well, at least tried to smile, but he was missing over half of his teeth and his hair looked as if it hadn’t been washed in a few weeks. I shivered and averted my eyes from the creepy guy’s gaze.

After getting the bartenders attention, I paid for my overpriced water and found Kiera waiting for me just a few feet away. People were just starting to fill the space on the floor in front of the stage. Waves of fans pressed their bodies together, squeezing and pushing against each other, trying to get as close as possible.

My best friend shamelessly pulled me until we were finally within five feet of the stage, just as the first band was finishing their set. I groaned from the hint of mischief in her eyes, because I knew she wasn’t going to let me sit at the bar alone. I couldn’t get away if I tried. Bodies were pressing close, pushing us closer and closer to the stage. We stood through one other band, watching and singing along for the half hour they had allotted for their time.

Kiera was chatting with some stranger to her left, while I waited for this show to be over. It’s not that I didn’t like going to concerts. I loved them, truly did, but I wasn’t feeling it tonight.

The lights dimmed, a soft sheen of smoke filtered from somewhere behind the drum kit, like a fog sent to capture those who were helpless against it. People around me were chanting the band’s name, hoping that would convince them to come on stage sooner than planned.

When the music started, my heart sped in anticipation. I’d forgotten how exciting it was to being this close to the stage at a concert. It was like old times, Kiera and I being out, letting our hair down, and watching a live show. This was what I needed, because we hadn’t been out in ages.

Closing my eyes, I let the music wrap around me, enveloping me in the euphoria of the moment. The song began and I smiled while I stood inside the crowd of sweaty, drunken people. A guitar wailed and the music took me to a place far away from the hustle and bustle of my life. It felt good to be myself for once. Heather Rose, the woman, came out to play tonight, instead of Ms. Rose, high school history teacher.

It wasn’t until my eyes opened, and I looked upon the stage, that I saw him.

His hair was dark, long, and straight, his eyes were as blue as the deepest part of the ocean, very similar to my own. The band’s bassist looked like a walking orgasm. His eyes were on me, captivating me…devouring me. We were locked in a battle of heated gazes, not once looking away from each other. My pulse thundered under the pebbled skin on my neck and my sex thrummed with every note he played. It felt like my body was his instrument. An instrument he mastered with his long, skillful fingers. My sex clinched…my body heated. I wanted him and from the fire in his eyes, I knew he wanted me, too.

In the crowd, people shifted, but I was locked in place. Bodies gyrated to the music, people sang along, but I was frozen by the beautiful man who was just…there. Legs were spread in a stance that he must’ve practiced, or came naturally, I couldn’t tell. Occasionally, he’d thrash his head from side to side. A strand of long, black hair caught in his short beard, and my hands itched to tuck it behind his ear.

My best friend shook me, screaming, “Oh my GOD!”

Her outburst caused my brain to snap back to attention. The blush that heated my cheeks was embarrassing to say the least. Once the connection was broken, he moved away to begin the next song.

“He is so hot,” Kiera swooned, as the song ended. “He totally wants you!”

“No, he doesn’t,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes at my best friend. She was secretly a romantic at heart. “Maybe I look like someone he knows.”

“Bullshit, Heather,” she laughed. “Look at you!” Kiera made an exaggerated movement with her hands, like she was sizing me up. It made me very uncomfortable.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I gaped at her. She was looking at me like I was some porn star.

“You’re blonde, tall,” she began, then continued to tick things off on her fingers. That really pissed me off. I didn’t like to stand out, but obviously I did. “You have big tits, you wear your clothes like a damn super model. You have no idea how gorgeous you really are. Look around you!”

My cheeks flamed when I did as my best friend suggested. I noticed guys staring after me. If I moved a certain way, so did their eyes. Some of their lustful gazes caused a creepy shiver to roll up my spine. I found myself moving closer to Kiera as the next song started, bringing my attention back to the stage.

I wouldn’t have even been here if Kiera had not pulled me from my apartment. I just wanted to sit at the bar and watch the show, but she was having none of that. I’d tossed on my favorite skinny jeans, and a black, sparkly tank top. On my feet, I slid into a comfortable pair of heels that would make a hooker jealous. She was right to drag me out, I now admit. I was actually having a great time.

Of course, I liked the band that was playing. Ares Revenge was everywhere. Their music was on the radio, commercials, and I’d even heard one of their songs played when I was watching a hockey game with some friends a few weeks prior.

If someone would’ve told me that I would be having eye sex with their bassist, Donovan Milano, while he was on stage, I would’ve called them a liar. Oh, that was definitely eye sex, for sure. The wetness between my thighs was a dead giveaway.

Holy hell, what was I doing? I wasn’t some fucked up groupie! I sure as hell wasn’t a whore who’d jump in the sack with a man I didn’t know, even if it was the hot-as-hell bassist up on that stage.

My raging female hormones disagreed. Traitorous bitch!

Absently, I licked my lips as my eyes traveled up his arms. The corded muscles flexed with his every movement. He wore black jeans and a top that was ripped all to hell. The sides split down to the seam, and if he moved the right way, his nipple would peek out. I had the sudden urge to circle it with my tongue.

The girls around me, who probably weren’t old enough to be swooning, were screaming his name, in hopes that he’d reach out and touch their hands. I was a little further back, so touching him was out of the possibilities. Plus, if he did touch me, I’m sure I would’ve melted into my own shoes, right there where I stood.

“Here he comes,” Kiera giggled in my ear. Donovan was making his way back to my side of the stage. When our eyes met again, I didn’t miss the quick wink that was directed toward me. Of course, the girls around me thought it was for them. I was almost to the point of believing the wink was for someone else, until he pointed straight at me as he sang his backup vocals. The words out of his mouth caused my heart to increase in speed.

I took a chance and blew him a kiss, which to my utter disbelief, he caught it in his hand and pressed it to his heart. Kiera made a strangled noise in the back of her throat that caused me to laugh. Damn, it felt good to do that. It’d been so long since I could be myself.

They were four songs into the set and it felt like the night was getting away from me. I suddenly didn’t want it to end. Being here, watching them play, was better than I’d ever imagined. Getting lost in the moment, I raised my hands in the air and shifted my hips to the beat of the song, my mouth opened, and I sang along with the band and the crowd around me. Kiera used her hip to bump mine in approval.

Kiera was so different than myself. She was naturally beautiful, and although she told me constantly that I was a ‘hottie’, I still envied her for who she was as a total package. Where I was soft-spoken, Kiera would chew you into a million pieces in thirty seconds flat if you crossed her wrong. Her fire-engine red hair was natural, and so was her spunk! Her eyes would shift to a dark emerald when she was angry. That girl turned away more men than she showed interest in on any given day.

“He’s looking at you again,” Kiera yelled in my ear.

I didn’t reply to her statement, because my eyes were locked on his. Those deep blue eyes bore into my soul like he was trying to memorize everything about me so that he could recall it later.

He sang his part of the sultry song and used one finger to point directly at me, again. The lyrics were directed toward me, causing me to blush. Damn, this was a whole new style of flirting. I didn’t think another man would be able to top it. Donovan had it going on…on several different levels.

His eyes, those little piercings just under his bottom lip, that ring through his nose, and the hair…all of it made a delicious package I could see myself getting lost in. If the saying about big hands applied to him, I’m sure he’d be a complete package.

Holy fuck! What was I doing? My inner whore was alive and well tonight. I had to keep reminding myself that I was going home alone tonight. Donovan ‘sexy-as-fuck’ Milano would not be in my bed.

I really needed to get a life!

The song ended and the band members all grabbed for bottled waters, tossing them back before the next song began. I studied him, the way his lips pressed into the plastic bottle, molding around the rim. My eyes fixated on his throat as he swallowed the liquid. The movement was enticing me, calling to me. My thighs throbbed with desire as I imagined tracing his throat with my finger, just feeling the soft skin of his neck.

He set the bottle down and turned for the crowd, his eyes landing on me. The corner of his lips kicked up in a wicked smile that sent out a promise of things to come. Kiera was right, he wanted me. As heat pooled between my legs and my nipples hardened in my bra, I knew that I wanted him too.

He mouthed one word that sent my body into overdrive…”Beautiful…” There was no missing that the comment was meant for me.



As the crowd disbursed, I found myself feeling lost. I’d never see him again and the thought severely depressed me. Kiera was still going on and on about his flirting and that I should try to find him.

“He’s a rockstar, Kiera,” I said, exasperated. “He probably has a woman in every city.” That was the real problem with lusting over him. I’d be just another notch on his very large bedpost. I was not a band whore, nor would I ever be one.

“Still,” she shrugged, pulling her keys from her pocket. “Damn, Heather. Live a little.”

“Easy for you to say,” I laughed and bumped my shoulder against hers. It really was great to get out with her again.

We made our way to the entrance, dodging a few drunk guys who were trying to help each other out of the venue. I really hoped they’d be taking a cab.

Out on the sidewalk, we turned left to head down the side of the building toward the parking lot to the north. People walked and talked animatedly about the concert. Women gushed over the men on stage. I, on the other hand, was trying to forget the sexual tension between me and the bassist. I had to shake him from my mind. Everything about him was just so…intense.

There was an iron gate up ahead that was opened for the back of the venue. Two tour buses and several vans were parked inside the area. I kept my head down not wanting to look for him. I just didn’t want to think about him. It was a stupid fantasy and I had to keep reminding myself of that fact. I blamed Kiera for pushing the issue and making me imagine all kinds of wicked things about the bassist.

As we approached the gate, a commotion behind us caused Kiera to turn. Her shout of alarm was short-lived as a behemoth of a man crashed into my right side, throwing my body to the left. I gasped out in shock, more than pain, and tried to throw my hands out to keep myself from falling on my face.

Huge, warm hands grabbed my arms, spinning my body so that I landed into a solid chest. A glorious scent washed over me, causing my body to respond in a way I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I heard a voice curse and then the deep timber shouted, “Watch where you’re going, asshole!”

Looking up into the blue eyes of my savior, I gasped when I saw it was him…the bassist.

“Name,” he demanded.

“W…what?” I asked, still in shock from being plowed into from the jerk running down the sidewalk.

“I asked your name, beautiful,” he smiled, but his voice was commanding. “Tell me.”

Holy hell.

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“Fully Loaded” Update and Excerpt

Thought I’d stop in and say hello!

I’ve been working very hard on Fully Loaded and now, as of last night, I finally typed, “The End”.

Now, it’s time to sit back, read it from the beginning, and make necessary changes.  After that, I will ship this off to my editors and then get it prepared for you.

As of right now, we are looking at the paperback being right around 200 pages. I wanted to keep the book small and affordable.  I will have them in stock once they are printed.  You are more than welcome to order them off of Amazon.com and ship me your copies to sign if you’d like.  My snail mail address is in the “About” section of this page.

I will be out of town for an appearance this weekend and once I am back, I will do the necessary updates and edits so that hopefully the following week, we can get preorders up all over Amazon, Smashwords, here at my website, etc.

I hope that you all have a great weekend and I leave you with a small excerpt from Fully Loaded….

Fully Loaded Cover 1

The room was only lit by the lamp on the table beside him, the light making a halo around his dark head…like a fallen angel. An uneasy silence fell over us as we stared at each other, neither one of us speaking. Donovan’s eyes didn’t stray from my own. Blue on blue, passion on passion. Bumps raised on my skin and I gently squeezed my thighs together to stop the pulsing in my sex. Being this close to him set me on edge.

“Heather,” he whispered, feeling the energy between us. I’d be a fool if I tried to deny that we had a connection.

“Donovan,” I whispered.

The distance between us was quickly filled when he growled, “I can’t keep away from you.” And then he was on me.

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Introduce Me (Gabe & Brooklyn)…A little story for the fans!

I give you a little flash fiction (raw and unedited) of the story when Gabe went to the grand opening of Cordeau’s a year before he asked her out!  Enjoy!

Depositphotos_22711779_xs Brooklyn

Liana had had a bad night the night before and Reed was there with her, consoling my sister and bleeding his love into her so that she would heal from the terrible nightmares that plagued her while she slept. I’d been there most of the day to help take her mind off of the events she’d had in her dreams. Whatever she saw when she closed her eyes at night, she never told us. She wouldn’t do that, because she thought she was strong enough to handle it without us knowing too.

A billboard caught my eye as I drove home from their home. The sign read, “Grand Opening Tonight at Cordeau’s…Cajun Fusion…1974 Windham Dr.” I don’t know what made me turn my truck around and head to the restaurant. Maybe I was hungry…or maybe it was her.

The parking lot was full and people mingled around outside the building. An actor I’d met once, nodded in my direction as I stepped onto the sidewalk leading to the front doors. He snubbed out a cigarette and made his way to an awaiting town car a few feet away, a beautiful blonde on his arm.

Unlike me, he had someone to go home to. All that waited on me was an empty house and reruns of Dr. Who. Ash and Mary were at home enjoying their new baby boy and Kane was shacked up with his new wife, Delilah. Liana had finally kicked me out once she’d had enough of my hovering.

The paparazzi were snapping pictures of the celebrities as I approached the front doors. There was a line of people waiting to get into the place, but a very tall, dark-skinned man caught my attention and motioned me over to where he was standing, “Mr. Miller, Welcome to Cordeau’s. Will there only be one in your party tonight, sir?”

“Yes, thank you,” I replied, sounding like a pathetic loser. Everyone around me had dates and there I was standing with my hands in my pockets like a sad little boy.

“Ms. Cordeau will seat you,” he said, holding open the door. The glass was heavily tinted and I couldn’t see what was inside. When I walked into the lobby, I didn’t see the fresh arrangements of flowers, or the brown leather benches in the reception area, or the beautiful paintings of New Orleans. All I saw was the most beautiful woman that I’d ever seen in my life. My knees wobbled and I had to straighten my spine before I fell to my knees and worshiped at her feet. I had the sudden urge to rip my heart from my chest and lay it at her feet.

Ms. Cordeau, the owner, was a few inches shorter than me. Her long brown hair fell in ringlets to her waist. When she looked in my direction, her deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle as the tops of her cheekbones flushed a beautiful shade of pink. My cock twitched in my jeans and I wondered if her nipples and pussy were the same color.

“Mr. Miller,” she rasped, shaking my hand. “This way, please.”

I walked behind her like an obedient dog. She was wearing a black dress that formed to her body. Her hips flared perfectly and her ass shimmied when she took a step. My fingers itched to tangle in the mass of curls at her waist and pull her body flush with mine. She was beautiful.

“A waiter will be with you shortly,” she said, holding her hand out to the table that was to be mine. “May I get you a drink while you wait to order?”

“Yes, a glass of merlot, please,” I replied and took my seat. She walked away and disappeared through the kitchen doors. My pulse thundered so loudly that my ears were clogged with the sound. I had to adjust myself from the pinch of pain behind my zipper. My fucking cock was eager to get to know her, but hell, I had to tell the fucking thing that she was probably married.

If she were my wife, I’d make sure she had a diamond ring the size of a boulder on her finger to tell every motherfucker in the world that she was mine. She was too beautiful to be single…that was for damn sure.

A dark haired woman returned with my glass of wine and I was extremely disappointed that Ms. Cordeau wasn’t the one to be serving me tonight. I thanked her politely and looked around the restaurant for the stunning woman that owned the place. She’d exited the kitchen while I was distracted by the new waitress and was now talking to a table across the room. I snarled inside when I saw the motherfucker that was flirting with her.

The guy was from a death metal band that was making a name for themselves by releasing some bad ass songs that were played on the satellite radio station dedicated to that genre of music. I’d met the guy before and he was a complete douchecanoe. He wasn’t like most rockstars and have a different woman every night. No, Rex Draco had a fucking harem. He had several women who he carried around wherever he went. He seriously had six women at his disposal twenty-four seven.

I watched as he smiled warmly at Ms. Cordeau (I didn’t even know her first name.). When he reached out and placed his hand on top of hers, I almost burst out of my seat. What the fuck was wrong with me? I had the overwhelming urge to protect her and the thought of another man touching her made me murderous. My panic calmed slightly when she politely removed her hand from under his and she took half step back and out of his reach. The other women smiled warmly at Ms. Cordeau, none of them angry at either him or her. I shook my head at the strange lifestyle that guy led.

It wasn’t my cup of tea, for sure. I only had room for one woman in my life. I don’t know how he kept up with all of them and I sure as hell don’t know how those women didn’t kill each other because they were so eat up with jealousy.

As my order was brought to the table, I scanned the room, keeping an eye on her as she made her rounds to the customers. I’d just placed my spoon in my empty bowl when she slowly walked over to my table.

“How was your meal, Mr. Miller?” she asked. The soft Cajun twang rolled off of her words and I realized I could listen to her talk for hours without getting tired.

“Delicious, Ms. Cordeau,” I replied, smiling warmly at her. “Congratulations on your grand opening.”

“Thank you, very much,” she replied and held out her hand. “It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope you come again, soon.”

“I will definitely return for the gumbo,” I smiled, shaking her hand. “It was delicious.”

“Thank you,” she blushed. Damn, I wanted to brush my thumb over her cheek to see if her skin was as warm as it looked.

“Good night, Mr. Miller,” she replied, dropping my hand. I felt the immediate loss.

“Good night, Ms. Cordeau,” I smiled. “Until we meet again…”

The End

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Cover Reveal for “Fully Loaded”

Fully Loaded Cover 1

The book, “Fully Loaded”, was an idea that formed after a comment I made on Twitter to bassist, Matt DiRito about using him as a character in a book. Originally, the comment was just a joke, something to get a good laugh about, because he is (and always will be) my Man Crush Monday. After the fans saw this, they loved the idea and told Matt and myself how much they wanted him in a book. So, I went to him and asked if I could use his likeness in an erotic romance, if I donated a portion of the proceeds to his charity, Star Treatments. Thankfully, Matt agreed and I started writing. (No pressure at all! Nope, not a bit!)

Star Treatments sponsors a family to help with their transportation to and from the facilities for their child’s cancer treatments. The coolest part…the transportation is an actual tour bus! The tour bus picks up the family and transports them to the cancer treatment facility so that they do not have to worry about the ride there. The bus will be filled with video games, toys, coloring books, etc. There is a bed in the back for the child to rest and even a fridge filled with healthy foods! The idea is to give the child and families a happy experience during a time that usually is associated with dreaded events.

I am honored to bring you the cover for “Fully Loaded” and let’s get this to the best seller list to give Star Treatments an amazing check to support the charity!

Release Date March 17, 2015

Thank you all,

Theresa Hissong

For more information on Star Treatments: http://startreatments.org or www.facebook.com/StarTreatmentsOrg

For more information on Theresa Hissong: http://authortheresahissong.com or www.facebook.com/authortheresahissong

Pre-Order links will be available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and more in February.

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Playlist for “Fully Loaded”

Good Morning!

I’ve been getting a TON of questions about my playlist while I write.  I’m always happy to share the music of my life and my writing.  So, I thought I’d give you a little peek into my playlist for the book “Fully Loaded”. 

Here ya go!

Playlist for “Fully Loaded”


“Closer” by Kings of Leon

“Trenches” by Pop Evil

“Beautiful” by Pop Evil

“Sick Sense” by Pop Evil

“Cry” by The Used

“Dragonfly” by Shaman’s Harvest

“Dangerous” by Shaman’s Harvest

“The Fire Down Below” by Slaves

“Strange” by W.E.R.M

“This is the Time (Ballast)” by Nothing More

“Broken Wings” by Artifas

“Sail” by Devil Driver

“Angel” by Theory of a Deadman

“Litost” by X Ambassadors

“Moving On” by Asking Alexandria

“The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac

“Rain Will Fall” by Finding Jimmy Hoffa

“Your Kisses Burn Like Fire” by The Picturebooks

 As most of you know, “Fully Loaded” is a book I’m writing with some of the proceeds going toward Star Treatments, a charity run by my dear friend, Matt DiRito.  Here are some links for you to check out while waiting for this book to be available March 17, 2015!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StarTreatmentsOrg

Website: http://startreatments.org/

Look for a cover release later this week!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find a new song that could possibly become your favorite!

Much Love,

Theresa Hissong

“Music is a moral law.  It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” ~ Plato

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Let’s Blog about Rockstars!


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Theresa Hissong and I write romance books about rockstars, vampires, and some really hot alpha male cops who enjoy love from more than one significant other.

I recently published the fourth and final book in my rockstar romance series, Glory Days.

Originally, I had published the first short story “Sing to Me” as an eBook and decided the characters Ash and Mary had two more stories to tell. After the completion of Sing to Me, Save Me, and Deliver Me, I combined all of their short stories into one big ass paperback titled, A Glory Days Production.

As I went along with the other band members in the books, I released the novellas separately and then once each members story was complete, I combined them into their very own paperback to be released.

The second book, A Glory Days Awakening, contains Reed and Liana’s novellas, Wait for Me, Take Me, and Accept Me.

The third book, A Glory Days Reunion, contains Kane and Delilah’s novellas, Understand Me, Beg Me, and Break Me.

The fourth and final book, A Glory Days Finale, contains Gabe and Brooklyn’s novellas, Need Me, Burn Me, and Finish Me.

The novellas can be found on Smashwords, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Sony, Oyster & others. (Not Kindle).

The paperbacks are in eBook on the Kindle ONLY.

The price for the novellas and the Kindle versions are the same when put together. (novellas on Nook are 99 cents…the three combined on the Kindle are $2.99).

What’s next after Glory Days? Well, I am writing a spin off! The band, Fatal Cross, played a big part in the books and they stole my heart. So, I am going to write their stories next.

The difference will be that they will not be three novellas into book like Glory Days. Each member of Fatal Cross will have ONE book each!

The titles for the Fatal Cross books are:

Fatal Desires
Fatal Temptations
Fatal Charm
Fatal Seduction

Look for these to be out in late spring 2015.

Before that, I am working on a stand alone book titled, Fully Loaded.

This book holds a special place in my heart, because of the story behind it.

Everyone who knows me can tell you that I have a sexy man crush on Matt DiRito, the bassist for the band Pop Evil.

After months of teasing and playful bantering on Twitter, I made the comment that I needed to write a story with him being my main character. Well, you the FANS grabbed that comment and ran with it! I sat on that idea for a week or so and finally went to Matt privately and asked him if I could use him as my muse. I also told him that I would put a portion of the proceeds from the book toward his charity Star Treatments.

Star Treatments takes a sponsored family who has a child with cancer and provides them with a tour bus to travel to their treatments. The charity covers the transportation costs so that the family does not have to worry about the expense associated with traveling miles away from home.

After I approached Matt with this idea, he AGREED to let me use him as my sexy, alpha male hero in the book, Fully Loaded.

Look for its release to be March 17, 2015!

I look forward to hearing from you in the future and look for exciting new reads coming from me over this new year of 2015!
Much love to you ALL!
Theresa Hissong

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Early Sneak Peek at “Fatal Desires”

Happy Friday!

I am a very impatient person and you all know that I love to share early teasers for the books I write.

“Fatal Desires” will be the first book in the Fatal Cross series.  And you’ve all been asking if Coraline Maddox will get a book.  And the answer is YES! 

Here is a peek at the Prologue for “Fatal Desires”.  It is unedited and raw.  This book will be released this spring. 


beauty woman in rock style



One night of heated passion with Taylor Vaughn and three store-bought pregnancy tests later, I was fucked. Totally screwed.

I was freaking pregnant!

And that low-down, dirty piece of shit wouldn’t return my calls.

Taylor showing up at the same resort as me was just a coincidence…my ass. We’d both been flirtatious on the tour a year ago when Fatal Cross opened for Glory Days, but it wasn’t until three weeks ago that I saw him in the Azores at a resort I thought was private.

A shadow formed over my lawn chair and I raised my sunglasses to see who the hell was bothering me and was surprised, at the time, to see the sexy guitarist hovering over me like a dog in heat. Of course, his eyes heated from roaming up and down the navy blue string bikini I was wearing and you better believed I flaunted my goods for him to see.

Dinner and two bottles of very expensive wine later and we were tearing each other’s clothes off like pornstars just offered a million dollar contract.

It was a curse that sex with Taylor was the best sex I’d ever had. It was also a given that sex that good should’ve come with a warning label, because nothing said I’d get knocked up with his kid. Of course, at the time, I really didn’t care when he was buried to the hilt and I was screaming his name.

My birth control obviously didn’t work, or I’d have made him use some sort of protection. That was the other dumbass move on my part. Rule number one….don’t sleep with rockstars who’ve dipped their pen in so much ink that they’re cocks are stained from all the attention.

Now, I had to get in touch with him and he wasn’t answering my calls or returning my messages. The whole thing was nothing but a one night stand and the sad thing is…I wanted more. Even if he was the biggest jerk on the face of the planet, I still wanted him. We clicked in ways I never had with another man. He got me, but obviously the feelings were one-sided.

Standing in the bathroom of my condo in Los Angeles and looking at the pregnancy tests lined up on the sink, I realized I was the fool. Taylor Vaughn didn’t want anything from me, but a hot night in the sack. I was a conquest. He scaled that mountain and posted his flag at the peak.

And the kicker? In just four months’ time, he would be taking over for Glory Days guitarist, Gabe Miller while he returns home for the birth of his child. I’d be just to the point of showing at that time and with my line of work, I wouldn’t be doing much other than being the bands gofer. Which I didn’t mind, but once my cousin found out about the little bun in my oven, Taylor Fucking Vaughn will be a dead man.

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