Deleted Scene from “Accept Me”

Now that you’ve read Accept Me, I thought I’d share a very small deleted scene that I decided to pull from the book. (It is raw and unfinished, but yours to read) 



We had been on the road for four months now, and were coming to the end of the touring cycle for Glory Days latest album.  I was almost five months pregnant and currently freaking the hell out. 

The contractions started only moments after Reed had gone on stage tonight, and Dallas was driving to the local hospital in Denver like a madman.  I was trying to keep my calm.

“How are you feeling now,” Dallas glanced at me out of the corner of his eye, his face was a mask of worry.  We couldn’t tell Reed what the hell was going on with me, because of the concert.  Eric was waiting for them to get off stage before anyone was told about my condition.

I’d been having some weird pains on and off all day, and I finally decided to go lay down while they were doing their regular Meet and Greet with the fans.  I’d texted Reed, telling him I was tired and I’d see him once he was done with the show.

“They hurt,” I whimpered and rubbed the top of the tiny mound of my pregnant belly.

“Do you feel out of breath?”

“No,” I scowled.  “How do you know about this stuff anyway?” 

“Been reading up,” he nodded knowingly toward my stomach.

When we arrived at the emergency room, I was taken back and placed in an empty room.  Nurses scurried around setting me up on monitors to evaluate the baby and my own vitals.  Dallas stood beside me, in place of my husband, holding my hand for comfort. 

“Hello, Mrs. Sullivan,” a young doctor entered the room.  He was tall with salt and pepper gray hair.  He wore green scrubs and one of those matching hats.  “Tell me what’s been going on.”

“I’ve been feeling a little…off,” I began.  “This morning I was having some discomfort and thought maybe I’d moved around too much.  I decided to lay down a few hours ago, and woke up about an hour ago with contractions.”

“Well, let’s see what’s going on,” he said, looking at the printout from the baby monitor.  The contractions registered on the machine, but they were nothing like the ones Mary was having in the midst of her labor with Ivy.  “We are going to do some blood work and go from there, but until we have an answer, you’ll be staying with us for awhile.”

I covered my eyes and let the silent tears fall.  Sending up a silent prayer was the only thing I could do to keep myself grounded.

Please let our baby be okay.




We were on the last song of the night, and I still hadn’t seen Liana standing at her spot off the side of the stage.  Usually she waited on me to be done and then we’d escape to the bus while the guys hung out with the crew.

When the lights went down, I followed the flashlight that Coraline was holding to light the way off stage.  What I found there made my heart drop to my feet.

Eric and the new guy, Sergi, were standing there looking grim and their eyes were focused on me.

“What the hell is going on?” I demanded.  Ash was beside me instantly.

“Dallas is at the emergency room with Liana.  She started having some pretty fierce contractions shortly after you went on stage.” Eric reached for me as my knees buckled.  “We need to go, Reed.”

“O…okay,” I cried.  “Have you heard anything?”  I should’ve been with her!  Why didn’t they tell me?

“She’s stable and Dallas said they’re waiting on blood work to come back.  She’s in good hands, Reed.”

I pushed past them and heard Eric shouting orders to some of the other security behind us.  There was an SUV waiting when I burst out of the backstage doors.  Eric slid into the driver’s seat and I took the one in the back. 

“Was she scared,” I asked, hoping Dallas comforted her enough.  We knew this pregnancy was going to be tricky, with all of the scar tissue from her attack.  How could we know that this would happen?

“No,” he smiled.  “She’s a fighter, and I’m sure that boy of yours is too.”

I sighed in relief at his comment.  We’d only found out a few weeks ago that we were having a son.  A son!  I still couldn’t believe it. 

“Yes, she is,” I smiled into the darkness. 

The drive took longer than I’d hoped.  I dashed through the emergency room doors and ran up to the information desk.  “My name is Reed Sullivan.  My wife was brought into the emergency room.”

The young woman’s eyes flared and she stood up quickly, “Yes sir.  They’re waiting for you.  Follow me.”

We followed the woman through a set of secure doors and turned down a long hallway.  She pointed to the room at the end of the hallway.  Dallas wasn’t outside and I hoped that he was in there keeping Liana calm.

I froze outside the door and took a deep calming breath.  Eric placed a calming hand on my shoulder and guided me into the room.  Tears welled up in my eyes when I found the room dark, only a small light on over the head of the bed.  Dallas was in a chair next to the bed, his elbows resting on his knees.  Liana was on her side with a blanket pulled up to her chin, her eyes closed in sleep.  I could hear the soft sound of our son’s heart beating through a speaker somewhere in the room.

Dallas looked up quickly and took a deep breath, before whispering, “Thank God you’re here.”

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International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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