My Valentine’s Day Secret


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Glory Day’s fans.  Your present from me is a little secret that Mary is keeping from Ash. 


My Valentine’s Day Secret

It was Valentine’s Day and the house was filled with so many bouquets of roses I’d already lost count.  Just like I’d lost my breakfast and lunch from the smell.  Two hours ago, David forced me to take the pregnancy test that he’d gone out and bought for me that morning.


It seems that over the Christmas holiday, Ash and I had made another baby.  I still haven’t told him.  Of course, I’d just found out.


They were still on tour and weren’t going to be home for another month.  Ivy was asleep in her bed, and I was face first in our bed, my stomach rolling from the smell of the roses.  They were beautiful, but I just couldn’t handle the scent.


“Do you want to call Ash,” David, my bodyguard, said from the doorway to the bedroom.


“God no,” I groaned.  “Get my camera and take about a million pictures of them, then please toss them out, David.  He was so sweet to send them, and I do love them, but I can’t take the smell anymore.”


“Okay,” he laughed.  “But when are you going to tell him?”


“Not until he finishes the tour,” I sighed.  “If I tell him now, Ash will cancel the remaining shows and rush home.  I really don’t need him to be here right now.  I’ll just surprise him when he gets home.”


“Um, Mary?  You’ll probably be showing by then,” he reminded me.


“Not much,” I laughed.  “At least I hope not!”


My phone rang, the ringtone set to our song, “Angel Mine”, and I cleared my throat.  “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.”  I tried to keep the sickness out of my voice, and luckily he was too excited about the day to catch anything.


“Angel,” he sighed.  “I love you.  Did you get your flowers?”


“Ash,” I laughed.  “They’re beautiful.  I love them so much, thank you!”


“I miss you,” he whispered.  I could hear the other guys on the bus talking quietly.  They were traveling today and were heading to New Mexico.


“I miss you too,” I replied.  My stomach rolled, and I swallowed quickly, hoping I wouldn’t give away my secret.  I wanted to tell Ash Martin that he was going to be a father again, but I couldn’t do it over the phone.


Boy was he going to get the surprise of his life when he arrived home after tour, and I’d already be three months pregnant!

About Author Theresa Hissong

International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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One Response to My Valentine’s Day Secret

  1. Anita says:

    Yay!! So so happy for them!! Can’t wait to hear about how he will react to the news!

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