Mates by Fate ~~ Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction!!  (Unedited)  “Flash Fiction” is a complete story told in less than 2000 words….Enjoy!!

Black Leopard, 6 years old, in front of a white background

Mates by Fate

“It’s just gross,” Haley, Olivia’s baby sister, said while they sat on the wooden swing in the backyard, the sun bright in the sky.

“It’s not gross,” Olivia smiled. “It’s a mating. When you get older, you’ll understand it better.” She looked out into the sprawling woods behind her family home, seeing others milling around going about their daily lives.

“Momma said that when you find your mate, it’s instant,” Haley shook her head. “I just don’t believe in love at first sight. That’s for the movies.”

“It’s a little different from that,” Olivia laughed. “Once your mate finds you, your jaguars will know. It’s instant. From what I’ve heard, it will be an amazing experience.”

“Yuck,” Haley pretended to gag. “When he sees you, he takes you wherever you are. Sex is gross, period! The fact that a strange man hauls you off to mate you for the first time, not even knowing each other’s name is just…ugh!”

“Haley,” Olivia giggled. “You’re fourteen. Give it a few years, then you’ll understand. It’s supposed to be beautiful. He cherishes you, and any shifter female who is mated will tell you the same thing.”

“Well,” Haley raised a brow. “You’re twenty-three and still not mated.”

“Don’t remind me,” Olivia growled, wondering the same thing. “Want to go for a run?”

“Sure,” Haley shrugged. “Dad has some new Enforcers coming in today, and I’d rather not be around for the introductions.”

Olivia laughed and shook her long black hair. When she stood from the swing, her right leg buckled. Thankfully, Haley caught her before she fell.

“You okay,” Haley worried.

Olivia nodded and didn’t say anything as she headed for the trail head leading to the forest behind the house. There were several cabins that dotted the area where other shifters lived on the property. Her cottage wasn’t far from the main house where her mother and father lived. Her father, Thane McRae was Alpha to all things shifter. Their community consisted of bears, jaguars, wolves, and a few coyotes.

Olivia and her family were black jaguars. Haley and Olivia were the only two daughters of the Alpha, and she had three older brothers, who’d already mated. The most recent one, three days ago.

The two sisters shifted inside Olivia’s cabin before slipping out the back door to run into the woods. The men didn’t like for the women to be out alone, but Haley and Olivia didn’t bother with telling them most of the time when they would take off.

Olivia started off slow. An attack when she was a teenager left her right hip permanently injured. Even the scarring carried through in her shift. The massive gash didn’t repair itself when she would shift. It ached most days, and she was very clumsy at times. All in all, Olivia overlooked her deformity and kept on living her life as normal as possible.

The male who’d tried to force mate her when, she was eighteen, had been ‘taken care of’ by her father and brothers. Olivia never asked what was done to him, and at the time, she’d been in too much shock to even ask. Haley was just a child and didn’t remember much, because their mother had shielded the little girl from the horrific state they’d found Olivia in the same woods they were running through today. The one thing that Olivia was thankful for was that the panther hadn’t taken her virginity. She wanted to save that for her true mate.

Haley walked slowly next to Olivia, giving time for her hip to adjust to the shift. Olivia hardly ever ran, it was just too painful. So the girls set out on a leisurely stroll. They had hours before sundown, and getting away from it all sounded really awesome to both girls.

Jackson Squires lifted his chin, scenting the breeze. His mate was around, and he could feel it in his blood. She was near. The Alpha, Thane McRae, and his three sons, J.P., Hunter, and Owen McRae knew the moment Jax’s body began to vibrate, that he’d found his mate. The men stared at him in disbelief.

“Damn,” J.P. cursed.

“Your mate is near,” the Alpha stated, with a smile.

Hell yes she was near! Jackson and his panther knew it, but where the hell was she?

“Well,” Owen laughed. “Best go find her, or you know what will happen.”

Of course he knew what would happen! He’d have an erection for an eternity, or until she allowed him access to her body.

“Welcome to the estate, Jax. You haven’t been here half an hour and are already hitched. I wonder who the lucky woman will be?”

The three men, who were just younger versions of their father, patted him on the back, giving him a push toward the cottages that were scattered throughout the woods. He’d been told there were two hundred acres of land that was Alpha McRae’s community, and everyone was welcome to stay there if they didn’t want to stay in town.

Jackson’s cock flared to life, and he knew he had to claim her, but who was she? There were several women milling around, but none of them appealed to him or his jaguar. The scent of his mate was like ambrosia, to wonderful to describe.

Jackson wasn’t a small man, and a part of him prayed his mate wasn’t fragile. He was damn near six and a half feet tall, with dark hair, and blue eyes that looked like a clear, blue day.

Suddenly, two female jaguars came out of the woods, one smaller than the other. The first one was barely old enough to shift, the other one limped slightly like she’d injured her flank. His protective instincts kicked in, and he had this overwhelming need to shield the female.

The wind shifted from the north, and that’s when it happened. His jaguar growled, his human body sank into a crouch…the female’s eyes connected with his, and something magical happened.

Jackson’s body shifted, almost painfully, the bones sliding into new positions, hair erupted from his human skin. His canines grew so quickly it was painful. His now jaguar form crouched low, stalking his mate. She was there, beautiful in her animal skin.

The smaller female to her left looked between the two several times, before recognition caused her cat eyes to widen. She moved away slowly, knowing that Jackson’s mate would be taken by him within the next few heartbeats.

Jackson walked slowly toward the female, ignoring the words coming from the men behind him. His human mind vaguely recognized one of the men saying, ‘daughter’. It took a minute to realize this female, his mate, was the daughter to the alpha.

As he approached her, she flattened herself to the ground, accepting whatever his jaguar wanted from her. When he was close enough, Jackson leaned in and touched his cold nose to hers. The two of them purred in response to the connection.

Jackson nudged her, requesting that she stand. It was slow, and his human mind growled when he saw the scars that marred her beautiful coat. His cat rubbed his face over hers, as a sign of affection. Once he was satisfied with that, Jackson proceeded to slide his face down her sides, marking her with his scent. That was until he could get her in private, to mark her with his seed.

The female, once she realized he was finished with his scent-marking, walked slowly to a home just along the edge of the woods. The charming log cabin was bigger than some of the others he’d seen, but immediately recognized it as hers, because of her scent in and around the home.

She pressed the back door open with nothing more than her nose, pushing the door open wide, revealing a kitchen. There were two sets of clothes on a bench by the door, one of them being hers and the other belonging to the smaller, younger female.

He wasted no time in shifting, the female followed just as quickly. Once his eyes changed back to human, he shook his head in disbelief. The woman, his mate, was so stunningly beautiful, it made him want to cry.

“Name,” he demanded in his own alpha tone.

“Olivia McRae,” she whispered.

“Mate,” he growled. “My name is Jackson Squires, it is my honor and privilege to accept you as the mate of my human and of my jaguar.” He fell to his knees and took her hand in his, placing a kiss to the back of her hand. She stood there naked, not bothering with her clothes.

“Mate,” she cried, wiping tears from under her lashes. “My jaguar and my human accept you as my mate.”

Their bodies connected in a tangle of arms and mouths. Their tongues collided, hands roamed each other’s naked body, memorizing and learning every inch of skin.

Olivia was small, very small. Jackson was over a foot taller than her, but it didn’t distract anything about her in his eyes.

His hands groped her heavy breasts. His mouth leaning down to take a dark nipple into his mouth, he smiled at her responsiveness, the scent of her arousal heavy in the air. His cock strained, hard and aching, against her belly.

Somehow they found her bedroom, falling together onto the mattress. Neither one of them spoke as he readied her for their mating. He kissed her jaw, making her moan with need. His large fingers slide welcomingly into her passage, rubbing and stretching it for his penetration. She was still a virgin, and he was going to have to go slow. The gashes to her hips bothered him, and he didn’t want to ruin the mood, but he had to say something. His cat growled in frustration and impatience.

“I’ve seen the scars, please tell me if I hurt you,” he said as he lined himself up with her weeping sex. She was so wet that her desire coated the inside of her thighs, and that’s when he knew she was ready.

“No sudden movements, please,” she blushed. “I don’t know what to do.”

“I will take care of you, and will never allow more harm to come to you,” he promised.

As Jackson pressed into her sex, Olivia flinched, “It’s okay. Don’t stop.”

“I’m sorry,” he kissed her. “I will make it wonderful for you, from this day forth. This I promise you…my mate.”

Jackson entered her, tearing away the barrier that was rightfully his. His fangs sank into the spot where her head met her shoulders, ensuring a visible mating mark, Olivia doing the same as the pain turned into pleasure.

Olivia smiled into the darkness. She’d finally found her mate.

She may not know him, but the magical forces that allowed her to exist, also allowed her true mate to come into her life when she least expected it.

The end

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International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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