Flash Fiction ~ “For The Love Of Blood”

Here is a little Flash Fiction for your Saturday Night (unedited)


For The Love Of Blood

by Theresa Hissong


Estella was dying.  The wizard had kidnapped her from her home in Falconshore, away from her three husbands.  Tyrus, Gabriel, and Theron VonDrake had pledged their love and blood for Estella many years ago, taking her as their vampire bride, promising to protect her for eternity.

The wizard, Usang, had taken her while her husbands were away protecting the town from what was assumed as an attack by rogue vampires.  Estella now realized it was a diversion to get them away from her.  Usang wanted her for a reason, and that reason was her unborn child.

She screamed out as the wizard chanted over her body, trying to force the birth of her child.  The pain from his spells caused nausea to roll in her stomach.  She needed blood, her body demanding to feed.  Her fangs ached as she growled at the demon trying to kill her in the process.  Too weak to use any of her powers, Estella cried out for him to stop, but the ancient wizard only laughed.

“I want this child,” he growled.  “A child of three vampire fathers is said to contain more power than a thousand of my kind.  I will harness that power and rule over mankind, and once the child has given me what I need then the little brat will die, just as his bloodsucking mother will when I am done with her.”

“My husbands will find me,” she screamed.  “They will tear you limb from limb and bathe in your blood.”

“Never,” he laughed.  “You are too weakened, my little vampire.  They probably think you dead, because you cannot call out for them.”

Estella smiled wickedly when she felt the anger through the link with her husbands.

Little did the wizard know, but she’d called out to them and they were here.


The three men moved through the night, each one eerily quiet as they felt the connection to their wife fade in and out as if her death was near.  Three long black coats, as dark as the men’s hair, fluttered out behind them as they ran through the forest in search of the woman who held their hearts.

Stella,” Gabriel said, grabbing his stomach and sucking in a deep breath before collapsing to his knees.  He felt her intense pain.  Wherever she was, their wife was in labor.

“We cannot stop, brother,” Tyrus said, grabbing Gabriel by the sleeve and pulling him upright.

“She’s scared,” Theron gasped, pressing his hand to his own heart as he felt what she was feeling. 

Estella was projecting what she could.  She was fighting to save her life and that of their unborn child.  They’d been searching for hours when suddenly, Gabriel saw a vision of her strapped to a table, a wizard chanting over her body, centering over her distended stomach.  The language he used wasn’t unknown to the brothers.  It was an ancient language used in witchcraft.  The chants were to force labor upon his wife.

Theron held out both hands, slowing his brothers, as they came upon a cabin hidden amongst the trees.  If he’d blinked, he would’ve missed the faint light from a candle not too far from the tiny window above the door.

Gabriel scented the air.  A low growl rolled like a slow thunder from his chest, his two brothers echoing with their own animalistic sound of fury.  They didn’t speak as they approached the door.  The wizard chanted softly as Estella cried out in pain from the forced contractions of labor.

They nodded in unison, and burst through the door, Gabriel flying with super speed across the room.  He only had a fraction of a second to see his tiny wife strapped to a wooden table, sweat and dirt marring her beautiful face, before he grabbed the wizard.  He gritted his teeth when Usang struck him across the jaw, but the sting evaporated quickly.  Gabriel’s anger was too great to let this monster hurt him, the pain only added to the rage he was feeling inside.

Theron joined him and secured the wizards hands behind his back, so that he couldn’t use them to cast a spell against the three men, or their wife. Gabriel’s fangs descended, the need for vengeance was the only emotion going through his mind at the moment.  A small part of his brain knew that Tyrus was tending to their wife, the soft sound of her feeding from his brother’s vein reached his ears, reassuring him that she was fine…for the moment. 

The two brothers attacked the wizard, each vampire taking one side of Usang’s neck.  They would never consume of the monster’s blood.  The last thing they wanted was to have a part of that man’s darkness inside their bodies.

No, this was revenge.

Gabriel sank his fangs in deeper, feeling one fang puncture the wizard’s windpipe.  As Theron pulled his head back, Usang cried out as his flesh gave way, the sound of air hissed through the bloody gash in his throat.  Gabriel smiled around the flesh he too was holding with his teeth.  Thrashing his head to the side, Gabriel made the final kill, pulling the man’s throat completely away from his body.  The wizard’s head hit the ground, his body followed soon after.  


          Tyrus held onto his wife, his body vibrated with anger.  He tried to calm himself as Stella drank weakly from his wrist.  Her precious body was bruised and there were cuts on her face where the wizard had struck her with something.

“You must take all that you can, my love,” he begged.  His wife was small, even with the added weight of the babe in her belly.  Her stomach moved as the child writhed around in the confines of her body.

Estella moaned and released his wrist, a small amount of blood trickled down the corner of her mouth.  Tyrus wiped it away with his thumb before he kissed her softly on the lips.

“Is the babe still coming,” he asked.

“Yes, my love,” she clenched her teeth during a painful contraction.  “I’m too weak.  I…I can’t do it Tyrus.”

“Yes you can, Stella,” he said, pressing his forehead to hers.  Even with the dirt and grime from her two days with the wizard, Stella was still beautiful.  Her hair was long and so blonde it was almost white.  Her eyes sparkled blue as a clear spring day. 

In fact, he remembered just days before, the four of them sitting out in the field behind their estate, at high noon, laying back against the blanket relaxing after a week of work.  The brothers were the police force of their town, ruling over vampire-kind. 

Daylight wasn’t their enemy.  Old myths were just that…myths.  The only truths to the old tales were that they needed blood to survive.  Human blood was like water to their systems, holding no nutrients.  Blood of their own kind was what kept them strong.  The blood between mates were links not only to their lives, but to their hearts.

Gabriel appeared, a faint stain of red on his chin marred his features.  He’d cleaned himself up as best as he could before appearing before his wife.  Theron was disposing of the wizard and would return quickly.

“Stella,” he said, holding his wrist to her face.  “Take my blood.  You need strength for the birth.”

“I want to go home,” she cried and looked into his eyes.  Her tiny face was pale, no color to her usually pink cheeks. 

“You must feed,” he demanded.  “The babe will have to be delivered here.  We cannot get you back to our home quickly enough.”

Estella didn’t argue with him and took his offering of blood.  Gabriel winced slightly when she was struck with another contraction, her fangs biting down tighter into his vein.  The slight suction of her feeding worried the brothers, because she needed more.  She’d need more over the next few hours if she was going to survive her ordeal and the birth of their babe.


Theron returned later, his hair was wet from where he’d bathed in a stream behind the cabin.  He carried a bucket of water in one hand and firewood in the other.  He sent Gabriel off to clean up in the stream and had Tyrus start a fire to boil water for the birth.  While the brothers were away, he held his wife, her siting up between his legs.  Stella’s back rested against his chest. 

“Theron,” she gasped.  “I need to push.  It’s time.  The babe is coming.”

The two brothers jumped into action, preparing her for the birth.  Gabriel returned just as she began the final stages of her labor.  Theron ordered his brothers to hold her legs, and he directed Stella when to push.  Tyrus kept a cool cloth on her overheated skin and whispered words of praise into her ear.  All three men reminded her often of their love for her.

Gabriel was too nervous to look anywhere but at his wife.  Her color was fading again and she needed to feed, but the babe’s head had already come out.  Theron urged her to push just one more time, and it wasn’t until Gabriel heard the cried of a newborn that he looked away from his wife.

In his brother’s arms was the tiniest child he’d ever seen.  A baby girl with a few short strands of dark hair on the top of her head that looked like her fathers and full, pouty lips that resembled her mothers.

“She’s beautiful,” Stella cried.

“Thank you for giving us a daughter,” Gabriel said, his vision suddenly blurry.

“Thank you, my love,” Tyrus said, kissing Stella on the lips.

“We love you,” Theron smiled, using a wet rag to wipe his hands.

“My mates,” she said, looking at each brother.  “By the love of your blood, I survived this day, and you brought your daughter into this world.  I thank you.”

Theron wrapped the newborn in his jacket, and placed the babe against her mother’s breast.  Each brother snuggled close to Estella giving her and their babe warmth.

“What shall we name her,” Tyrus asked, stroked the babe’s soft head.

“Her name is Alexia, for she is the daughter born to three vampire fathers.  Her legacy is to defend our race, so she should have a name fitting for who she will become.”

As the sun rose over the horizon, the three men watched as both of their women succumb to sleep.  They’d just saved their wife and delivered a daughter that was said to be the defender of vampire-kind.  The ancient scrolls predicted that this day would come, and the men were honored that the Gods chose them to father the babe that would soon become a warrior.

About Author Theresa Hissong

International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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