Friday Flash Fiction “New Friends” (Teaser for “It Takes Two”)

“New Friends” is the teaser for “It Takes Two” which will be released late this summer, or early fall.  I hope you enjoy this unedited flash fiction and teaser for an upcoming release.

New Friends

Eva cursed at her old Volkswagen Beetle.  The damn thing had broken down again!  She was coming home from her job at the mall, and suddenly the thing just died.  She was stranded about five miles from her house.  She had to get home.  It was getting close to midnight and her mom had to get to her job, at the factory, that started in just over an hour.

If she knew anyone, she’d walk to the closest payphone and call a friend, but being new in town, she was at a loss for having any friends.  The last thing she should be doing is walking this late at night.  She was only sixteen and Memphis wasn’t the safest city in the country.

She cursed again and kicked the fender out of anger.  Of course, that didn’t do anything, but make her toes hurt.

A truck came around the corner, lights blinding her as she looked toward the oncoming vehicle.  Eva’s heart pounded in her chest when the black truck slowed, pulling over to the side of the road.  Two boys stepped out, they looked a little older than her.

“Can we help you,” the larger of the two said.  His hair was cut short, almost military-like.  He had the most beautiful blue eyes she’d ever seen, and he was huge compared to her.  The other boy was just as good looking.  His hair was blondish-brown and touched his shoulders.

“My stupid car broke down and I have to get home.  My mom leaves for her job soon, and I have to be there to watch my little brother.”  These two guys were her only hope.  Eva just prayed they didn’t kill her and chop her into a million tiny little pieces and scatter her parts all over the county.

“Hey,” the blonde guy said, his green eyes sparkled when he smiled.  “You are the new girl at school.”

“Yes,” she sighed.  “I’m Eva Porter.”

“Sam Montgomery,” he pointed to himself, then to the other guy.  “Max Sloane.”  Max nodded and walked over to the back of her little car, taking a look at the engine.

“Looks like you broke a belt,” Max said after a few minutes.  “This car isn’t going anywhere tonight.  We can pull you home.  I have a chain.”

“Really,” she smiled.  “You don’t mind?  I’ll forever be in debt to you!”

“No worries, sweetheart,” Sam said.  “If you don’t mind, I’ll steer your car while Max drives the truck.  You can ride with him to show him how to get to your place.”

“Thank you so much,” she said, shaking each one of their hands.

Once inside the cab of the truck, Eva inhaled the scent of the two guys she’d just met.  Something inside her womb clinched.  The feeling was foreign to her, but her mind quickly assessed that feeling.  She blushed into the darkness and told Max how to get to her house.

“I’m assuming you work at the mall,” Max said, nodding toward her monogramed shirt.

“Yeah,” Eva nodded.  “I work after school for a few hours, then closing shift on Friday nights.”

“You shouldn’t be taking this route home from work this late at night,” he scolded.  Max looked over at the stunning young woman next to him and frowned.  “This part of town is pretty rough.”

“It’s the only way I know how to get to and from the mall,” she admitted.

Max reached under his seat and pulled out an old worn notebook, ripping out a blank sheet.  He handed it to Eva and pulled a pencil out of the visor above his head.  “Here, write down these directions.”

Max smiled as he watched her write everything that he said.  Once she was done, Max took the pencil back, but let his finger stroke the side of hers, just to feel the softness of her skin.  Her eyes were the same color blue as his own.  She was wearing shorts and her legs were giving him the worst hard-on he’d ever experienced.

“Do you need me to tow your car in to get it fixed tomorrow,” he asked.

“No,” she frowned.  “I can’t afford it right now.  It’s just going to have to sit until I can save up the money to get it repaired.”

“Well, I’ll be glad to help when you’re ready,” he said.

“Thank you so much.  I was about to just leave the car and walk home.  I’m glad you stopped to help me.”

“You are very welcome,” Max smiled at the beautiful girl beside him.  She smelled like strawberries and summertime.

As they pulled up to the house, an older version of Eva came out of the front door, worry all over her face.

“Oh my God, Eva!  Are you okay,” she said, pulling her daughter into the safety of her arms.

“I’m fine, Ma.  The damn car broke again,” she growled.

“Eva!  Your words!” her mother scolded.

“Sorry, Ma,” Eva hung her head.

“Who are these boys, Eva,” he mom said, turning toward the two guys that had helped bring her bucket of bolts home.

“Mrs. Porter,” Max said, stepping up and holding out his hand.  “My name is Max Sloane and Eva goes to our school.  Sam and I were coming home from a movie and saw her kicking the car.  We thought we better stop and save the car before she committed vehicle murder or something.”

Eva’s mom laughed hard, placing her hand over her stomach.  “I like you, son.  So is this Sam?”  She pointed toward Sam as he unfolded his long legs out of her car.

Introductions were made and Max made Eva write down his phone number.  He insisted that if she had any car trouble again to please call him.  Eva’s mother even wrote down their phone number and handed it to the boys.  Eva blushed hard.

Sam said his goodbyes and jumped into the truck, Max smiled and waved as they pulled away from the curb.  “She shouldn’t have been in that area this late at night,” Sam said, shaking his head.

“She works at the mall and that was the only way she knew how to get home.  I gave her directions to come a different way from now on.”

“That’s good,” Sam reached over and placed his hand on Max’s knee, squeezing it slightly.

“She doesn’t have the money to take the car in to have it fixed.  I was thinking that I’d go get the belt for her tomorrow and we can fix it for her.”

“That’s a good idea,” Sam agreed.  “If she took it in to any repair place, they’d charge her ten times what the part cost.”

“After I get off work, I’ll run by the parts store and then I’ll pick you up.”

The boys lived a few miles from Eva, and Sam lived four houses down from Max.  As Max parked the truck in front of Sam’s house.  He killed the engine and turned toward Sam.  “I had a great time tonight.”

“So did I,” Sam said, scooting closer to his friend…his lover.

Max cupped the side of Sam’s face and pulled him closer.  Their lips touched and the kiss was filled with love.  Sam sighed into the kiss, placing his own hand on the side of Max’s face.  They only kissed for a minute, knowing that if it lasted any longer, they’d be naked in the truck and that wasn’t how either of them wanted to have sex.  They were eighteen now, and somewhat responsible adults.  The few times that they had been together had been special.  Sam loved Max with all of his being, but he always felt like there was something missing.

They’d tried to bring a female into their relationship, and for a little while it felt right, but it just didn’t feel perfect.  Sam had wanted to talk to Max about possibly needing a third in their relationship permanently, but he didn’t know how to approach the subject.  It’s not that he was unhappy with Max.  He adored his lover, but he’d always felt like there was something missing.

They said their goodnights and Max drove away once Sam was safely inside.  Sam hurried up to his room, and looked out his window where he could see Max’s driveway.  Sam watched as his lover made his way safely inside his own home.

As he prepared for bed, he kept bringing up visions of the brown haired beauty they’d rescued from the side of the road.

“Sissy!  Sissy!” Eva’s baby brother, Cole, yelled as she was washing dishes.

“What is it Cole,” she rolled her eyes.  Cole was only six years old and thought everything was a big deal.

“Big truck,” he said pointing to the front of the house.  “Ohhhh, big truck!!”

Eva turned around and gasped when she looked straight through the living room window.  Max and Sam were getting out of the same truck they’d been in last night.  Max was carrying a bag from the auto parts store.

She quickly dried her hands and looked down at her clothes.  She was wearing a pair of black cotton shorts and a pink tank top.  Her hair was pulled back into a sloppy ponytail while she cleaned the house.  She probably looked like an old cat lady!

“I want to see the big truck!” Cole yelled.

“Shh, Cole,” she whispered.  “Mom’s sleeping.”

Cole bolted out the front door and stopped dead in his tracks when he got close to Max.  Her brother looked up at the guy and said, “You are tall!”

“You’ll be this tall someday too big guy,” Max smiled and ruffled Cole’s brown hair.

“Is that your truck?”

“It sure is,” Max replied.

“I like trucks,” Cole said in awe, as he looked past Max.

“We came over to fix your sister’s car.  After we are done, then you can go check out my truck,” Max smiled, looking up at Eva. “That is, if it’s okay with your sister.”

“Can I?” Cole begged. “Pweeasee!”

“Have you cleaned up the living room,” Eva asked, with a hand on her hip.

“Not yet,” Cole yelled, as he ran inside to do his forgotten chore.

“What are you doing here,” Eva asked, a little confused.

“We came to fix your car,” Sam smiled.

“I can’t afford the part,” she looked at Max.  “I told you that last night.”

“I’m not asking for any money,” Max said, shaking the bag.  “This was free.”

“Oh, bullshit,” Eva cursed.  “How much was it?  I’ll have to pay you back in payments.”

“It was free, and that’s final,” Max growled.  Something about the way he said that made Eva pinch her lips together and not argue any more.

“Can I at least get you something to drink?”

“Water would be nice,” Sam said, taking the bag from Max and heading over to the car.

Eva sat with them as they changed out the part on her little blue bug.  They laughed and joked most of the afternoon.  Thankfully, the car was under the shade of the oak tree in her front yard, or they’d be sunburned and sweating while they worked.  Sam showed her different parts of the engine, naming off each one, but Eva was too distracted by both of their muscular arms to remember anything that Sam said.

The more Eva watched them work, the more her young hormones reacted to the two guys.  They were only two years older than her.  Sam and Max were just…beautiful.  Max with his dark looks, and Sam with his surfer boy blonde locks.  Seeing the two of them together made Eva feel weird things that she shouldn’t.  Was it wrong to fantasize about having both of them in her bed?

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