First Peek at Chapter 1 of “Beg Me”

Here is the intro to “Beg Me”…..I hope you enjoy this little peek at what’s to come. 

“Beg Me” will be release in early April!!





The afternoon sun beat down on my body.  The cold winter days had long passed, and I realized that I’d been cooped up in my room long enough.  With the warmer weather came brighter days, milder temperatures.  The pool wasn’t quite warm enough to go for a swim, but lounging beside it was just as nice.

It’d been three months since I arrived at Glory’s Place.  Things were different now.  I was healed from my injuries, mostly.  The aches in my body still bothered me at times.  My hip hurt the most, but I’d been in therapy to strengthen it, and that seemed to be working well.  The scars were visible, and I’d already planned for a new tattoo once I got up enough nerve to leave this place. 

Liana had told me that I was welcomed as long as I needed.  My heart ached every day to see Kane again.  He texted me several times a week, always asking if I needed anything or if I was ready to come home to him.  Mostly, I lied and told him I was fine, and that everything was provided for me.  I received a care package from him once a week since arriving here, regardless of the fact that I didn’t need anything. 

Kane would send things from all of the cities they traveled through.  I had goofy shirts and hoodies from every tourist trap between New Orleans and California. In fact, the tour was coming to a close, and Glory Days would be performing their final show in Los Angeles in three days.  They were currently in Seattle, then on to Portland, before finally going home to start writing for the next album.

My decision to surprise Kane was met with enthusiasm by my therapist here at Glory’s Place.  Katrina wanted me to take that step and finally tell him that I loved him.  She said, that from what she’d seen of his packages and hundreds of smiles when he texted me, that he must love me as well. 

Liana had been my rock, along with Coraline, over the past months.  They’d both been by to visit often.  Coraline came when Kane was at his worst.  He would send her, since he wasn’t allowed inside the grounds of the shelter.  There was a no man rule due to the severity of the abuse to certain women who resided here.

Cora told me that Kane’s hyperactivity had been at its worst over the past month.  He couldn’t concentrate and talked about me constantly.  The band had rallied around him and kept him busy, but I knew that he needed me as much as I needed him. 

It was time to go home. 

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International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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