Friday Flash Fiction ~ “To Save A Mate”

Here is a quick Flash Fiction….It’s completely unedited and quickly written.  This weeks Flash Fiction was just something that popped into my head and I wrote it down.  I hope you enjoy this quick read…….



As day turned to night, I sat in the corner of my prison and listened to the other women around me, the sounds of their soft crying caused my own tears of uncertainty to stream down my face.  I didn’t dare cry aloud.  I wouldn’t do anything to stand out amongst the crowd.  If I did, then I would be chosen next.

The gray wolves were rebels, nomads of our kind.  They’d separated themselves from us and became our enemies.  Hundreds of years ago, the feud between the white and gray wolves caused an eternal hatred between the two clans.  The grays needed the female white wolves to continue their line, because the offspring of a white and gray wolf always produced a gray male.  There were no female gray wolves.  But the offspring of the two white wolves would produce either a male or female.  It was in our genetics why things worked this way, and I never really understood why the gray’s hated us so much.

I didn’t know if my clan was still alive.  My mate, Reagan, and his guard may have been killed in the attack of our home.  These gray wolves would go in and take down an entire clan in the middle of the night, killing all males, and kidnapping the females.  The females would be force-mated to the alpha of the grays, or one of his close advisors, his ‘second-in-command’.  If she lived through that and carried a child, the female would be allowed to live until she was no longer of use to the men.

As the guards left our basement prison, I very quietly moved around the huge room we were in, checking on the females.  Some of them had already been taken in front of the alpha.  Thankfully, none of them had been to his liking.

“Shh,” I whispered to Mariana, our head chef, who was crying softly. 

“Heather,” she whispered.  “You must stay away from them.  The alpha, he wants to know who our queen is.  I promise you that I did not speak your name.  None of us did.”

“Why does he want me,” I asked in surprise. 

“My guess is your bloodline,” she said, pulling me into the safety of her arms.  “Just lay low until Reagan comes for you, my queen.  We will not let them touch you.”

The gray alpha didn’t know I was the mate to the alpha of our pack.  The white wolves were royalty, and I was their queen.  Reagan kept me to himself, mostly.  I didn’t leave the confines of our home, because of the threat against us.  If I hadn’t have been in the maids quarters when they attacked, the gray alpha upstairs would already have had me force-mated by him or his chosen male.

The room we were trapped in was dirty and smelled musty.  My wolf senses picked up the stench of death, and I wrapped my arms around myself tighter to keep from screaming out in fear.

Mariana had faith that I did not.  I’d heard the fighting and seen a few of my mate’s men laid out on the ground, their throats ripped out from the rabid grays who’d come to kill the men and acquire the women for their own needs.  The bond between my mate and I was weak.  Since I was healthy and alive, my mind knew that he was ailing, possibly dying.  I don’t know how many of our men were dead, or even if they’d try to come for us.  I wouldn’t let these women be harmed.  If it came down to it, I would sacrifice myself.  If my mate and his men were dead, I wouldn’t have anything left.  I just hoped that Reagan would be on the other side, waiting for me to arrive back into his loving embrace.  Even if it was in death.


My eyes fluttered open, men were screaming, some of them had already shifted sniffing the ground.  They were scenting their mates, one of them howled loudly at the loss of his wife.

Heather,” I gasped, jumping to my feet.  The room was blurry, my head spun as if I was being tossed around on a child’s toy.  Taking a deep breath of air, I gritted my teeth when I caught the faint scent of her fear mingled with that of our enemies.

“They have been taken,” my second in command, Michael, stated as he kicked a broken chair in anger.  “They’re all gone!”

I called out for my guards, only half of them approached.  Each man had suffered some sort of wound, but were healing rapidly.  I was told that we’d been outnumbered.  The grays had come in and took all the females of our clan, fifteen in all.

“We have a track,” one guard yelled.

Herbs were shoved into my hand, and I ate them quickly.  These herbs would enhance our healing.  By the time we found our females, my clan would be back to health, maybe even stronger.


The woods were eerily quiet as we followed the scent of the enemy.  A sudden cry in the night had the hairs on my nape standing on end.  The cry was that of my mate.  I felt her fear like it was my own.  We were close.

The old farm house came into view, the full moon the only light leading our way.  I smiled to myself.  These gray wolves would pay with blood for taking my queen.

We stormed the dilapidated home, entering through windows and doors they hadn’t even bothered to bar shut.  They assumed that we were too weak to come for them this soon.  Little did these nomads know, but our clan fought for our women, and they would pay with their lives for taking them from us this day.


I scented her blood, as we came to a set of double doors, my wolf prowled deep in my soul, wanted to shift, to be let loose to save our mate.  I heard the evil laugh of a male, and the sudden intake of my mate’s breath, and I knew this was it.  If we didn’t act now, she would be harmed.

It all happened at once, I heard her deep primal growl.  The word, “NO!” rolled out of her mouth, and then a sickening crush was followed by the painful howl of the man inside the room.

That’s my mate,” I whispered, a devilish grin quirked up the side of my lip.

I kicked the door in, just in time to see the alpha rear back and land a fist to the side of my beautiful mate’s face.  My wolf sprang forward, changing me from human to beast in a matter of seconds. 

My wolf lunged for the alpha, latching on to his throat on the first attempt.  He smelled of his blood, mingled with my mate’s.  I didn’t risk looking at her, my wolf was too focused on the kill.  The alpha’s breathing gurgled, his demonic laugh echoed throughout the room.  My wolf jerked his head, ending the life of the one who lead this pack of our enemies. 

Fighting continued outside the room, the whole building erupted in howls of pain as we dispatched the grays.  Howls of relief sounded when the females had been located.  The entire confrontation only lasted minutes.

I turned to find my mate laying on the floor, her body curled in upon itself for protection.  Quickly, I shifted, my wolf happy to rest after the kill he’d made.

“Heather,” I gasped, and slid to my knees on the floor.  She looked up into my eyes, tears wet her beautiful face.  Her blonde hair was matted with blood from where the beast had struck her, more than once.

“Reagan,” she cried.  “Oh, Reagan.”

“I know, love,” I said, rocking her in my arms.  “I know.  It’s over, I got you.”


Each male found their wives, sisters, and mothers.  Heather had sacrificed herself for them.  My mate was a warrior.  I’d taught her well. 

We all limped home, carrying the females.  They protested that they could walk, but we refused to let them go, some of us carrying them in our arms, other’s on horseback. 

I drew a hot bath for her, cleaning the blood and taint from the gray alpha off of her skin.  She didn’t speak much, until we were in bed, the furs pulled up over both of our bodies. 

“Thank you for coming for me, Reagan,” she whispered, her face was resting on my chest.

“Mate, my queen, I would walk through the fires of hell to bring you home to me.  I love you, my love.”

“And I love you, my king,” she whispered before falling asleep in my arms. 

 The END…….



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International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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