“The Big Bad Wolf” ~ Flash Fiction

Sorry for the delay on your Friday Flash Fiction, but I’m hoping you will like what I have planned.

The following story, “A Big Bad Wolf” will be a weekly “Mini-Series” of sorts.  Each Friday, I will continue on with this story at less than 2000 words.  Just like a television show, the story will continue each week! 

As with ALL of my Flash Fiction, this is completely RAW and UNEDITED.  I write my thoughts, and don’t fluff up any part of the story.  Enjoy and look forward to the continuation next week!

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The Big Bad Wolf (Part 1)

Running away was probably the dumbest thing Gabriella Knox could’ve ever done in her life, but she needed to get away.  The love of her life probably didn’t even know that she was gone.  Just not gone from his home, but gone from his life…for good.

Grayson Hayes, her boyfriend of only six short months, had shown her things that she’d only dreamed of as a little girl.  He was her knight in shining armor.  Just like all fairy tales, the villain always ruled, but in this real-life story, Gabbie was sure there would be no happily ever after.

Jude Meyer, Grayson’s assistant, had come to her and said that she needed to go.  That her presence in Grayson’s life was causing strife within his company, and that she was a distraction.  When Gabriella protested, she got more than she bargained for.  The older man, and once a friend, had enforced the request for her to leave, handing her a one-way ticket back to her home in Florida, and several bruises…just for good measure.  Among other things.

Jude had even arranged for her to be sent home on the company’s private jet, at Grayson’s expense, of course.  The pilot was the only person within Grayson’s staff that had questioned her appearance.  She made him promise not to say anything, to just let it be.  The flight attendant was ordered to care for her for the five hour flight from New York to Pensacola, Florida.  The attendant stiffly handed Gabriella blankets before finding her way to the back of the plane.  She didn’t resurfaced for the duration of the flight.

Gabbie was staying in a condo on the beach.  She didn’t even call her family to let them know she was home.  She couldn’t answer the questions, or even deal with the shock of what she’d done.  She couldn’t even deal with what had been done to her.

The sun was setting as she crawled into the bed.  The air conditioner unit on the wall hummed to life, before cold air rushed out over her skin.  The skin that felt wrong, dirty.  How was she going to live in this skin for the rest of her life?

She was raw from the scrubbing and methodical washing she’d performed three times since arriving at the condo in just as many hours.  It didn’t matter how many times she cleaned herself, or washed her hair, she still smelled like him, Jude.

There were not enough blankets on the bed to cover her body, to keep the chills away.  There was not enough free soap provided by the condo to clean every pore on her body.  She’d shaved her legs so hard that she drew blood on several spots on her knees.  When that didn’t help, Gabbie shaved the hair on her arms, under her arms, on her belly, and every last one on her sex.

She sat in the tub staring at the wall until the water cooled, thinking about taking the razor to the long, golden brown hair on her head.  Would that make her less desirable to Jude if he came to find her?  Because he would come to Florida.  He promised her that he would be on her doorstep if she even tried to contact Grayson.

As tears leaked down her face, Gabbie tugged the blankets tighter around her abused body.  No, she wouldn’t contact Grayson.  Grayson couldn’t be her knight in shining armor now, because the big bad wolf had taken that all away.



“What the fuck did you do to her,” Grayson’s pilot yelled as he barreled his way inside his office.  Grayson pulled up short when the man, so near his own age of thirty-six, raised a fist at him.  “Answer me!”

“What the hell are you talking about, Pierce,” Grayson demanded, his deep green eyes flaring with anger at the sudden outburst.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about,” Pierce growled as he shoved Grayson by the shoulders.  “You beat the hell out of her.  She was bleeding everywhere.  Then you send Jude to tell me to fly her home, one-way!  How could you!”

“Whoa,” Grayson shook his head, confused.  “Who?  Who was bleeding?”  Grayson stared at his pilot and long-time friend.  Pierce was angry, angrier than Grayson had ever seen the man.

“Gabbie,” Pierce accused.  “You bastard!  How could you do that to her?”

The world shifted, Grayson’s heart stopped beating for all of a few seconds as the words sank into his brain.

“Gabbie,” he gasped.  “No!  She’s at home.  Here in the city.  I left her there this morning.”

“No she’s…not,” Pierce said, slowly.  Recognition for him was much faster than Grayson.  “Oh sweet Jesus!”

Where the fuck is Gabriella,” Grayson demanded, taking his pilot by the throat.  “You have ten seconds to tell me what the fuck you know.  Then you have another ten to get that god dammed plane fueled and ready to go get her!”

As Pierce retold the story of what had happened earlier in the day, Grayson paled from the visions of his beautiful lover, beaten and abused.  She’d told Pierce to not say anything.  “She begged me to keep quiet!”

“Where is Jude,” Grayson demanded as he picked up the phone on his desk.  “Find him and have security hold him until I return.”

“Where is he,” Pierce asked.

“No one has seen him all day,” Grayson cursed.  “Dammit, this is all my fault!”

“How the hell is any of this your fault,” Pierce asked, concern etched his voice.

“I’ve been busy as hell,” he admitted.  “I’ve been working late hours.  We’ve lost some contracts lately on some major purchases, and I haven’t been home.  Poor Gabriella has been asleep at night when I arrive back at the loft.  We haven’t even had one meal together in almost two weeks.  If I’d been around, then this wouldn’t have happened!”

“How does Jude play into all of this,” Pierce asked.

“Fuck,” Grayson cursed as he thought back over the past several weeks.  “Jude kept telling me that I needed to quit trying to woo Gabbie over, and get back to work.  He disapproved of our time together.  He said that she would ruin me.”

“That’s bullshit,” Pierce said.  “Gabbie would never ruin you.”

“I know that,” Grayson growled.  “We need to go.  I have to find my girl!”



She just wanted to die, to let the pain take her over and just let go.  Gabriella had finally gotten up enough nerve to look at herself in the mirror the following morning.  Her face would’ve looked better if it had been through a meat grinder.  There was one perfect shoe print bruise on her right side.  She could even make out the design on the soles.

It was for the best.  Gabbie wouldn’t go back to that world as long as Jude had a role in Grayson’s world.  No, she’d heal and start her life over here in Florida.

She’d recently lost her job as a writer with the local paper.  Now that she looked back, Gabriella was sure that Jude had played a role in the recent layoffs at the paper.  She’d start writing again.  Hell, maybe she could write that romance novel she always dreamed about.

A wave of nausea rolled over her as she saw the marks on her lower body.  Jude had definitely gotten his point across in the worst sort of way.  Even if, for some miracle, she went back to Grayson, he wouldn’t want to make love to her.  Jude had ruined her for other men.

New tears rolled down her porcelain skin, and she collapsed in the bed, praying for sleep.  The sun was just starting to brighten the sky outside the window.  Her eyes blinked, the lids felt like sandpaper, and she knew her eyes were bloodshot.  She couldn’t sleep, because if she did, she’d see the man, the big bad wolf, coming for her.

 To Be Continued………..

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5 Responses to “The Big Bad Wolf” ~ Flash Fiction

  1. katamaranth says:

    I’m supposed to wait until /next/ Friday? You are an evil woman! ❤

  2. Jenna Fox says:

    BRAVO! I loved it! Amazing how polished it came right out of your head!

    • Thank you SO much!! I do this mainly for “Practice”, I guess you could say. I get ideas and write them down. This way, I can keep the creativity moving. Plus, sometimes an idea will die after a few chapters. These I only have to think in terms of scenes. I only need a beginning and an end, and just enough in between to get my point across. Thank you, Jenna!

  3. I just started this one and OMG where have u been all this time. Love these

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