The Big Bad Wolf, Part 2

Since I will be traveling Friday, I am giving you Part 2 of “The Big Bad Wolf” a little early.  Next week we will go back to a Friday post.

I hope you enjoy my Flash Fiction.  As always, my Flash Fiction is RAW and UNEDITED.  I write exactly what comes to mind, and do not fluff anything!

This post is part of a Mini-Series I am writing.  The story will continue each week.  Each portion of the story will be told in less than 2000 words!  I give you Part 2 of “The Big Bad Wolf”

The Big Bad Wolf, Part 2

“You search every hotel in this city,” Grayson demanded to his friend and pilot, Pierce Jackson.

They’d already been to her mother’s home, and damn if that woman didn’t go ballistic on him when he demanded to know where Gabriella was.  Mrs. Knox was a slight woman, just like her daughter.  Age had been well to the sixty year old woman.  Of course, Gabbie had gotten her great looks from her mother.

Grayson had to blink back tears as he thought of his lover.  The last time he’d laid eyes on her she was asleep in their bed.  Her long brown hair fanned out over the pillow, soft white sheets tangled around her porcelain legs.  If she had been awake, Grayson would’ve seen eyes as blue as the ocean she grew up playing in when she was just a child.

Gabbie was a small woman, only thirty-three years old, but was the height of a teenager, the top of her head only reached his shoulders.  Grayson always felt like he towered over her with his bulk.  Where he was muscled, Gabriella was small, soft and inviting.

“I found her,” Pierce said from the front seat of the sedan they were riding in.  “She’s at one of your resorts.”

“Thank God,” Grayson prayed aloud.

Gabriella laid in the bed, dressed in two layers of clothes, the covers pulled up tight over her aching body.  She’d started shaking hours ago, the pain in her body too much.  She was cold and tired.  She’d finally fallen asleep once the sun was up, only waking recently to use the restroom.  Her stomach cramped from the lack of food, but the idea of eating made her sick.

A sudden rush of heat moved over her skin and she shucked the covers from her body.  It took every ounce of strength to kick away the two pair of sweatpants she was wearing, and the long sleeve shirt, leaving her only in her tank top and panties.  She twined her legs where one was sticking out of the covers and sighed from the cool air touching her skin.  The tremors were still there, but they weren’t from the cold.

Noise out in the hall had her sitting up tight into a ball, praying that it wasn’t Jude who had come for her.  The snick on the outer door caused a scream to bubble up out of her throat.  The man that barreled through the door was not the bad wolf, but her knight.

Grayson had come.

“No, no, no…no…,” she repeated over and over again, her head shaking back and forth.

“Get a doctor in here now!” Grayson yelled to a man who waited outside the door.  “Baby girl, it’s me.”

“No, no…,” she repeated.

“Gabbie,” Grayson began, tears leaked from his eyes.  “It’s me, Grayson.  I’m here to take you home.”  He moved forward, and the closer he came, the harder she cried.

“I can’t go back with you,” she muttered.  “He will do it again.  He said so.”

“He will never hurt you again,” Grayson growled, but coughed to cover up his anger at his once trusted friend and assistant.

“It’s too late, Grayson,” she cried.  “He ruined me.  He ruined me.  He ruined…”  She let the statement hang in the air.  Grayson clinched his fist as if preparing himself to kill the man who harmed Gabriella.

“You are still perfect,” he whispered.  “Still as beautiful as ever.”

“Really,” she laughed demonically.  “Really!”  Gabriella screamed at him suddenly, causing Grayson to halt in his slow steps toward her.

“Always, my love,” he promised.  He put love into his words, but they did nothing to abate the stress and shock to her system.

“Really!” she screamed again.  “Is this beautiful, Grayson?  Huh?  Is this perfect!”  Gabriella threw the covers away from her body, and Grayson finally got an up close look at what the monster had done.

Gabbie was covered in bruises, her face he’d already seen.  The ones on her throat, where Jude had strangled her were black as coal.  The shoe sized print to her ribs caused his heart to sink into the pit of his stomach.  The ones on her thighs, inside and out, caused bile to roll out of his gut.  He had to swallow just to keep down whatever was in there that wanted to come up.

“You are still beautiful, and you are still mine,” he spoke with authority.  “Gabbie, I need to check you over, baby.  Please let me come to you.”

“He’ll hurt me again,” she shook her head.

“Never,” he growled.

Something in his tone caused a spark to come alive in Gabriella’s eyes.  It was like recognition struck in her mind as to who was really there in front of her.

She made one leap off the bed and was suddenly in his arms, crying hysterically.  She kept one arm tucked on the side of the footprint, the other was a death grip around his neck.  Gabbie sobbed into his shirt, the expense of the material was not even a thought in his mind as he held her tight.

He didn’t know what to say, or even what to do.  Gabbie had been beaten and raped.  How they were going to come back from this, Grayson had no clue.

But he’d damn sure see to it that she had the best care, by the best doctors, until the day she was whole again.

Grayson looked amazing, his dark hair and beautiful green eyes never was perfect.  He kept it mused and let it fall wherever it decided to land.  He was a billionaire, but had the attitude of a punk street kid.  He was dressed in black slacks and a light blue button down shirt.  He usually wore a matching suit coat, but today it was missing.  His sleeves were rolled up past his elbows.  He didn’t usually dress so casually, Gabbie thought.

“I think my ribs are broken,” she cried into his neck.  “I’m scared, Grayson.”

“I know you are, my dear,” he whispered into her dark hair.  “Pierce is getting a doctor to look you over.  We are going to have to take you to a hospital.”

“No,” she shook her head.  “No hospital.”

“Yes,” he argued.  “You are going to a hospital, and I don’t want to hear any arguments from you.”  He sat on the bed, still holding Gabriella.  He held her as if she would disappear from him again, if he didn’t have her with him.

“Grayson,” she pleaded.

“Look at me,” he demanded.  Taking her carefully by the face, Grayson held contact with her beautiful blue eyes.  He wanted to kiss her, to show her that he still loved her, but he was afraid she’d spook.  What woman wouldn’t?  After having the things done to her that Gabbie had suffered through?  “I love you!  This is not going to ruin us.  I will never forgive myself for letting this happen!  If I’d just been around more often these last few weeks….If I’d just told everyone to fuck off, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Not your fault,” she whispered before ducking her head into his neck.  Grayson’s heart swelled as he felt her tiny lips press to his throat.  That tiny bit of emotion told him that she would eventually be okay.  That she possibly could come back from what had happened to her.

“Grayson,” Pierce called from outside the door where he’d been on guard.  Gabriella whimpered and tucked herself closer to his body.  Grayson yanked the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around her broken body, swaddling her almost like a baby.  “The doctor is here.”

“Send him in,” Grayson demanded.

Instead of a male, the doctor who entered the bedroom slowly, was female.  Grayson and Gabriella sighed simultaneously.

“I’m Doctor Beth Reeves,” she began.  “I understand you have some injuries that need attention.  My job here is to look you over, Ms. Knox, but I want you to know that from what I am seeing, you will need to be transported to the hospital.”

“She understands,” Grayson spoke before Gabbie could refuse treatment.  He knew she’d hold her head high and refuse the doctor, because she was stubborn that way.  Gabriella could switch from the soft, sweet lover to stonewall business woman in the blink of an eye.

“Could you please give us a moment, Mr. Hayes,” the doctor said to Grayson, all but dismissing him from the room.

“I will arrange for her care while you two speak,” he said, almost as an order.  Grayson would bring in the doctors to treat his lover, his world.  It didn’t matter the cost.  If Gabriella was healed in mind and body, he didn’t care if he spent every last dime he had on this Earth.

As long as she was okay.

To Be Continued…..

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    Slow wonderful torture …. ❤

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