“The Big Bad Wolf”, Part 4



“The Big Bad Wolf”

Part 4


It’d been two weeks since she was raped and two weeks since she’d left Grayson Hayes, only to return to him a few days after fleeing New York. Gabriella was still scared of her own shadow. Her body didn’t feel like her own anymore either. She’d barely begun to heal from the physical damage of Jude’s attack.

Now…now she was sitting in a doctor’s office waiting on the results of a pregnancy test that would determine if her nausea was the result of a tiny life inside her, or something else entirely. Grayson was outside in the waiting room oblivious to the fact that she may be pregnant. He only thought her to be sick.

“Ms. Knox,” the doctor began. “Did you have sex with Mr. Hayes before you were raped?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Gabriella swallowed hard, trying to keep the bad memories away. “The night before.”

“You need to prepare yourself for the possibility of a positive pregnancy test,” she continued. “If you are pregnant, we can have a paternity test done around ten weeks. Then we can proceed from there.”

“Okay,” Gabriella said, placing a hand on her flat stomach. Could she be pregnant with her lover’s child, or the man who almost killed her?

Gabbie closed her eyes and remembered the night before she was attacked. Grayson had come home late from work and woke her with soft kisses to her shoulder. He’d made love to her for the first time in a week and a half. He’d been busy at work, staying late every night. They’d made love for what seemed like hours. She’d fallen asleep in his arms, both of them naked. The next morning she woke to an empty bed, and Jude beating on her door.

A knock sounded on the door, and a young nurse entered the room, a piece of paper in her hands. She held it out for the doctor, who took the paper and looked it over carefully. When the doctor looked up from the results, Gabriella knew immediately.

“It’s positive, Gabriella,” the doctor said. “You’re pregnant.”

Gabriella burst into tears, afraid that the child inside her wasn’t Grayson’s. Would he discard of her now? She surely would be tainted in his eyes.

“Would you like for me to get Mr. Hayes,” the doctor asked.

Gabbie was enveloped in a hug by the doctor. She cried in the doctor’s arms for a few moments before saying, “Please.”

She’d always been honest with him, ever since the day they met. Whatever happened now was left up to a greater power than the two of them. Gabbie just prayed that Grayson would still love her once he found out the news.




“Mr. Hayes,” a nurse announced from the door leading back to the room Gabriella was being treated in. He’d been outside in the waiting room for over half an hour waiting to hear something…anything. He was told to follow the woman to the room Gabbie was in.

He heard her crying before he even made it to the door. Fear of something terrible, Grayson sprinted toward the room, throwing the door open in the process. Gabriella’s gasp only lasted a second before her eyes locked with his, fresh tears followed.

“What wrong, Gab,” he whispered. “Oh, love, please tell me what’s wrong with you.” He stroked her hair, closing his eyes at its softness. There were days that Grayson couldn’t believe he was so lucky to have the beautiful woman to call his own.

“Mr. Hayes,” the doctor said. He didn’t even notice the woman sitting in the corner of the room. “Have a seat.”

“I think I’ll stay right where I am,” he growled. “Tell me what’s wrong with her. I’ll have the best care for her immediately. Please, just tell me what’s going on.”

“Gabriella,” the doctor looked at her meaningfully.

“Grayson,” Gabbie sniffled. “I’m p…pregnant.”

All the blood rushed from Grayson’s head, the room started to spin, and he had to grab the chair the doctor had pointed to earlier. He calculated the days in his head as to the last time they’d had sex. It was the night before she was assaulted. Which could only mean?

“Gabbie,” he gasped. “Gabbie!”

“I know,” she cried.

Grayson enveloped her in his arms, holding her for all he was worth. “I’ll care for him or her as if she was my own blood, Gabriella. This I promise you.”

“Mr. Hayes,” the doctor interrupted. “This child could very well be yours.”

“It is,” Gabbie cried harder. “It has to be. It can’t be Jude’s….it just can’t!”

“We will have a paternity test done in about six more weeks,” the doctor stated. She continued on about taking care of Gabbie and the baby. There was talk about getting some weight on her and prenatal vitamins. Grayson wasn’t sure what all the doctor was saying, but whatever it was, he’d make sure Gabriella was taken care of for the next nine months.

“Gabbie, love,” Grayson said, taking her chin with his forefinger, lifting her face until they were looking into each other’s eyes. “I’m going to take you home and make sure you and our child is taken care of. Do you understand me? Our child!

“Grayson,” she whispered.

“Not a word,” he demanded. “We can talk about this when we are home and more comfortable. You look tired and should probably be in bed.” He looked toward the doctor who’d been writing out a prescription.

“Yes,” she nodded. “Ms. Knox, you should probably get some rest and try to eat something. You are eating for two now.”

“Okay,” she nodded and looked toward Grayson. “I’m ready to go home.”




Once home, Grayson barked orders at his staff to prepare only the finest meals for Gabriella. He hired an obstetrician, on the ride home from the doctor’s office, to see her weekly until she was in better health to carry their child.

Yes, it was his child. No matter what the fucking paternity test revealed, Grayson would care for the child as if it was of his own blood. The child would be a Hayes.

Gabbie retreated to their room, taking her spot in their bed. The sheets had been replaced with fresh clean ones while they were away. She sighed as she slipped beneath the covers, her eyes closing automatically.

“Love,” Grayson said, loosening his tie.

“Hmm,” she muttered as she started to drift off to sleep.

“Rest for a few hours,” he whispered. “I’ll be working in the office if you need me. Dinner will be served at six. I will have it brought to you here.”

“No,” she shook her head softly. “I’ll eat with you at the table.”

“Only if you are feeling up to it,” he said before kissing her temple.

Gabriella didn’t say anything else as she slipped into a much needed rest. The next few weeks were going to be hard on her. Her mind would rage a war against the need to love the child, and the fear that she should hate what was growing inside her.

Grayson only hoped that he could use that time to convince Gabriella that the child would be loved by him no matter what the test results said.


To Be Continued…




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International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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