“The Big Bad Wolf” Part 5


Happy Flash Fiction Friday!!

Today we continue the mini-series “The Big Bad Wolf”

Here is Part 5 of the story, RAW and UNEDITED!



“The Big Bad Wolf”

Part 5


Gabriella was eight weeks into her pregnancy and nothing she ate stayed where it was supposed to stay. They were going in two days to test her and Grayson to find out who was the father of the baby, and she was beside herself with worry that father of the child would end up being the man who’d raped her.

“Gabbie, love,” Grayson called out from the bedroom.

“In here,” she said, as she sat on the floor by the toilet, her cheek rested against the seat. It was a gross place to be, but at the moment she really didn’t care.

“Oh, Gabriella,” Grayson swore as he rounded the corner into the bathroom. “Let me get you to bed.”

“You can’t carry me to bed every time I’m sick, Grayson,” she scowled.

“I’ll carry you any damn time I want to,” he stated with that air of authority that said his words were law. The little quirk at the corner of his mouth told Gabbie that he was joking, but only to make her smile.

“Thank you,” she sighed heavily when he placed her on the bed.

“Do you want a shower,” he asked.

“I’d love a bath,” she admitted with closed eyes.

“I’ll draw you a bath, but not a hot one,” he said, walking away from the bed. The man had ordered several pregnancy books for the both of them. It was cute to see this billionaire business man sitting on his bed reading books about babies, instead of expensive magazines, or something.

Since he had already sped through several books, Grayson had the knowledge of what to expect, and Gabriella didn’t. She spent most of her days with her head held over the toilet, not over books. Grayson had informed her that it was not good for her, or the baby, if she took scalding hot baths. He’d also been shoving freshly prepared foods at her, the kitchen stayed stocked weekly. They would’ve been nice, if everything she tried to eat didn’t repulse her sensitive stomach.

Gabbie pushed herself off the bed, her strength barely enough to do the task. Grayson scowled at her when she entered the bathroom, dropping her clothes as she walked. He didn’t say anything as he held his hand out to assist her in the large tub. The damn thing was massive and could probably fit Grayson’s whole staff.

Once she was neck deep in the water, Grayson leaned over and kissed her forehead. He left with a promise to return in twenty minutes. The water wasn’t scalding hot, but it was warm enough to keep her from complaining. The muscles in her back relaxed, and Gabbie sighed heavily into the quiet bathroom. She closed her eyes and let the water ease the sickness away. She didn’t mean to fall asleep, but after the day she had, she was surprised she made it that long.


Grayson stood in the doorway of the bathroom and watched Gabbie sleep in the tub. When he’d first returned and found her asleep, he felt a shock to his system at how dangerous it was. She could’ve drowned in there!

He grabbed a towel from the linen closet and draped it over his arm. He slid one arm under her neck and the other under her knees. Her eyes fluttered open when he lifted her from the water.

“I can walk,” she muttered. After a yawn to rival all yawns, Grayson smiled and carried her to the bed. She shivered as he pulled the covers over her naked body. He made sure she was warm before retrieving her pajamas from the dresser drawer.

He stood there staring at the dresser and how it felt when he reorganized her things in there after she returned home after the attack. The fact that her belongings were even out of his home for the short time that they were, Grayson felt an unease fall over him that he couldn’t shake. The thought of Gabriella not being with him just felt…wrong. They were meant to be together, and now…now, they had a child that would soon change their world for the better.

The child in her womb was his, regardless of its paternity. He hoped it was a girl that was as beautiful as her mother. Then again, Grayson growled at the idea. He wasn’t sure that was the greatest idea. No boy would ever be good enough for a little angel born to Gabbie.

“Oh, man,” he sighed. All of those baby books were getting to his head. He had read so many in the past few weeks that he could probably deliver their child on his own. No…No, he’d leave that up to the doctor.

Returning to Gabbie, he slipped the long night shirt over her head and pulled it down over her breasts and hips. He didn’t dare touch her. No, she wasn’t ready. Gabriella had been terribly sick and with what had happened, he didn’t know when the right time would be to fall back into the role of a lover. There was no hurry. If she wanted to wait until the baby was born, then he’d wait. He loved her enough to know that she’d come to him when she was ready. The last thing he would do was push her on the subject.

Grayson cleaned up the bathroom and placed the towels and clothes in the hamper by the bathroom door. He slipped into the bed with his laptop and worked until late in the evening. She slept peacefully next to him, not once getting up in the night. This was a hopeful sign that she was feeling better.

He kissed the top of her head as he turned off the light on the bedside table. Gabriella reached out for him in her sleep, pushing her back up against his chest. Grayson smiled into the darkness, grateful she was here in his arms.


Grayson didn’t want to know. He didn’t want to know if the baby was Jude’s or his. The ride over to the doctor’s office was stressful. It took three tries to get Gabbie out of the house. She’d run back inside to empty whatever she could from her stomach. Her face was sunken in, and the dark rings around her eyes worried him.

They were on their way to both give blood to see if the baby’s DNA could be detected the easy way. If this didn’t work, then they’d have to go inside her with a needle. It was invasive, and possibly dangerous.

“Gray,” Gabriella whispered, calling him by the nickname only she was allowed to call him.

“Yes, love,” he said, turning in his seat. Her head was tilted back against the seat, her tiny hands were folded in her lap.

“What’s wrong,” she worried. “Please talk to me.”

“Nothing’s wrong, Gabbie,” he sighed.

“You’re lying,” she scolded. “We don’t lie to each other.”

“I’m just nervous,” he admitted. Which was part truth. Should he tell her his fears? After telling her that he would be the father to this child regardless? Shouldn’t he convince her to give up the testing and just accept the fact that the child was his?

“So am I,” she admitted her own worries matched his.

After they arrived at the doctor’s office, Gabbie was taken back to have her weight, blood pressure, and other vitals taken. Grayson waited patiently as they tended to her, frowning when he saw the number on the scale. She’d lost fifteen pounds since the attack, six of those since she found out she was pregnant.

“Gabriella,” the doctor scolded upon entry to the room. “This weight loss is not good.”

“I just can’t keep anything down,” Gabbie shrugged.

“Mr. Hayes,” the doc said, turning in her chair to look him dead in the eye. “She has to get some food in her body. Healthy, but with calories. I’m going to give you a printout of meals that should be easy on her stomach. Make sure she eats. Small meals, several times a day, would be great.”

“I’ll see to it that she is taken care of,” Grayson agreed.

“Good,” the doctor nodded. “Let’s get you two set up for the blood screening, but first I want to look you over Gabbie.”

“Okay,” Gabbie sighed.

The exam went quickly and so did the blood work. Results wouldn’t be ready for at least five days. All they had time to do was to wait. It was going to be the longest five days of their lives.


Grayson left her once they arrived back at his house. He said that he needed to go in to the office and work on some proposal. She knew that things were slipping in his company, and the more time he spent with her, the more his company failed.

And that just made her feel like a selfish child.

She didn’t ask Grayson to stay with her like he had. The man refused to leave her side most days. On the days that she insisted he go into the office, he went to work, but only for a few hours. This was the first time since she returned to him that he actually went to work without her telling him to get out of the house.

He was acting strange, his mind a million miles away. They were both worried about the paternity test, and Grayson promised he’d take care of the baby as if it were his own. Did he really mean that? Or, did he say that as a spur of the moment thought?

I guess Gabbie would have to wait and see, because there was nothing to do other than that, for the next five days.


 To Be Continued……


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