“The Big Bad Wolf” Part 6

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It’s Friday and here is your Flash Fiction for the week!!  As with ALL of my Friday Flash Fiction, this story is completely RAW and UNEDITED!  These are the thoughts as they spill from my brain.  I hope you enjoy this weeks continuation of “The Big Bad Wolf” and stay tuned next week for Part 7!



“The Big Bad Wolf”

Part 6


It was the night before the appointment where they would receive the paternity test results.  Grayson was at the office, working late, and Gabriella was home alone curled up on the couch.  Well, she wasn’t completely alone, Grayson had hired her two female bodyguards to keep a watchful eye on her whenever he was away.

Jude Meyer was allowed bail, but with a stern warning to keep away from Gabbie, Grayson, and the entire world that surrounded them.  That warning was backed up with several restraining orders to make it legal.  Grayson’s lawyers tried everything in their power to keep the man in jail, but no matter how much money, or years of education a lawyer had, it held no weight when the judge smacked down the gavel. 

“Ms.Knox,” the maid said as she entered the living room.  The lady was older and had been with Grayson for years.

“Yes, Flora,” Gabbie said, still keeping her eyes closed.

“Mr. Hayes asked that dinner be held off so that the two of you can eat together,” she smiled.  “Would you like a snack to hold you over until he arrives home?”

“No Flora,” Gabbie scowled.  “My stomach is still not the best at handling food.  Please make sure there are some crackers at the table when dinner is served.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Flora nodded and started to walk away, but stopped when Gabbie halted her retreat.

“Flora,” Gabriella began.  “Do you have children?”

“And grandchildren,” she said proudly.

“Does this sick feeling get any better?” Gabbie asked in desperation.

“Yes,” Flora giggled.  The little Hispanic lady wasn’t much taller than Gabriella, her hair was gray, and she had a pair of wire rimmed glasses that sat low on her nose.  She was a thick woman, but swore the doctor told her that her health was perfect.  “The amount of time differs between women.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it, Ms. Knox, but I assure you that it will stop.”

“Okay,” Gabbie sighed heavily.  “Great!”

She opened one eye and watched Flora laughing to herself as she exited the living room.  As Flora rounded the corner, one of her guards, Pauline, entered with a grim look on her face.  The woman was super tall and built like a freaking tank.  She kept her hair cut short to her head in the back, her bangs brushed off to the side so that they were not in her eyes.

“What’s wrong,” Pauline asked.

“Sick,” Gabbie answered, cringing at the thought of food. 

“You poor thing,” she smiled.  “Can I get you anything?”

“An iron stomach?”  Gabbie laughed, but then pinched her lips together.  Pauline jumped out of the way as Gabriella leapt from the couch and ran for the bathroom.  Strong female hands pulled her hair back so that it wasn’t in the line of fire.

“Thank you,” Gabbie panted, her body giving out as she slumped to the floor.

Movement from the door had Gabbie looking up and groaning at the peanut gallery watching her being miserable on the bathroom floor.  Her other female guard, Lora, had just entered and was now looking at Gabbie with pity in her eyes.

Without a word, the tall brunette snapped her cell phone to her ear and placed a call that was more than likely to Grayson.  He wasn’t due home for another two hours, and Gabbie didn’t think that her natural sickness was anything that should have him rushing home to be at her side.

“I think I am just going to bed until dinner is ready,” Gabbie said as she tried to lift her body off the floor.  Pauline had to help her into the bed, and Gabbie was thankful for her help. 

She was exhausted, completely drained of all energy.  It was like the child inside her was more alien than human. Her will to do anything was drained as if the baby was a leach that sucked the very essence out of her soul. 

Sleep…Yeah, sleep sounded like the perfect plan. 


Grayson had been in meeting after meeting for most of the day.  He was currently wrapping up the purchase of a new office building in Seattle.  He’d already been informed of Gabbie being sick from both of her bodyguards and Flora, his maid.  The last place he wanted to be was at work.  Even if he held Gabriella’s hair while sitting on the bathroom floor all night, it would be better than corporate policies and huge acquisitions of property.

Tomorrow morning was the day that they’d know for sure who the father of the baby was.  Gabbie wasn’t talking about how she was feeling about hearing the news.  Grayson told her daily that the child inside her womb was a Hayes and would be raised as one.  He didn’t want to know the results, but Gabriella was adamant about finding out if their love actually made a small version of the two of them. 

If the child was Jude’s, would Gabriella deny the child?  Want to give it away?  Oh, God!  Would she want to end the pregnancy? 

Grayson’s palm suddenly beaded with sweat, his heart raced in his chest.  He was surprised you couldn’t see the rapid succession of the muscle through his suit.  The idea that the baby could be taken away from him caused the same type of panic that he’d felt when he found out that Gabriella had left him to go back to Florida.

Whatever happened at the appointment tomorrow morning, Grayson knew that he’d have to be there for Gabbie.  This was her body and her decision. 

Grayson just prayed that the unborn child growing in his lover’s body was, in fact, his true flesh and blood.


It took another hour before he was able to leave the office.  The day had already turned to night as he pulled into the parking garage at the building he called home.  His private parking spot, by the elevator, sat empty waiting his arrival.

The ride up the elevator to the top floor was long and it seemed to take forever.  As he neared the suite, he pulled at the tie around his neck, loosening it and unbuttoning the top button of his dress shirt. 

He dropped his briefcase in the foyer and hung his coat on the peg behind the door.  He used the same routine for years, knowing that when he returned after only a few minutes, one of his housekeepers will have removed the coat and sent it in for cleaning.  His briefcase would sit centered on his desk in the office he used when working from home.

Grayson took a deep breath as he reached the door to their room, knowing that Gabbie was resting in their bed.  As he opened the door slowly, he found her exactly as he’d imagined.  Her warm brown hair framed her delicate face, her lips pushed out into a restful pout.

Her long lashes rested against cheeks that held a no color, because she’d been so sick.  He could see the rings around her eyes from the toll the stress was taking on her mind and body.  She was tiny before she was brutally attacked by his once trusted assistant, but now she looked damn near anorexic.

He quickly changed into a pair of blue plaid sweat pants and a soft blue cotton shirt.  Slipping from the room, he didn’t make a noise as he closed the door.

“Oh, Mr. Hayes,” Flora said from her perch at the stovetop.  She was making a pot of something that smelled like heaven.  “Are you ready for your meal to be served?”

“Actually, Flora,” he smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes.  “May we have our dinner in my room?  Gabbie still doesn’t feel well and I don’t want her getting out of that bed for the rest of the night.”

“You are a good man, Mr. Hayes,” she smiled and patted his hand reassuringly.  Usually, Grayson would scoff at an employee physically touching him, but Flora was like family.  She’d been with him for so very long that he thought of her as a mother, one he didn’t have any longer.

“Thank you, Flora,” he said, squeezing her hand as a response to her kindness.  “I’ll be in my room.”

As he climbed in the bed, Gabbie made a small sound of protest, but eventually opened one eye, a smile soon lit up her face.

“Welcome home,” she whispered, still a little sleepily.

“Those are the best words I’ve heard all day,” Grayson sighed.

“Long day?”

“Yes,” he nodded.  A knock on the door sounded and Flora came in with a tray of food, placing it on the foot of the bed.  Grayson took the tray by the handles, after thanking is maid, and placed the legs of it over Gabbie’s lap.

She raised the dome lid and found a deep bowl of what looked like chicken noodle soup.  It was simple, just chicken, carrots, celery, and a few onions in broth.  There was a sleeve of crackers sitting next to the bowl, along with a spoon.

Grayson watched as she took a tentative taste.  He breathed a sigh of relief when she moaned and took another, larger, spoonful to her lips.

“So,” Gabbie said, after she’d eaten half of the soup.  “Tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Grayson nodded, sadly.  “Tomorrow.”

“Gray,” she whispered.

“Yes, love,” he replied.  At this point, both of their voices were barely audible, each one spoke quietly.  It was like they were afraid that if the words were too loud, it would break some invisible bind between them.

“I know you said that this baby would be yours regardless,” she began, tears leaked from her eyes, although she did not openly cry, and that scared Grayson more than just about anything.  “But, if…if it’s his…I…I can’t do it.  I just can’t do it.  I’d look at this child and think of the night I was r…raped, a…and…a…and….I just can’t d…do that to a baby, Gray.  I can’t bring a beautiful child into this world, conceived from hate.”

“Oh, Gabbie,” he said, pulling her into his arms.  The tray got bumped in the process, but nothing spilled over in their haste to be in each other’s arms.  “This child belongs to you, and you belong to me…therefore, that baby is a Hayes.  Regardless of what that fucking paperwork says, he or she is mine.  And so are you.”

Grayson didn’t know what tomorrow would hold.  He didn’t even know if Gabriella could move on if the child’s paternity belonged to Jude.  They had a hell of a road ahead of them.

And tomorrow would be just the beginning.


To be continued…..


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