The Big Bad Wolf, Part 7

Here is your Friday Flash Fiction.  As with ALL of my flash fiction, this story is RAW and UNEDITED.  The story is written without any fluff or changes.  What you are reading is directly from my mind to the paper.  I hope you have enjoyed Grayson and Gabriella’s story as told in 2000 words per week.

I give to you the last/final installation of, “The Big Bad Wolf”


“The Big Bad Wolf”

Part 7


The smell of antiseptic cleaner tickled Gabriella’s nose.  The office had just opened a few minutes prior to their appointment.  Grayson had insisted that they have the first available appointment for the test results. 

They sat together on the plastic enforced table in the room waiting for the doctor to arrive, their foreheads touching as they waited.  Gabbie wore a simple white dress, her hair pulled up into a neat ponytail, because she didn’t have any desire to do anything else.  Grayson wore his business suit minus the jacket, his sleeves were pulled up to his elbows in that neat way that only Grayson could get away with and still look amazingly handsome.

“How are you feeling, love,” he asked with a softness that made Gabriella smile.

“I’m scared,” she swallowed hard.

“Me too,” he admitted.  “Just remember what I said.”

“Okay,” she nodded.

They were interrupted by the doctor who walked in with a poker face to rival all professionals that sat at the same table during a tournament.

“Well,” the doctor began.  “I’m not going to beat around the bush.  Grayson, you are the father of the baby.”

“Thank God,” he sighed, his eyes moist for the first time since he could ever remember.

Gabriella’s will finally gave out as tears escaped her tired eyes.  Grayson’s arms went around her and held her tight against his chest, speaking soothing words into her hair.

The doctor asked that they come back in a month or call if anything seemed out of sorts.  Grayson called the car to meet them at the entrance to the building, and he took her home…where she belonged.

The rest of the day was a blur as they hurried home to celebrate.  Which consisted of Gabbie sleeping most of the day, but Grayson had called in to the office and said that he’d be working from home for the remainder of the week.

 Flora made a simple meal, one that wouldn’t irritate Gabbie’s stomach and rang Grayson in the office, telling him dinner would be ready in fifteen minutes.

He walked into their room and stood at the door watching her sleep.  The blankets were twisted around her tiny legs, her hair was still in the ponytail, although now it was askew on her head from her long sleep.  The one thing that made him pause and his heart skip a beat, was her tiny hand resting on top of their child.  The gesture was one most likely done by every mother that ever lived, but for Gabbie to accept the doctor’s news and finally become protective of the child inside her was a step in the right direction.  A huge step in her healing.

“Gabbie,” he whispered as he slid into the bed.  “Darling, you need to wake up.”

“No,” she smiled in her sleep.  God, that smile was like another punch to his heart, but a damn good one this time.

“I need to feed you and our child,” he said as he kissed her exposed neck.  He froze at his actions.  That was the first time that he’d actually kissed her since she was attacked, and he thought, for a moment, that he’d crossed a line that she wasn’t ready to explore.

“Grayson,” she moaned sleepily.

“Yes, love,” he replied.

“I love you,” she admitted.

“And I love you,” he croaked.  She rolled over on her back and placed a soft hand on his cheek, letting him nuzzle into her warmth.  “Marry me, Gabriella.  Please marry me and be mine.”

“Yes,” she whispered and pulled him down to her lips, just the barest of press to his own.  The sweetness in her touch was almost too much to handle.

But by God, he was the luckiest man alive.



Seven Months Later…..


“Flora,” Gabriella panted from the doorway to the kitchen.  This was it.  The day they’d been planning and preparing for.

“Yes, Mrs. Hayes,” Flora said with her back to Gabbie.

“I…I need you to call Grayson,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Oh,” Flora gasped and hurried over to help Gabriella to a chair.  “How long have you been in labor?”  The elderly woman pulled a cell phone from her apron and didn’t wait for Gabbie to answer but hit the speed dial to Grayson’s phone at the office.

“My water broke, and I’ve been having contractions for about an hour,” Gabbie gritted her teeth when the next contraction was less than easy.

“Mr. Hayes,” Flora spoke into the phone.  “We need to go now.”

Gabbie laughed when she heard a string of curses coming over the line from her husband’s voice.  He’d been so panicked the past few days about leaving her and now his worries about not being there were confirmed.

“He’s meeting us at the hospital,” Flora announced as she hung up the phone.  “Charles is bringing the car around.”

“Okay,” she sighed.  “Okay.”

“Let me get your things,” Flora said as she hurried out of the kitchen.

Charles appeared from nowhere and took the bag from Flora, slinging it over his shoulder.  He helped Gabbie from her seat and hurried to the private elevator out of the suite.

The ride to the hospital was filled with silence.  The only sound was the hushed voice of the driver as he filled Grayson in on his whereabouts.

Gabbie leaned her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. The glorious smile that lit her face was one that took a long time to appear.  Over the past several months, Grayson had nursed her back to her old self a million times over.  Their child was ready to enter the world, and Gabriella was more than happy to have him in her arms.


Grayson paced the halls of the maternity ward waiting for Gabriella to arrive.  The hospital was only a few blocks away from his office, and he knew it would take longer for her to meet him there.  The minutes felt like hours.

This was it!  They were bringing their child into the world. Their child…not his!  Grayson had never felt that the child was anyone else’s but his own and thankfully the test early on proved that he was the biological father of the child in Gabriella’s womb. 

They still didn’t know what the sex of the baby was.  After a long discussion, they both agreed they’d wait until the big day, which was now.

“Grayson,” Gabbie called from the double doors down the hall.

“Love,” he sighed in relief that she was finally here.  Charles was there with her bag.  The driver patted Grayson on the shoulder and slipped quietly out of the hallway, disappearing out the door he had just arrived in with Gabriella.

The first hour was spent getting Gabriella into a hospital gown and hooked up to monitors.  An I.V. was started and eventually they were left alone to wait.

The pains lasted for a few hours before she was given an epidural to settle her back into the sweet woman that was once his wife.

“I just want to sleep for a little bit,” she admitted after the doctor left.

“Whatever you want to do, Gab,” he smiled.

Okay,” she said, closing her eyes.  Grayson turned the overhead lights off and watched as she slept.  He kept close watched on the little pink paper that was slowly feeding out of the machine at her bedside.  The peaks and valleys told him how hard and close the contractions were coming.  At least that is what the nurse had said when they first arrived.

  Grayson eyes fluttered open when he heard a commotion coming from the room.  He didn’t even realize that he’d fallen asleep.  Looking at the clock, he was shocked to see that he’d slept for a few hours.  The guilty look on Gabbie’s face said it all.

“Why didn’t you wake me,” he asked.

“I wasn’t the only one who needed rest,” she smiled.  “Are you ready?”

“Why,” he asked, confused.

“The doctor is coming in to see if it’s time,” she giggled.

“Yes, love,” he smiled.  “I’ve been ready.”



Gabriella took a deep breath and waited for the doctor to look under the sheet, but Gabbie already knew it was time.  The urge to push had been increasing over the past several minutes, and the pressure was becoming more than uncomfortable.

“Alright Gabriella,” the doctor smiled.  “Give us a minute and we will try and get this baby out.”

“Okay,” she said, looking at Grayson, who was standing there looking a little pale.  “Grayson, sit down.”

“Huh,” he asked.  Gabriella had to laugh to herself, because here Grayson was, the big bad billionaire businessman, but he was about to pass out from the birth of his child.

“Sit down before you fall down,” she demanded.

“I’m fine,” he laughed.

“Sure,” she said, tugging his hand.  “Sit down.”

Grayson didn’t respond, but did as she asked.  The nurses were in a flurry of action around them, setting up tables and blankets and monitors.  The arrival of their baby was near.

“Alright Gabbie,” the doctor said behind a green mask covering her mouth.  “I want you to push on the next contraction.

Grayson jumped into action, holding her leg when she pushed, and spoke words of encouragement during the next forty-five minutes. 

Gabbie finally collapsed against the bed when she heard the most amazing sound in the world.  The cry of their newborn child.

“It’s a girl!” the doctor said only seconds before Grayson gasped.  Gabbie used what was left of her strength to look up from the bed to the tiny basinet they had transferred their baby too.

“A girl,” Gabriella said on a whisper she didn’t think anyone heard, but Grayson had.

“Yes, love,” he smiled before kissing Gabbie.  “You gave me a daughter!  I love you!”

“I love you too,” Gabbie cried.

They’d done it.  Hell, she’d done it.  The beginning of their daughter’s life had started out horribly, but she was strong and survived what was done to her mother. 

“What is her name,” the doctor asked.

“Audrey,” Gabriella rasped.  “Audrey Michelle Hayes.  Her name means ‘Nobel Strength’.”

“I think that name is very fitting,” the doc replied.  “Very fitting, Gabbie.”

“I agree,” Grayson said, walking over to the bed, his daughter already in his arms. 

Everyone in the room disappeared as he placed the baby in her arms.  Grayson wrapped his arms around them protectively and smiled, “My girls.”

“Yes we are,” Gabbie turned to look at her husband, the man that held her heart for so many reasons. 

He was her knight in shining armor after all.  Grayson fought the big bad wolf…and won.





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