Friday Flash Fiction “Mate of the Vail”, Part 3

Happy Friday the 13th!

Here is your weekly Flash Fiction!!  As always, this is RAW and UNEDITED and straight from my brain to you.  I hope you enjoy the continuation of Deacon and Tessa’s story.



Mate of the Vail, Part 3

Deacon had been away on business, meeting with the other members of the Council in Washington, for three days. The problems with the original scientists were getting worse. They’d recaptured four originals, and the reports were grim. One had died, staked through the heart. The other three were killed and dissected like a high school biology class lab rat. Once the underground facility was discovered by authorities, the scientist had fled, leaving the corpses there to rot.

I was currently in my room at the estate, eating a meal that was prepared for me by the lovely kitchen staff, but my stomach was too sour to take the food into my body. I’d fed with Deacon before he left and I wouldn’t need any blood for at least another few days. He was due home tomorrow night. So, I was good with that, but I still wasn’t feeling myself.

Giving up on the food in front of me, I tossed my napkin on the cart and stood up to walk away, when a wave of dizziness overcame me. I blinked rapidly, trying to focus my sight. Sweat beaded my brow and my legs felt as if they were made of rubber. I sank to my knees then groaned as my core clinched…in need?

What the hell was going on with me? My sex swelled and I could feel my thighs dampen as if I was aroused. Which I suddenly realized, I was. The need to be filled overwhelmed me, the desire for Deacon’s blood and cock sent a pain like none other to assault my entire system.

The next wave of pain cause me to cry out. The sound was high-pitched and keening. I didn’t even recognize it as my own voice.

The door suddenly burst open, and one of the guards stood at the door, his eyes were filled with blood, his fangs elongated.

“Mistress,” he questioned. Suddenly, the guard, Stephan, scented the air and backed out of the room.

“Wait,” I cried out. “W..what’s happening to me?”

“Let me get a female,” he said through gritted teeth. “I…I can’t come to you.”

“What,” I growled as another pain assaulted me.

It wasn’t long before Mannie, the maid, rushed into the room, her eyes were alight with fear. She picked me up with a strength I didn’t know she had and rushed me into Deacon’s room. The moment she laid me on his bed, my ache seemed to ease as I inhaled his scent on the sheets.

“Oh, dear,” Mannie worried.

“M…Mannie,” I gritted my teeth, my fangs had nicked my lip and I tasted my own blood. “What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re Fertile,” she said. “We need to get Deacon here.”

Fertile,” I groaned. “What the fuck does that mean?”

“Oh, mistress,” she sighed and placed a hand on my forehead, like a mother checking for a fever. “Our kind goes through a Fertile time, where their body is ready to mate and have a babe. I think you are in the beginning of it.”

“Beginning,” I asked, then curled onto my side. The fetal position helped ease the ache in my core, but didn’t make it disappear. Oh, man this would be embarrassing if it didn’t hurt so damn much!

“It will get worse,” she sighed. “Until you and Deacon…um, well.”

“Oh,” I gasped. “Oh!”

“Yes, mistress,” she nodded. “There is a medicine that will put you to rest until we can get Deacon home. Would you like me to call the healer?”

“Please,” I begged. “Call D…Deacon.”

“I will,” she said, stroking my brow. “Hang on for a little while longer. I will get the healer and Deacon.”

“Okay,” I cried. “Hurry.”

“Mistress Tessa,” she spoke as if I should pay attention to her words.

“Yes, Mannie,” I replied.

“All of the males have to leave the house,” she admitted. “Your scent will drive them crazy with lust. I have to lock you in the room with a key. Use the phone to call down for me. Female guards are on their way.”

Fuck,” I growled. “They’ll try to have sex with me?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “But being part of Deacon’s guard, I highly doubt they’d want to face his wrath if they so much as lay a finger on you.”

“Okay,” I replied, because that was about all I could say. Anything else I said died off into another round of torturous pain.

“I’ll be back,” she said, leaving the room. I heard the bolt latch as she locked me in the room.

I found myself burying my face into the pillow and inhaling his scent. Yes, it calmed the pain, but it also caused the wetness to increase at my core. Deacon would be here to help me.

This was not the way I’d planned our first time being together. Not by a long shot.

Mannie returned later with the healer, a female. I was given a vial of something purple in color. The healer head it to my parched lips and poured it into my mouth.

“This should make you sleep for at least six to eight hours, Mistress Tessa,” she said in a soothing tone. “Master Deacon is rushing home as fast as he can.”

“Okay,” I yawned.

“I’m leaving two more vials of this with Mannie. Please, do not hesitate to take it if you need. Rest until your mate arrives home.” With those words, the healer, which I didn’t even know her name, left my bedside. It took about fifteen minutes before my eyes felt heavy and I succumbed to sleep.



Warm blood touched my lips and my body jolted awake. My fangs were deep in Deacon’s neck, and I was sucking hard on his vein. I soon realized that I was sitting on his lap, my legs and arms were wrapped protectively around his body. He was resting against the mound of pillows on the bed.

“Drink all you need, love,” he whispered as he stroked my hair.

“I’m scared,” I admitted and returned to his neck.

“Tess, my love,” he began, stroking my back. “You’re Fertile. We need to see if you want to be with child, or not. I…I can have you sedated.”

I whimpered at his throat. Did I want to have his babe? At some point, yes, but right now? I knew he was affected by my condition, because his skin was pebbled and the scent of desire that rolled off of his body called to me. I wanted, so badly, to rub my sex against him like a wanton whore, but I held back, barely.

“Do you,” I asked as I released his vein.

“Yes,” he nodded, shyly. Oh hell, he looked even hotter when he did that. Was that my hormones talking? No, not the hormones. My mate was just fucking gorgeous naturally. “But it is your choice. We’ve only known each other for a few days, my love. We can wait until your next Fertile time.”

“Why am I just now hearing of this,” I panted. The desires were back, and from Deacon’s hard cock pressed into the inside of my thigh as I sat on his lap, I’m sure he was feeling the same thing.

“All of our kind go through their first Fertile time about three to five years after they’re changed. So, I’m assuming this is your first?”

“Yes,” I moaned. “How often?” My breathing was more like a dog that was panting because it was too hot. I’m surprised Deacon could understand my words.

“Once you have your first one,” he sighed, heavily. “Your Fertile time will come every solstice. That is, unless you are with child. Then you will start the process again after the babe is delivered.”

“I know nothing about vampire babies,” I admitted, feeling the rise of discomfort aching in my womb.

“They’re not much different than human children, other than their meals. The child will need blood, and are born with teeth and fangs, love. He or she will take from their parents, until they are old enough to be trained how to drink from humans.”

I cried out and clinched at my lower torso, “It’s painful.”

“It will be,” he kissed the corner of my mouth. “The only way to make it stop is a sedative for the next few days, or for us to make love. My seed will ease the aches and need within you, my beautiful mate.”

A wave of nausea rolled over me, and my eyes unfocused. My sex heated and I felt the blood fill my eyes, my fangs still elongated. The primal growl that erupted from my chest actually frightened me. My body was not my own. A small part of my brain wanted him to ravage my body, but the logical side was fighting a war with itself saying we needed to wait.

“Tessa,” he growled. “I need to know. I’m holding on by a thread, dear. Please tell me how to help you.”

“Do it,” I demanded, the need was too much. “Make love to me.”

To Be Continued……



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