Mate of the Vail, Part 4

Here is your Friday Flash Fiction, the final installment of “Mate of the Vail”!

I hope you enjoy this little story.  As will ALL of my Friday Flash Fiction, it is RAW and UNEDITED.  I basically get and idea and write a short story.  There is really no outline to it, just my thoughts straight onto paper. 


Mate of the Vail, Part 4

“This will bond us as mates,” he said as I writhed on the bed. “For good.”

“I know,” I admitted. This I knew about vampires. New mates, once they did the deed, it was sealed, in blood. A ceremony would be done at some point, but the first time we had sex, it was forever.

“Let me…,” he began, but froze when a wave of pain washed over me. Whatever I was feeling, Deacon was not immune.

“You have to do it,” I begged, my core ached with need. He was moving to slow. Deacon smelled amazing, like blood, and home, and painless comfort.

My fangs ached as they thickened in my mouth. I wanted him…I needed him. It was time to mate.

On a growl -that bubbled from some foreign spot in my chest- I launched myself at him, shredding his suit top with my claws. Deacon fumbled with his pants, yanking them down and kicking them away from his body.

“You smell amazing, love,” he cooed, pushing a sweaty strand of hair back from my face.

“Please, Deacon,” I cried. “I ache for you.”

“I know, love,” he smiled, showing that his own fangs had dropped in his mouth.

As the hormones in my body boiled, Deacon was affected just as much as I was. I could tell by the erection that jutted out from his body. He was long and thick, the heavy vein that ran the underside of his sex called to me. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his width, eliciting a heavy moan from his throat.

Deacon fumbled for the button on my jeans, his hands shook with either nervousness, or need. When his frustrations got the better of him, he pulled the material apart, splitting it into two equal pieces. My shirt and bra followed into a heap on the floor.

“You are so beautiful,” he gasped as he fully looked upon my naked form. I was in too much pain, and heavy need to be ashamed of my body. There was no need for me to cover myself. My skin was tight, my sex pulsed with the need to mate.

My hands were gathered above my head, because my nails had turned to claws. I’d already left a gash on his forearm. “Please, Deacon,” I begged.

“Kiss me, my love,” he demanded.

When I lifted my mouth to his, our fangs clashed and tongues dueled. His hands were roaming my heated body, my breasts were heavy and tight against his palm. I felt his cock nudge at my core, and I whimpered at the touch. My sex was dripping and the need was like a flash burn across my senses.

“You must take my vein, Tessa,” he demanded. “I cannot enter you, unless we are mated. Please…now!”

I knew he was right, I had to do it. If I didn’t take his vein at the moment he thrust into my core, we would not be mated. Not only did I have to take his blood as he took my body, Deacon had to strike my vein as well.

Our eyes met, the heated desire was there. This man, vampire, who’d opened his home and his heart to me, was waiting for me to accept him…to make him my own.

Deacon had already proved himself many times over that I would be his top priority, his sole source of nutrition, and the woman of his heart. All I needed to do was to accept it…accept him.

A primal growl rumbled out of my throat as I struck his vein. Deacon’s fangs sank into my neck as he thrust inside my body. I felt him…everywhere. His erection drug in and out of my aching folds, hitting every erotic nerve in my sex.

His rich blood filled my mouth, and I quickly swallowed it down. An unseen bond swirled around us, like a faint haze in the air. A connection as tight as a vaulted room, our mating bond solidified as he drank from me, and I from him. The spot where my heart rested in my chest tightened, then burst open from the magical tie to the man at my throat. At that moment, my mind and body knew that what we had would be forever. Somehow, the mystical and ancient race that he came from, was part of myself as well. It didn’t matter that I was made, transformed, in a lab. Whatever magic that made a human into a vampire, was not only created from blood, but by some unknown magical spell.

His large, muscular body rolled above me, his soft skin felt like silk against my smaller form. Deacon gathered me in his arms protectively. He felt so large around me, that if anyone walked in the room, I would be completely hidden from view.

The ache in my womb lessoned, but the climax crawled up my spine like a volcano on the verge of eruption. Deacon shifted his hips, causing the slightest pressure to roll the bundle of nerves at my core. He release my vein on a growl, “Come for me, love.”

His words commanded my body. My sex clamped down around his hardness, pulling and sucking him deeper. Releasing his vein, our eyes met as he roared his release. My body followed suit, taking and demanding his seed.

We both collapsed from exhaustion, but did not release each other. The bond between us was now solid. Deacon was now officially my mate. The magical bond between us could not be broken.

Although I had taken so much blood from him, my body was still drained. I needed more, and he knew it.

“You’re weak,” he whispered, pulling me over to his chest and pressing my face into his throat. “A female’s body will work overtime in her Fertile time, love. You are going to need food and my blood. Take from me, Tess.”

“I already took too much,” I argued, shaking my head.

“My body can handle it,” he said, proudly. “As a male mate, my body will make enough substance for you, for eternity. It’s the way we are made, love. Now, let me feed you, and then I will have solid food brought up.”

“I feel weird,” I admitted, suddenly. My womb felt strange, almost full, like there was a slight pressure on the inside.

“That is our child, my love,” he smiled. “Your body is accepting my seed. The feeling will ease in a few hours.”

“Really,” I gasped. How can I feel it? This was strange. I knew nothing of pregnant vampires. No one had ever told me. Of course, I’d been running away from the scientist, the men who wanted me back.

Now that I was with babe, what would they do if they found me?

“Tess,” he said, reaching for me. “What’s wrong?”

“What if,” I swallowed, hard and placed a hand on my still flat stomach. “What if they find me?”

“They cannot touch you here,” he growled protectively, his crimson eyes darkened. “I swear to you.”

My body sank into him, drained of energy. I had no desire to speak more on the subject, at least not now.

“Drink,” he demanded. I hadn’t realized he’d pulled me back to his vein. Deacon’s large hand cupped the back of my head and held me to his throat. “Feed.”

My fangs pierced his neck, the blood flowed across my tongue, and into my body. I sucked lazily against his vein. I needed it, my body knew this naturally. Deacon did not pull me away for the longest time. The only reason why I stopped feeding is because my head, so heavy from exhaustion, slipped from his neck.

“Sleep, my love,” he whispered as I yawned. “I will bring you food.”

“You should feed,” I slurred, and tried to hold up my arm.

“No,” he laughed. “I am well, Tessa. I am very well.”

I pried my eyes open to see him standing there next to the bed, his body was still bare. I cringed at the amount of puncture wounds on his throat. I’d mauled him.

“I am so sorry,” I gasped, my voice slurred from how tired and weak I was.

“These marks, I will wear with pride,” he smiled, a little smug. “They are from my mate. I don’t care who sees them. Now, sleep. I will return after you have rested.”

I nodded, and did as he said. I slept dreamlessly, in the bed of my mate.

“You smell amazing,” Deacon purred. We were currently resting in his bed, our bed. I’d finished the meal he had prepared for me, baked chicken and vegetables.

“I need a shower,” I scrunched up my nose. “I don’t think I smell that amazing.”

“I will bathe you,” he smiled, pulling my chin up with his forefinger. “Your scent has already changed, and I love it.”

“It has,” I raised a confused brow.

“Female vampires who are with a babe tend to smell sweeter, like a child’s candy treat, and a hint of their mate,” he admitted. “The scent tells others of our kind that you are, not only mated, but to be protected.”

“Really,” I yawned. The television was on, but the volume was turned down low.

“Have you not been around a pregnant female,” he asked.

“No,” I hung my head. “I’ve stayed hidden for a very long time. After I was released from the government’s facility, I kept to myself, only coming out at night to feed. Once news release that the originals were being kidnapped by the scientists, I hid. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I felt you…your mating call.”

“I felt you as well, my love,” he forced a smile, but went back to our original topic. The discussion about the scientist always angered him for what they’d done to me. Now was not the time to talk about that, not when we’d just made a child together. “The males will protect you, from any harm.”

“Your men,” I asked.

All males,” he smiled. “You’ll see. A male vampire will give his own life, even to a stranger, to make sure that a pregnant female is safe and cared for. It’s our nature.”

“That’s kind of cool,” I admitted.

“Do you want me to draw you a bath,” he asked.

“Please,” I yawned. “Just wake me up when it’s ready.”

I let my mate care for me, bathe me, and take me to bed. Deacon held me all night, occasionally breathing in my newly changed scent.

It’d been a week since I mated Deacon, and I was currently sprawled out on the bathroom floor, the cool tile against my cheek. Human food didn’t agree with me, at all. My cheeks had already sunken in and I had dark rings around my eyes. This pregnancy thing was not like me, at all!

I heard a commotion from somewhere in the estate, but I was too sick to move. Whatever was going on, I’m sure the twelve people that worked and lived here would take care of it.

A sudden phantom pain blossomed in my chest, causing my fangs to elongate, a protective growl lurched from my throat. Something was wrong with Deacon. He was in pain, and I tried to get to my feet, but I was too weak. I had to move. He needed me.

The door to our room burst open, the wood splintering as one of Deacon’s men barreled through. “Mistress,” he called.

“Richard,” I moaned. “Deacon…he’s hurt. Help him!” Where I got the purchase behind my voice, I had no idea!

“No,” he growled. “You…We protect you and the babe.”

“Where’s Deacon,” I cried out. He was bleeding, I could feel it.

Several men rushed into the room, all of them part of the Council of vampires that worked with my mate, but Deacon was nowhere to be found.

“He’s been shot,” Richard admitted.

What,” I growled, blood filled my vision. I found what last part of energy I had stored in my body and lurched forward, only to be surrounded by all of the men. They kept saying they needed to protect me, and our child. “Let me go!”

“The scientist’s goons found you,” Richard spat. “They shot Deacon, but he is being attended to. They will bring him to you in a moment. Please, Mistress. Do not worry yourself.”

“Is he going to be okay,” I asked, fearful of the answer. We could still be killed with a bullet to the heart. It didn’t matter what the hell it was made out of. Explode the heart on any creature and it dies.

“He will be,” Richard gritted through his teeth.

“What do you mean, ‘he will be’,” I demanded. There was something they were not telling me.

“The threat has been removed,” he spoke, changing the subject. “He is…feeding.”

Feeding,” I snarled, loud enough to rattle the walls. I was his mate. “He is to feed from me!”

“You are too weak,” he flinched away when I bared my fangs at him. “He isn’t happy about it, but we had to force him to use a feeder.”

“A feeder,” I cursed. “Male or female?” Oh, I was going to rip someone apart, if Deacon had his fangs in some slut who sold her blood!

“Male,” Richard answered quickly, holding his hands in the air. “No females.”

“Bring him to me,” I demanded.

When no one moved, I made a motion that I would find him myself. The other men made a chain around me, not allowing me to leave the confines of the bathroom. Richard rushed off to do as I demanded.

He returned with my mate, who was walking normally, but he smelled all wrong.

“Deacon,” I gasped when I saw the blood stain on his shirt, right over his ribs.

“Love,” he smiled, but it was forced. “Come.” He held out his hand, and with help from the men, I was taken to him. We collapsed on the bed. I ripped his shirt open to find the bullet hole already mended from his accelerated healing.

“What happened,” I asked, stunned that he was okay, and still a little mad that he smelled different. My scent was on him, but it was masked by another, more musky, scent of the male he fed from.

“We received word that all of the original vampires, that were created, had been destroyed by the scientist, and you were the only one left. Before we could get a plan together to hide you, they showed up. They shot me, but our security captured them. The human government is handling it from here. They wanted you, love.”

“You threw yourself in front of a bullet,” I snapped. “What the hell were you thinking!”

“I told you,” he smiled. “Males protect the females. I love you, Tessa. You are my mate, and nothing, not even a bullet will take me away from you.”

“I love you, too,” I cried. “Dammit, Deacon! They could’ve killed you!”

“They didn’t,” he smiled. “I’m good as new, love. I just want to hold you in my arms and know that you and our babe are safe.”

The men quietly left the room. Deacon showered and changed, quickly removing the blood soaked clothes and scent of the human male.

We held each other for hours, before drifting off to sleep. My life, existence, had changed drastically in less than a few weeks. Whoever said that love at first site was a myth….I guess they’d never met a vampire.

The End!



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