The Meaning behind Glory Days


The Meaning Behind Glory Days


When I started writing Glory Days, I wanted to send a message, stand for something I believe in.  As you know, the girls in the Glory Days books all suffered some sort of abuse at the hands of those close to them, step-fathers, boyfriends, acquaintances, and strangers. 

By no means did I want to glorify the rape and/or abuse.  If you have read the books, you will notice that I didn’t go into detail about the actual acts of abuse.  I only gave what was important to the books, to see the state of mind the women were in.  The members of Glory Days spoke out against violence.  Ash, Reed, Kane, and Gabe found love with amazing women who’d been dealt a bad hand in life.  As the band rallied behind the women, the women found, not only love, but freedom from their abuse.  The women became stronger and overcame their abuse to live a wonderful life, falling in love, and raising families.

Although the books are fiction, the abuse is real.

Glory’s Place, Liana’s shelter for abused women is my own dream.  Ever since I was a teenager, I promised myself that if I was ever financially stable to open shelters in cities that needed a place to protect women, I would use that money to help others.

I am not a doctor, or even a psychologist, but I have a strong belief that a woman should never live in fear of another person.  A person, man or woman, should not live a life under the thumb of someone who has power over them. 

You are the master of your own life.  No one should dictate what you do, where you go, who you talk to, or what money you spend.  There is no excuse for abuse.  An apology and a promise to never leave a bruise on your skin again is just a sorry excuse to keep you in their clutches. 

Abuse is more common than you think.  Someone who is sitting next to you at work, church, or a neighbor down the street may be suffering, but the abuse may never be seen, because abuse is not only physical, it can be mental as well.  An abuser can be anyone.  They can be corporate CEO’s, the trash man, a public figure.  Not all monsters are scary on the outside. 


Words do hurt. 

Fists do hurt.


The word abuse describes a wide area.  Abuse can come in the form of physical, mental, and sexual.  Abuse is beatings, rape, demeaning words (You’re stupid. You will never amount to anything. You’re ugly. No one will ever want you.), or a bully on a playground.  In the end, abuse is abuse.  No one should suffer.  No one should hurt.  No one should die.  My wish is that someday, the word ‘abuse’ will be wiped from our vocabulary. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, physical, mental, or sexual, there is help out there.  There are people trained to get you the help you need.  Here is a list of national abuse hotlines.  There are also local places in your area that can help, please seek help immediately.


ChildHelp National Child Abuse Helpline   1-800-4-A-CHILD 

National Domestic Abuse Hotline              1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline           1-866-331-9474

National Sexual Assault Hotline                   1-800-656-4673


Thank you to those of you who have fallen in love with my Glory Days. These books have more meaning to me than the words on the paper.  It is the message behind the stories.


Much love to you all,

Theresa Hissong

Author of the Glory Days series




About Author Theresa Hissong

International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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