Friday Flash Fiction Little Lamb, Part 3

Happy Friday!

Here is your next installment of Friday Flash Fiction.

As with all the Friday Flash Fiction, this story is RAW and UNEDITED!  It is written solely for entertainment.  I hope you enjoy!


Sexy man on motorcycle

Little Lamb, Part 3


I held her as she slept. The pleading in her eyes, the tears spilling from those pretty blues sent me right over the edge of the cliff. I fell head damn first for her. I didn’t have the heart to deny her this small amount of safety in the night. When I had checked on her earlier in the night, my little lamb had been in the throes of a nightmare.

With her in my arms, she trembled with the cold and with the memories. “Shhh, little lamb. Nothing can harm you now. I won’t let anyone get to you.” And my words were true. I wouldn’t let anyone lay so much as a finger on one fiber of hair on her head.

My Glock was next to the bed, within reach of my hand. I seriously doubted that anyone would break in here to take her from me, but I wasn’t going to test the theory that all was safe. I didn’t live in the greatest of areas and I should probably move. I had the money to step up a little, but I liked my simple life. I didn’t need luxury, but little lamb did. She was perfection in a human form.

The perfection in my arms moaned and shifted back into my chest. “Cannon?”

“Yes, little lamb. I’m here,” I whispered in her ear. I kissed the top of her head that was pillowed on my bicep.

“I hurt,” she choked. “And I need to pee.”

“Okay,” I said, sitting up carefully in the bed. I quickly replaced my body with a pillow, ensuring she was comfortable. “Let me carry you.”

“I can walk,” she winced and cried out when she moved to a sitting position.

“I’m carrying you,” I growled. Leaning down I looped her arm over my shoulders and slid my other arm under her knees. She tried to protest again, but I silenced her with a look. “You have to let me care for you, little lamb.”

“I have to move around or I won’t heal,” she growled right back at me. My little lamb had a tiger inside her and that tiger had bite. I liked it.

“Now,” I said, setting her to her feet next to the toilet. “You can move.”

“Leave,” she rolled her eyes.

“I’m going, I’m going,” I chuckled and held my hands up in defense. “Let me get your meds and I’ll be right back.”

When I returned, she was just shutting off the light in the bathroom. The flash of fluorescent light showed me that her eye had turned a nasty purple and green. Her throat sported a reddish-purple gash that made me see red.

I scooped her up carefully and returned her to the bed. She took the Lortab I handed her and drank half the glass of water I brought with me. I finished the water and set the empty cup on the small table next to my bed. Little lamb eyed the Glock momentarily, but didn’t comment on it.

“It’s for our safety,” I said, answering her silent question.

“Do you have that many enemies,” she asked, her voice soft.

“Sometimes,” I shrugged. “It’s who we are, little lamb. You know this.”

“Yeah,” she yawned.

“Go to sleep,” I said.

“Please,” she asked, holding up the covers. “I feel safer with you here.”

I didn’t reply as I slid in the bed, finding a comfortable spot on my back. She snuggled up against my side and used my arm as a pillow. It only took seconds before she was fast asleep. I followed not too long after.

Warmth against my right side woke me, the sun was barely up in the sky. It was Friday, her day off of classes. My brother already knew that I wouldn’t be coming in to the shop today. Little Lamb was the priority over everything else. When the MC President tells you to do something, you move heaven and hell to make it happen. When it’s the prez’s daughter, you lay your life before hers. When it was the woman that consumed your world, you accept the blade that cut’s into your heart, so that she can be safe, free.

My little lamb. I’d been infatuated with her for months, seeing her just out of reach. But now, now she is in my arms. There is an energy of awareness between us. The fact that I almost kissed her yesterday was proof of that. As bad as I wanted her in my arm, underneath me panting my name, I couldn’t do that to her. She was too special to hook up with a thug like me.

But fuck if I didn’t want to be her knight in shining armor, the man who gave her the world.

She moaned in her sleep, her hand moved to my chest. Little lamb’s tiny fingers fisted in my shirt, her forehead pinched with whatever she was dreaming in her sleep.

No,” she whispered. Her body didn’t freeze, nor did she jerk awake. Before she could say anything else, I used my thumb to rub the spot between her eyes, relaxing the tight muscle. She smiled warmly and felt back into her deep sleep.

I watched her, held her, for two more hours. My phone chirped alerting me to an incoming text. I carefully reached for it on the table beside the bed. My gun rested there within an arm’s reach. The text was from her father. I breathed a sigh of relief at his words.


He’s done. Won’t be hurting women again.


I could only imagine what that meant. I purposely kept myself out of the final punishment for a reason. I’d already beat the man to the point of death before her father arrived. He didn’t cry like a bitch, like I thought he would. No, the fucker laughed. He said things that made me hate him even more.

“She’s a hot little piece of ass.”

“She begged for me to stop. Lot of fight that little one.”

“I. Made. Her. Bleed.”

“The stupid cunt wouldn’t give me any. So, I took it.”

“What? Is she yours?  

“Ha! I ruined her. You won’t want to touch her pussy after what I did!”


I hope her father let the fucker live and cut his dick off. That’s what he deserved. To be castrated.

“Cannon,” little lamb stiffened. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, little lamb,” I whispered, relaxing my body. I’d gone stiff remembering his words.

Reaching over, I stroked the softness of her cheek. Her blue eyes were hazy from her sleep. She tried to take a deep breath to sigh and jerked from the pain.

“Let me get you some meds,” I said, helping her into a more comfortable position. It’d been four hours since the last dose and he was probably due. “I’m going to wrap those ribs this morning and get you up and moving, little lamb. It’s not good for you to be in the bed.”

“Is that a good idea,” she frowned.

“I broke three ribs last year,” I admitted. “Laid my bike down and slammed into a tree. That was the doc’s orders, so I’m passing that on to you.”

“If you insist,” she scowled, scrunching up her nose in defiance. She didn’t want to move and I didn’t blame her one bit. That’s a hard injury to deal with. I couldn’t imagine what she was feeling. It was easier for me, I’d broken my ribs more times than I can remember. She was so small, fragile. It had to be painful.

“I do,” I growled. “Meds, wrap, then eat. In that order.”

“You’re bossy,” she growled. “What if I just want to sleep? I’d rather throw the blanket over my head and not come out for the next thirty years.” The last was said in a quiet voice.

“You will not hide from the world,” I said, leaning over where I was in her face. “I won’t let you.”

“I didn’t think you would,” she mumbled. Little lamb was a bit on the grumpy side in the morning.

“How about some coffee,” I offered, laughing when her eyebrows shot up and she nodded enthusiastically.

After her meds, I let her drink the cup of coffee I made for her while I quickly showered.

“Can I shower before you wrap me up,” she asked.

“Sure,” I nodded. “Let me get you some clean towels.”

I left her to hit the pantry in the hallway, grabbing two towels and returning to the room. I gasped when I turned the corner and she was about to face plant on the bedroom floor. Fast as lighting, I grabbed her by her upper arms, stopping her from hurting herself even further.

“Fuck,” she growled, grabbing her side. “Ouch!”

“Are you even going to be able to shower?” I asked, honestly worried about leaving her in the standup shower alone.

“You’re not coming in there,” she said, wide-eyed.

“You better believe your ass I am,” I growled. “All I need is for you to fall out of that shower. No way!”

“Well, I’m not getting undressed in front of you,” she scolded, giving me a look that promised death. My little lamb was showing her lioness side…and I still liked it.

“Okay,” I paused. “You get in the shower and then I will sit on the toilet, just in case you fall. I’ll be able to catch you.” My bathroom only had a shower, no tub. There was a curtain there to keep the water contained in the stall.

“No peeking,” she glared.

“Promise,” I laughed, holding my hands up in defeat.

I stood my ground and didn’t peek at her, but I was a guy. Plus, my finger may have had a slight gap in it where I could see her legs and nothing else. She had amazing legs, lean and tight. I couldn’t look at her with all of the bruises it would make me seek out that asshole’s body and I’d unload my gun into his lifeless body. No, I’d wait. I’d wait for my little lamb to recover.

After that, she was mine and I wasn’t letting her go.


To Be Continued…




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International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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