Friday Flash Fiction, “Little Lamb”, Part 4

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Happy Friday!!

Here is the final installment of “Little Lamb”!  I hope that you have enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Remember, the Flash Fiction posts are always written RAW and UNEDITED.

This is something I share with you, because it’s fun and also gives me a break from the other things I am writing.  It’s a fun little activity for me and it gives you a FREE short story to read. 


Little Lamb

Part 4


Afternoon thunderstorms rumbled outside the window of Cannon’s tiny apartment. I was currently bundled up on the couch writing a paper for my upcoming final exam. This was it. I’d be graduating in just a few weeks. Hopefully after graduation, I would finally fulfill my dream to become a history teacher. I didn’t care if it was middle or high school, I just wanted to teach.

The sharp bite of pain in my ribs had finally become manageable. My father came last weekend to check on me and spend some time with Cannon. They’d gone out for drinks and when they returned, I saw my father soften toward the nomad that had come to mean so much to me.

I’d finally confessed last week to Cannon that I didn’t want to go back to my apartment. The memories were just too painful. He’d welcomed me with open arms and admitted he didn’t want me to leave either.

Things had progressed in our strange relationship. Well, somewhat progressed. Every time I wanted to take that final step to have him make love to me, he’d push back and say that he thought I wasn’t ready. Not after everything that had happened.

Well, I was so ready that I wanted to explode! We’d kissed, touched, and even brought each other to climax with just our hands and mouths. Cannon knew my body better than I did. I think it has gotten easier for him to look at me since the bruises faded. Other than the pain in my ribs, I was completely healed. Only when I lifted something heavy or turned the wrong way, would I cry out from the injury.

I jumped when a bolt of lightning crashed somewhere close, causing the power to flicker twice before completely giving out. Thankfully, the temperatures were mild and the apartment wouldn’t become a baking oven until the power returned.

My cell phone rang and I smiled when I saw it was him calling. He’d become very protective of me, even so much as to threaten the clerk at the small grocery store down the street, telling him to keep his eyes off my ass. I was taken. Cannon was perfect.

“Little lamb,” he spoke, before I could even say ‘hello’. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Cannon,” I sighed. “Power went and it’s storming it’s ass off right now. Nothing to worry about.” He was always worried when it came to me. It was sweet, but sometimes irritating. The other day, he checked the path I walked to the car to look for any tripping hazards…before I left the apartment!

“I think I’ll come home for the rest of the day,” he announced.

“You can’t ride in this weather,” I gasped. Okay, I was a little worried about him, too.

“I’m bringing my brother’s Mustang home,” he laughed. “I’ll be alright.”

“I’ll see you soon,” I said, hanging up after a short goodbye.

The storm raged outside for the next fifteen minutes. I heard the rumbled of a car pull up in the parking area just below the apartment. It was only another few seconds before Cannon burst through the door, water soaking his clothes and running rivulets off of his bald head. He was smiling widely, something I had never seen. He looked like a boy, young and carefree. Nothing of the hard MC nomad that he portrayed every day.

“Fuck,” he wiped a big beefy hand down his handsome face. “It’s really bad out there.”

“Yes, it is,” I breathed, watching him shed his shirt there at the little tiled spot by the front door. His muscles flexed as he moved to peel the wet material from his tanned skin. His faded denim jeans rested low on his hips, giving me a glimpse into the V shaped muscle that disappeared beneath his waistband. A tiny drop of moisture rolled down his shoulder, circled his dark brown nipple and continued its trek southward. I didn’t see where it went, because my eyes were focused on his chest.

His chest heaved with breaths that were now audible. Looking up, our gazes met and Cannon’s eyes were filled with a heated desire I’d only heard about in love stories. He unlaced his boots and kicked them to the side, never taking his eyes off of mine.

I stood automatically, dropping the blanket somewhere next to my feet. We both moved quietly as we took small steps toward each other. Somewhere in the middle, he opened his arms and I went into them willingly.

His lips pressed to mine, hot and wet from the rain that drenched his body. Cannon shivered when I ran my tiny hands up his bulky arms, feeling the soft skin beneath the pads of my fingers. In one swoop, I was in his arms, our lips still playing an erotic dance. His tongue moved along the seam of my lips, before pressing, demanding entrance.

My hands cupped the back of his head, pulling him closer as if I could get beneath the protective layers of his skin. His hands held me close as he repositioned me to where my legs were now around his waist. The moment I ground my aching sex against him, I felt his hardness against my sex. I moved against it, rubbing myself up and down like a cat in heat.

“Bed,” I moaned, only releasing him for a split second.

Cannon moved toward his room and carried me to the bed, carefully laying me out on the pillow. He didn’t speak as he pulled my yoga pants down my legs and tossed them in the floor. My red tank top followed. His eyes darkened with heated lust as he took a moment to look over my body, memorizing the scene before him.

“Beautiful,” he said, before finally divesting the last piece of clothing on his body.

His hardness jutted out from his body, the tip a deep plum color. A bead of moisture sat at the tip and I licked my lips, leaning forward to take it with my tongue.

The moment my lips closed around his flesh, Cannon sunk his fingers in my hair and moaned, causing wetness to pool between my legs. I held him in my hand and from the way he expressed his enjoyment of what I was doing, I knew that I also held his heart.

Cannon wasn’t the type of man to let anyone inside. He was closed off and preferred to live as a loner, but somehow opened his heart to me. I had to fight back tears and concentrate on what we were doing. If he saw any tears from me, Cannon would pull away and not allow this to continue and I was having none of that.

“You have to stop, baby,” he hissed through his teeth. I couldn’t help the smug look on my face, knowing I could bring this giant of a man to his knees with just one touch. We’d done this several times before, so I knew what brought him pleasure.

Fortunately, he also knew exactly what I liked as well.

I was flipped over on my back, the tiny scrap of lace I used to call my panties were ripped away from my body. He pushed my legs out to the side to accommodate his wide shoulders. The hot press of his tongue to my sex sent sparks into my vision and I called out his name, begging for more.

He ate, nipped, and licked at my core, never stopping in his love making. He inserted two fingers the moment he sucked on my clit, making my release shoot toward the surface. My back arched off of the mattress, the world around us completely shut out, as if we were the only two people left alive.

“I need inside you,” he growled, causing my sex to clinch around his fingers.

His mouth found mine and I could taste my desire on his lips. This seemed to excite him more as he laid his body beneath mine.

In all of the months that I watched the nomad biker pass by my school every day after classes, I never would’ve thought that I’d fallen in love with the bad boy who was in charge of my safety. No, Cannon wasn’t a college frat boy, he was the man who made me feel whole again. He saved me from my demons and showed me what true love was.

“I love you, little lamb,” he whispered as he pushed inside me. “Stay with me. Be my girl.”

“I’ll always stay with you, Cannon,” I whispered, stroking his strong, rugged jaw.

As the storm raged outside the apartment, Cannon and I made love until we were too tired to go at it again. He held me against his body and spoke of a life into the future. One that I had dreamed of since I was a little girl. He was no prince, but Cannon was the man who would treat me like a queen for the rest of our lives.


The End……


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