Prologue to “Burn Me”

Here is a very early and unedited version of the Prologue to “Burn Me”.  I know you guys are dying to know what the hell is going on with Gabe and Brooklyn.  I hope this helps.




When I opened my eyes there was no pain.  There was soft, white light everywhere.  Figures moved around me, their faces hidden as if they were covered by a fog.  My body was translucent.  Still solid, but somehow, I was able to see through my hands.  There were scars on them, angry and red.  My body was covered in the same soft light that enveloped my surroundings.

“Gabriel,” a voice beckoned.  “Gabriel, my son!”

“Ma,” I gasped, searching the faceless beings that floated around me going everywhere, but also…nowhere.

“No, no, no,” my mother cried as she floated up to me.  Her face.  I could see her face as the fog lifted. 

“Ma,” I questioned.  “What’s happening?  Where am I?”

“It’s not time, son,” she cried.  “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Where am I,” I asked, scared for once in my life.  I was even more scared than the day I held her when she died.

“You have to go back, Gabriel,” she sighed.  “Your job is not complete.  You have to go back!”

“How,” I asked, tears threatening, pricking at my eyes.  “How, momma?”

“You fight Gabriel,” she said, her hand reaching out to touch the palm of my hand. Her skin was as soft as I remembered.  She smelled of lilac, the perfume she always wore.  That smell brought me back to a time when I was loved by the woman who gave me life.  Now, I realized, she was here in my death, urging me to go home.

“How do I fight,” I begged. 

“She needs you,” my mother cried.  “Brooklyn needs you, Gabriel.  And that sweet, loving boy.  He needs you as well.  Fight for her, Gabriel.  She is the woman who loves you.  She needs you to come back to her.  Now is not your time, my son.  Fight for her!  Fight Gabriel!”

“Ma, I love you,” I blurted.  It was the words I’d wished I’d told her one more time.  “I love you!”

“I know, son,” she smiled, that radiant smile that reminded me of Liana.  “I’m so proud of the two of you.  My sweet little girl, Liana.  How she has suffered, but you and that boy Reed healed her.  You healed her with your love, Gabriel.  I’m so proud of you.  I love you, son.  You need to fight!”

“I’m trying, ma,” I said.  “I love her so much.”

“Then return to her, Gabriel,” she smiled, seeing me smile thinking of Brooklyn.  “That’s it, fight!”

The light faded, my mother’s face began to blend with the fog.  “Ma!”

“Fight Gabriel.”

“Fight, son!”

“She needs you!”

“Fight!  Fight!  Fight!”

About Author Theresa Hissong

International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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