Friday Flash Fiction “Granger Pack”, Part 3

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is the final installment of the Granger Pack!  Thank you to all who check out the flash fiction every Friday.  I love writing these little stories so much and giving them to you FREE!  As will all flash fiction, these stories are written RAW and UNEDITED.  I hope you enjoy this one.


Granger Pack, Part 3


Sophia’s wolf paced in her mind, behind her skin, begging to come out, but she’d have to hold out several more weeks. As her babe moved around slightly in her belly, Sophia itched to shift and hunt with the others on the full moon, but because of the pregnancy, she was unable to set her wolf free. It was the hardest thing to do over these past seven months, seven and a half to be exact.

A lone howl lit up from the forest behind the Granger home. The alpha called out in his wolf form for the pack to hunt. It was a ritual every full moon for the entire pack to shift and hunt together as a unit, taking down kills for their evening meal, then dragging others home to prepare for meals to last the pack the entire month. Pregnant females were to stay behind and wait out their mates return. The children, who were too young to shift, stayed with them while their parents hunted.

Four warriors were in wolf form, protecting the pack house from any harm. Peter, Noah, Chuck, and Terry were patrolling the perimeter of the house while the pregnant females were inside with the children. Sophia and three other women were sitting in the play room with three toddlers and two girls who were ten years old.

“How much longer, alpha,” Elena asked. She was only a few months pregnant with her second child, her first was one of the toddlers.

“About six more weeks,” she answered, rubbing her belly.

“Have you picked a name yet,” Casey asked. She was also only a few months along, but with her first child.

“No,” she laughed. “Well, yes, but Vaughn doesn’t want to tell anyone yet. Not until he arrives and we can show him at the full moon ceremony.” The full moon ceremony for a newborn was when the parents presented their babe to the moon gods after its birth. The ritual was said to bless the child by the gods who made the werewolves millions of years ago. Sophia had seen many ceremonies and was excited to finally being the one to have her child in the center alter on the full moon.

A loud yip outside caused the women to pause. Elena and Casey turned toward Sophia with fear in their eyes. “Take the kids to the safe room in the basement, now.” The two women shot into action, hurrying the small children down the stairs and into a specially designed room that could be locked and unlocked by combination only.

“Alpha,” Casey reached for her hand as the last child disappeared down the stairs. “Come. You cannot stay up here alone.”

“Just let me see what is going on,” Sophia said, looking toward the back door of the house.

“Please, Sophia,” she begged, using the alpha’s first name. “You can use the security monitors to see and hear everything.” Sophia bit her lip debating on checking on the warriors, or doing as Casey was asking her to do. “The alpha will be angry.”

Casey’s words shot her into motion. Sophia turned for the stairs, just as a heavy fist landed on the front door. The sound of the wood splintering struck fear inside her.

“Where’s my mate,” a man roared. “Leslie! Leslie!

“Alpha, come,” Casey whispered.

Sophia’s heart pounded in her chest. This was the mate that Leslie warned her about. He did find her. With one last glance at the door, Sophia let her beast shift, just enough to change her voice from human to that of her wolf…and let out a howl for help, a call to her mate.


Vaughn froze at the sound of his mate’s call. It was faint, but he was certain that she needed him. The other warriors around him lifted their muzzles from their kills, hearing the sound just as he took off at full speed for his home.

My mate!

Warriors howled behind him as he ran toward the house. Their paws beat a steady rhythm on the ground as Vaughn and his men sped through the woods. As they got closer, the scent of warrior blood and his mate’s fear was thick in the air.

One warrior, in his wolf form, was bleeding from a wound to his side and a broken hind leg. Another was alive, but completely unconscious. As they rounded the house, a male voice called out from inside the house. “Where is my mate?!

Vaughn forced his shift, not caring for his lack of clothing. He raced into the house and caught the scent of a male not of his pack. Several wolves filed in behind him as they slowly descended the stairs. A comforting hand landed on his shoulder before they reached the bottom. Mathis had shifted and was now beside Vaughn.

“State your name and what is your business on Granger land,” Vaughn bellowed, as he found the man pounding on the door to the safe room his wife was most likely inside with the other pregnant females and the children. A small part of his mind felt relief that she was in fact safe and not in harm’s way with this man, whoever he was.

“Where. Is. My. Mate,” he cursed, taking a slow step toward Vaughn and Mathis.

“Your mate is not here,” Vaughn replied, praying this man wasn’t one of the mates to any of the women who lived on his land.

“She is,” he scented the air, his head turning toward the safe room. “I smell my brats. Open this door.”

“Not on your life,” Mathis roared. Vaughn knew Mathis would die for the women in that room, because one of the women in there was his mate. Casey was barely pregnant with their first. As far as Vaughn and Mathis were concerned, this man was not getting in that room.

“You will either leave now,” Vaughn motioned toward the stairs leading upstairs. “Or we take you out.” He heard one of the wolves retreat up the stairs. They would be calling the Council to have someone come pick this man up and hold him until they could figure out who he was.

“I’m not leaving without Leslie,” he snarled.

Vaughn did not make any physical response to the man’s words, but he knew now that this was the mate who the Council had been looking for since he and his warriors went in and removed Leslie from their home months ago.

“I’m sorry, but we do not have a Leslie in our pack,” Vaughn shook his head. “I hate that you came all this way, but your information was incorrect. Maybe you should let me talk to the contact you had and we can see if your Leslie is at another pack a few towns over.”

“No,” he roared. “She’s here. I know it!”

“I’m sorry,” Vaughn said, signaling to Mathis with a slight roll of his wrist, that he was ready to take this guy down. “I’ll repeat. There is no one here by the name of Leslie and I’d ask that you leave my land immediately.”

“I will find her even if I have to rip apart every home on this land,” the man threatened. “Watch me.”

Vaughn braced himself when the man rushed him, trying to fight his way through the alpha and several warriors, half of them still in their wolf form. This guy was strong, but not strong enough to take out all of them. He put up a good fight, but in the end Mathis had him pinned to the floor, his knee in the back of the guys neck.

“Good job, warrior,” Vaughn panted.

“Not a problem, boss,” he panted in return.

The combination lock on the door began to spin. Vaughn spun around and looked up at the camera that was mounted above the door. “No,” he growled. “Stay inside. The children.” He knew that his command would reach his wife. He didn’t want her opening that door where the scent of this man’s children would cause him to fly into another rage. The lock went silent and he took a moment to look into the camera, hoping the look in his eyes told Sophia he was relieved that she was safe. That they all were.

The Council arrived with a van and specially designed handcuffs to prevent the man from using his supernatural strength to break them. He was loaded up and taken away. Leslie was finally allowed to reunite with her children once Vaughn gave the all clear. One of the warriors had rushed her to her tiny cabin and kept her on lockdown until the man was taken away.

The children ran out of the safe room into the arms of their loving parents, telling them that they got to play in the basement with the alpha while she colored pictures. Vaughn had pulled on a pair of sweatpants and quickly hurried down the stairs to find his mate. She was standing there holding Casey tight to her chest, both women were crying.

“Mate,” he growled, pulling her attention away from her friend.

“Vaughn,” she cried, rushing into his arms. “I was so scared for Leslie.”

“I was scared for you,” he growled. “I’m so damn proud of you.”

“Thank Casey,” Sophia said, wiping tears away from her face. “I sent them down, but I wanted to check things out, just to make sure, but she forced me to come with them. I’m so glad I did, because he got into the house right as we were getting into the room.”

“You know better,” he growled.

“I know,” she sighed and placed a calming hand on her belly.

“What is it, mate,” he worried, covering her hand with his.

“Nothing, Vaughn,” she yawned. “I’m just tired.”

“Then let me take you to bed,” he offered with a smile, happy his mate was safe from the rogue mate to one of their females. Thankfully, this didn’t turn out worse, because he wouldn’t know how to live without his mate and his son that would be coming in a few short weeks.


“You have to push one more time, love,” Vaughn urged Sophia. She’d been in labor for hours, her brow soaked from the effort she’d been through bringing their son into this world.

“I can’t,” she panted, collapsing back into his arms. The doctor had told Vaughn to climb in the bed and let her lean against his chest until it was time to push. Vaughn would then lean forward and help Sophia lean forward when she needed to push. He was so large that he could hold her legs from this position as well.

“Yes, you can,” he kissed her wet temple. “Bring our son home, little mama.”

He held her tight when the next contraction came, urging her softly with words of love. It didn’t take long for a wailing cry to echo in their bedroom, the sound of a babe. Vaughn cut the cord when he was handed the scissors, but kept an eye on his son as the nurse cleaned him up. It only took a moment for her to return with him, placing his son on Sophia’s chest. He wrapped his arms around both of them, holding them with his warmth and love.

“He’s beautiful,” Sophia cried.

“He is,” Vaughn choked back on threatening tears.

Sophia leaned over and pressed her lips to the top of his head and sighed, “Hello, my son. My William Vaughn Granger.”

“Hello, son,” Vaughn said, taking the babe into his arms for the first time. He nestled him into the crook of his arm, looked upon his first born son, realizing that he’d just created the next alpha to take over the pack, and vowed to teach and grow with his son, everyday, while loving his mother until their days were done.

The End…..

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