Scene from “Finish Me”

I thought I’d give you a little scene from “Finish Me” to hold you over until the book releases in a few weeks!


Finish Me Cover Final


“She looks so tired,” I said, as we pulled out of the driveway.

“She is,” Brooklyn nodded. “Bella had a little stomach bug and had kept Delilah up a night or two this week.”

“What?” I said, turning toward my wife. “Kane didn’t say anything about that.”

“He doesn’t know,” Brooklyn frowned. “She didn’t want to worry him. It’s really nothing and the pediatrician gave her a clean bill of health yesterday.”

“We don’t like not being told of things going on back home, Brooklyn,” I gritted my teeth. “Even if it’s as little as a stomach virus.”

“Saying anything about it would only worry Kane,” she said, taking my hand as we merged onto the highway. “The last thing that you guys need to do is to worry about what is going on at home. We can take care of the kids and if there is a problem, we will tell you guys. If Bella had been any worse off, one of us would’ve called Kane.”

“Please do not keep things from me,” I begged, pinching the bridge of my nose with my thumb and forefinger. “Have you kept things from me?”

“I don’t keep things from you, Gabriel,” she said, resting her head on my shoulder. “I promise.”

“I would hope not,” I growled. “I couldn’t handle it. If something were to happen to you or the kids and you’d known…but not told me, I would blister your ass, baby.”

Seriously?” she gasped. “You wouldn’t!”

“Oh, yes I would,” I smiled, holding my hand up and making a swatting motion with a raised brow. “Want me to test this on you tonight?” Her eyes heated and I shifted in my seat to ease the sudden tightness against my zipper.

“You can try,” she teased.

Tugging on her hand, I leaned in and we met nose to nose. “Don’t tempt me, baby. Once you have our daughter and are healed, you may just get your wish.”

About Author Theresa Hissong

International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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