Glory Days

Glory Days Series:

Glory Days was my first ever book series and one that holds a special place in my heart.  I have retired the series and it is no longer available in paperback.  However, I have added a links to each book in PDF format for free here:

A Glory Days Production (Book 1):

 A Glory Days Production all 3-REVISED 10.2015

A Glory Days Awakening (Book 2):

A Glory Days Awakening 2.4.14

A Glory Days Reunion (Book 3):

A Glory Days Reunion Amazon

A Glory Days Finale (Book 4):

A Glory Days Finale Paperback-updated


Below you will find free short stories about all of the characters…


Free Short Stories!  Get a look at Ash’s teenage years and how the guys met… stylish young blonde hipster man playing guitar   Mary has a

Valentine’s Day secret she’s keeping from Ash:



Reed & Liana

Short Story! A deleted scene when Liana decides cutting takes away the pain: Bleeding rose

Kane & Delilah


Free Short Story: Welcome Kane’s two girls into the world with the short story, “Meet Us”

Meet Us

Gabe & Brooklyn



Free Short Story of when Gabe and Brooklyn first met at the Grand Opening of Cordeau’s

Depositphotos_22711779_xs Brooklyn

4 Responses to Glory Days

  1. beanabeana says:

    This is awesome thank you for putting it together.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh how I loved this series! Wish I could figure out how download so I could read them again! Thank you!❤️

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