Saving Windrose, Part 2 (Friday Flash Fiction)



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Here is your Friday Flash Fiction for the week! 

Remember that with ALL of my Flash Fiction, the stories are RAW and UNEDITED.  Each story is told in less than 2000 words, and I do NOT go back over these stories.  It’s straight from my head to this post.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I have FUN writing them!!  It’s something I do for FUN and PRACTICE. 


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Saving Windrose

Part 2


Hadley blinked twice, the light filtering in from the widow caused an ache between her eyes. The heavenly mattress she was resting on contoured around her body, and she found that she was…content. The scent of male wolf, and a sweet musk wrapped around her senses, causing her to smile in her sleep. The scent chased away the pain she was feeling in her arms and legs.

Hadley inhaled once more, before her eyes shot open, realizing she wasn’t in her bed at home, in Windrose. No, she was somewhere else. She reached up and rubbed at her aching forehead. A scratch of material pulled on her skin, and when she looked, Hadley saw the bandages that covered her arms, from shoulder to wrists. Three of her fingers were covered in smaller bandages as well.

A knock sounded on the door, and she pulled the covers up to cover her body. She’d been redressed in a male’s shirt, her underwear, and nothing else. “Come in,” she rasped, then cleared her throat. The scent that surrounded her earlier was coming from, not only the bed, but from the black shirt she wore.

A man entered the room slowly, his deep blue eyes gauged her reaction before he spoke. “Hadley,” he smiled. The man had a handsome face. His jaw was muscular and tight, from keeping it clinched. “My name is Gavin Ward. You’re brother sent you to me. Do you remember who I am?”

“Um,” she crinkled her nose, trying to remember exactly what happened when she left Windrose. “Everything is a little hazy, I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry,” he smiled, those blue eyes sparkling in a way that made Hadley’s heart thrum deep in her chest.

As Gavin moved closer to the bed, Hadley’s wolf wined at his slowness. The animal inside her wanted the man…closer? She wanted him to hold her, to take away all of the misery she was feeling, both physically and mentally.

“You escaped from Jericho Ross,” Gavin began, his voice nothing but a snarl at the mention of the crazed alpha’s name. “Your brother sent you to me.”

Koby,” she gasped. “Have you heard from him? He can’t stay there! Gavin, we have to get him! Jericho will kill him.”

“Shh,” Gavin said, sliding onto the bed and taking Hadley carefully into his arms. His scent did things to her and the wolf that ruled her body. “We are planning to go to Windrose, to take care of Jericho.”

“He’s dangerous,” Hadley stated, a snarl to her own words.

“We already know, my sweet,” he whispered.

“Whatever your plan is,” she growled, pushing back from his hold. Her wolf protested the loss of connection, but Hadley wanted to look Gavin in the eyes. “I’m going back.”

“No,” he growled, his true alpha nature bubbling to the surface.

“It is my pack, Gavin,” she demanded. Her wolf snarled in protest at being told to stay back.

“Yes, it is,” he agreed, still holding Hadley close to his chest. She didn’t protest, because she felt at peace. Her wolf inhaled his scent. Hadley groaned at the scent. “But I cannot let you go alone.”

“Why…” she froze.

Something inside her turned, snapped almost, at the feel of the man holding her so near. He was hers, her wolf’s. He was her…mate.

Mate,” she growled, her fangs ached with the need to mark him. Her sex pulsed in desperation for his touch, as his scent marked her mind, memorizing him, learning him.

“Yes,” Gavin kissed the top of her head. “I believe it is so.”

Gavin scented her arousal on the air, his body tensed as he inhaled her unique aroma. The bonding scent was something she would produce anytime she was around her mate. All females take on a sweet scent when they are mated. They share this scent when they touch their mates, leaving a warning to other females that the male was taken. Hadley, being an alpha, would have a stronger, bolder scent.

“Mmmm,” Gavin inhaled, his eyes closing as he took in her uniqueness. “You smell amazing.”

Hadley buried her head into Gavin’s neck, sliding her nose up the soft column of his throat. Her scent transferred to his skin, and her wolf howled in triumph. Boldly, Hadley pressed her lips to the vein in his neck, showing that she was thankful for finding him.

Her hands traveled his arms slowly, feeling and learning his muscular body. It was almost as if she were in a trance. Shifting her weight, she straddled his lap, as he sat on the bed. She moved from one side of his throat to the next, marking his skin there, and repeating the kiss to his throat.

Gavin wasn’t without his own form of scent. His too was strong, masculine. The deep woodsy scent became heavier each time she stroked his skin. His wolf chuffed in his mind, impatient with the exploration of each other. If they were in wolf form, the two of them would be in a hidden den somewhere learning and marking in other ways.

Her hands roamed over the shirt he was wearing, her hands pulled on the hem, silently demanding he remove the material. “Off,” she growled.

Gavin didn’t waste time and divested himself of the shirt. She ran her hands up his broad chest, each finger moved slowed over each ripple of muscle on his abs. They were strong, the skin smooth. Her hands drifted up, twining into his dark hair, then ends barely touched the tops of his shoulders. The slight curl gave his hair a tousled look, like he’d just rolled out of the bed. His human eyes were green, like the forest. But the more she petted him, touched his bare skin, his eyes lightened to a pale yellow. His wolf was trying to break free. His wolf wanted her.

And her wolf wanted him.

A snarl broke free, her fangs extended, and her eyes changed to match his. Gavin’s wolf growled in agreement. This was real, the mating was real. The need to mark each other was strong, the air in the room was heavy with their combined scent.

My mate,” Gavin growled, his voice deep. The sound was a combination of his human voice and his wolf. They were half and half at the moment. Half man…half wolf.

My mate,” Hadley echoed his statement. Her voice was almost the same raspy sound as his.

He grasped her chin with his strong hands, holding her still. Turning her cheek, he used his other hand to brush away her hair, exposing her neck.

“I have to mark you,” he growled. “No other…can claim…what’s mine.” At that moment, he struck, biting into the flesh where her neck and shoulder met.

Hadley moaned, her body molding closer to his. Her sex moistened with the action of him claiming her neck, taking her blood into his body. Gavin’s erection pressed into the juncture where she was aching for him.

The moment he release her, she repeated the same to him. Sinking her fangs into his neck, Gavin roared at the sensations. His wolf rumbled deep in the human body that was underneath the female alpha.

What they were doing was animalistic, it was their nature. To a human, the ability to share blood would revolt, but to their wolves, it was a ritual done by their kind since the beginning of time.

Blood rolled out of her wound and soaked into the plaid shirt she was wearing. It wasn’t until she released him, that they took turns swiping their tongues over the marks, closing them to stop the bleeding. Their saliva would close the wound, but not heal it. The mark would scar to show others that each one is taken.

The mating wasn’t complete, but the mark showed an intended mating. A ritual would be held, introducing her into the pack. After the ceremony, they will come together, in private. Not the way Jericho wanted.  All mated alphas, both male and female, wore a sign of their pack. A tattoo would be designed upon the backs of their hands, showing the combined packs. The Windrose pack would either moved to the Eldridge pack, or he would move his pack to Windrose. They would decide that after Jericho was removed from power in Hadley’s pack.  

“You’re shaking,” Gavin stated as he held her tighter in his grasps.

“I’m okay,” she whispered against the mating mark. They petted each other, not wanted to stop touching.

“Hadley,” he whispered her name.

“Hm,” she hummed.

“You need to stay here,” he began. She tried to speak, but he silenced her with a finger to her lips. “My alpha, you are in no condition to fight. You have not healed yet, and my men and I will go in and remove him.”

“That is my pack,” she growled, protectively. Gavin understood her need to return home. Her bother Koby was there, alone. Jericho had to have gone straight for him as soon as he realized Hadley was missing. Gavin was worried that Koby may be in trouble, but he didn’t voice that to Hadley.

“Please, let me take care of this for you,” he pleaded. “As my mate, it is my duty to protect you and your pack. I’ve beaten Jericho before, I can do it again.”

“I am in no shape to fight,” she sighed in defeat. “You are right, but you have to promise me that you will get Koby out, if something goes wrong.”

“I promise you,” he nodded.

“Thank you,” she said.

Gavin touched the soft skin of her cheek, forcing her face to turn, so that their eyes could meet. He stared into her blue eyes, the color of a clear sky. He was one lucky son of a bitch to have her as his mate.

He ran his thumb over her bottom lip, memorizing the feel of her soft skin. In a moment of sheer need, he dipped his head and pressed his lips to hers. She responded with a soft growl and her lips parted on their own. Gavin used his tongue to press forward, demanding entrance to her warm mouth.

Their tongues touched and the world ignited around them. Heated desire coursed through his veins, his wolf howled in excitement. Hadley pushed her body deeper into his embrace. They panted with each press of their lips and tongue, barely slowing down to catch their breath.

Her fingers tangled in his deep, brown hair, the strands were thick and smooth. The last thing she wanted to do was to pull him away, but Jericho needed to be removed. Her brother, Koby, may be in danger.

“I need to know what you have planned,” she panted, after he’d basically fucked her mouth as if it were her sex.

“I have myself and twelve of my Guardians ready to head to Windrose,” he began. Guardians were basically the werewolf police. They kept the pack in line and dealt out the punishments chosen by the alpha. That is, if the alpha didn’t do it him or herself. “I need to know if you have any Guardians, Hadley. Any that are loyal to you.”

“No,” she hung her head. “They all fell right in under Jericho’s nose. They worship him.”

“How many are there?” Gavin asked.

“Only seven,” she admitted. “Our pack is small, much smaller than Eldridge.”

“Alright, my sweet,” he sighed. “I need to you to rest, get your strength up. We will gather the Guardians and leave at dusk. I will take care of your…our pack. Your pack is now mine, and mine is yours, Hadley…my mate.”

“Gavin,” she whispered and rubbed at a sore spot on her calf.

“Yes, mate,” he smiled.

“Come home to me safely,” she took a deep breath and continued. “My wolf wants to meet her alpha on the next full moon.”

“Rest, love,” he whispered and pressed a soft kiss to the corner of her lips. “I’ll be back by dawn, and I will bring your pack with me.”

 To Be Continued…..

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