With His Life (A Rise of the Pride Short Story) by Theresa Hissong

FREE Short Talon and Liberty Story:

**Previously Published in the Feisty Heroines Anthology

With His Life (A Talon & Liberty Short Story)

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Sneak Peek at Thirst!

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1


Bookcovermall.com TemplateThirst
Incubus Tamed, Book 1
Release Date: 1/22/2019

A succubus is in my territory without permission, and I am tasked to find her. Once she reveals why she’s on the run, I realize there is an insane demon among us. Ashera Andrews doesn’t want my help, but she needs it to keep from being tortured by her maker.

Cassius Snow does everything in his power to protect me, but when he and his incubus friends are attacked because of my presence in their area, I make the decision to return to the place of my rebirth to send my maker to Hades…where he belongs.

A mating between an incubus and succubus is rare but not unheard of. When Ashera and I use each other for energy, the threads of a mating bind us together. When she returns to her maker, and I am left without her, I fear insanity before she can be saved.

I will not let the man who made her destroy what is fated to be mine.

I will risk eternity in Hades to bring her home.

***This is a novella and will be the first book in the Incubus Tamed trilogy.

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/908666
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/thirst-incubus-tamed-book-1
Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/thirst-theresa-hissong/1129939578?ean=2940155886785
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KSR1K4Z
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07KSR1K4Z
Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07KSR1K4Z
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2TGDvBt

Chapter 1



I hate myself.

The thought blows through my mind as I drink from my victim’s vein. The thick, coppery taste of a woman’s blood is my weakness; her body is the temple I must worship. It is within the depths of her body where I find life, and with life, I find my disgust of living.

Cassius,” she moans as the loss of blood causes her to weaken.

I will not kill her. No, she will live, but after I am done with her, she will not be the same. When she is found, my marks and seed will be absent from her body. This female will not remember the past few days. She will wake up confused after I put her into a comatose state before feeding from her vein. If she is a previous victim of mine, she will start to have episodes of insanity. After several sexual encounters with the same incubus, she will die.

There was a time, almost three hundred years ago, when I was out of control. I’ve killed women for their blood. I’ve had sex with them on multiple occasions, taking their souls in the process. I’d leave them in dark alleyways, behind abandoned buildings, in seedy motel rooms, or in their expensive mansions with no care in the world. In the beginning of my new life, I craved it all.

I still do.

Only now, I am older, stronger you could say, and I’ve learned how to get the things I need to survive without taking a human life. I’ve found others like myself, but without them, I am a monster…the demon from your nightmares.

The presence of another immortal jerks me from my thoughts. The need to protect my food rushes through my body. My hand covers the female’s mouth as I bare my bloody fangs at the shadow crouched in the windowsill. She squirms beneath me, but my instinct to fight outweighs my need to fuck.

“Cassius, you need come now,” a voice says. It is a voice I know. “We must go.”

“Leave me, Salvatore,” I growl, bearing my fangs. I push harder on the woman’s mouth as she begins to scream. I haven’t taken enough for her to pass out and lose her memories, yet. Her body tightens, so I thrust once more to keep her pussy primed even though Salvatore watches us from the window.

“Finish,” he barks. “Knock her out. If you are not outside in five minutes, I will come back, and I’m in no mood to fight with you tonight. We have bigger problems.”

“Fuck,” I snarl, knowing if he has come to interrupt my feeding, something has happened in our territory.

“I don’t know why you don’t sedate them right away,” he states and gives me a stern look.

I’d never admit it to him, but I like them to fight me a little. The sex, it’s mundane to me. The demon inside me likes them coherent for as long as possible before I have to take their souls. Sedating them during most of the act eats away at what’s left of my own human soul.

“Leave me,” I repeat.

He falls backwards off the ledge, leaving me alone to finish what I came here to do. The slide of my cock quiets the whore beneath me. She orgasms when I sink my fangs into her vein again. My body coils as I feel the life force of the prostitute bleeding into my body. My energy awakens as hers slowly fades. When I release her vein and remove my hand from her mouth, she moans again as my cock swells inside her body. My release is intense, but I do not shout with desire. There is no pleasure in what I am doing. There hasn’t been for a while now.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper as her body goes lax, and she closes her eyes, never to remember what has transpired over the last few hours.

My pants are no further down than below my cock when I back away from her body. I scoop up my shirt, shaking off the dust and whatever else coats the floor of this apartment.

The night is cool as I escape out the window, clinging to the side of the building to close the window. I leave no fingerprints, therefore, there will be no evidence of my arrival or departure.

“What the fuck is going on?” I snap at Salvatore as I find him smoking a cigarette in the alleyway behind the building. He has lipstick marks on the side of his neck, telling me he recently came from feeding off one of the females he met at our last location.

“There’s a succubus in our midst,” he rattles off, gritting his teeth.

“Did she request approval to be here?” Victor, Salvatore, and myself are the only incubi in the area. Therefore, this is our territory. There are hundreds of cities in the world, and we’ve spread out to keep our victims to a minimum. Too many soul suckers in one area can cause questions to arise. The humans will get nosey, and we could be exposed.

“She did not,” he says, leaning against the wall.

“Who told you she was here?” I press.

“The gargoyles,” he replies. Gargoyles are our eyes and ears in the territory. They are servants by nature, wanting to please their leaders. Memphis and Xavier belong to us, and they know their place in our coven. “They encountered her about an hour ago in a bar on the east side of town.”

“Where is she now?” I ask, feeling anger boil inside me. As much as I hate this life, I don’t want to die. Dying is not an option for me, because the alternative is Hades. The real one.

“They lost her,” he informs me, blowing out a cloud of smoke as he curses under his breath. “One of them said she scoped out the place, had a few drinks, and pushed away several of the males who approached her. Now, why would a beautiful succubus be in a bar full of men just to have some drinks and leave without coming to me for approval?”

“I’ll find Victor and we will hunt for her tonight,” I offer. As much as I hate being what I am, I know that being exposed to the humans would be so much worse.

“Find her and bring her to me,” he orders, then vanishes into the night.

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Rocked (A Rockstar Reverse Harem Novel) Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

Rocked Releases July 10th! (Links Below)




Chapter 1

Albuquerque, NM


My job is to keep them on track and make sure they are where they need to be before, during, and after the show.

Interviews? No problem.

Appearances outside of the arenas? Easy-peasy.

Keeping the shows running like a well-oiled machine? Piece of fucking cake.

Cycle of Sin is currently sitting at number one on every rock chart ever published, and I am their tour manager, Bristol Mateo. I’ve been with them for two years now, and I’ve seen it all. The term “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” was coined for a reason.

Until recently, I didn’t let it bother me. They’re rockstars, and the lifestyle they lead has always been a bit hardcore, but over this current tour, they’ve been…different, and I don’t know what the fuck is going on with them.

The partying is still there. The backstage shenanigans continue each night and at every arena. The one thing I don’t get is the band whores. They are no longer around. The band’s new security team has kept them out of the green room and off the bus since we left Los Angeles two weeks ago. Whatever the reason, I was not informed.

Another thing that is fucking with my head? They’ve become more protective of me. Why? I have no damn clue. It’s not like this is my first rodeo. I’ve had my fair share of creepy dudes hit on me, grope me, and even beg me to marry them. Not until this tour has it ever been a problem. Now, with the new security team, I’m being watched like a hawk, and anyone that gets near me is intercepted by Linc, my new ex-military bodyguard.

Don’t get me wrong, Linc is hot as hell; big blue eyes, short brown hair, uber muscular, and could probably bench press me over his cock if he was my type of guy, but he’s not. No, that’s the problem. I have five guys that take up my entire world, and I don’t have time for another man to deal with every night. The band is enough for me.

I don’t even know why I think about this shit hours before a show. I have work to do, and since the arena isn’t open to the public yet, I’ve taken it upon myself to set up the merch booth. With the number of fans who come to see them every night, we have team of people who sell the souvenirs to the fans so that I can focus on the band, but everyone is currently passed out on the bus after the partying lasted until sunrise on their night off. I’m also a bit of a control freak, and I love setting up the display before anyone gets into the arena. And it’s my alone time.

“Bristol?” a familiar voice calls to me in a scolding manner. I already know who it is, and I ignore him while I balance myself on a rickety stool to hang shirts on the metal rack system we have. “Damn it, Bristol Mateo, get down from there!”

“Oh, my god, Dean,” I gasp when his arms wrap around my small waist and pull me from the stool. My arms circle as I try to gain my balance, but he doesn’t let me go. The lead singer for Cycle of Sin turns me in his arms, and I slide down his long torso, trying my hardest to ignore the feel of his abs on the way down to the floor. My fingers dance over his fully tattooed arms, and I release him when I feel an electric shock to my soul.

“You know better than to do that by yourself,” he groans, slicking his long black hair to the back of his head. I recently shaved the sides to give him a mohawk look, and it seems to be a hit with the fans. It wasn’t done for looks. We did it because of how sweaty he gets on stage. The shorter sides keep him somewhat cool during the hour and a half he performs each night. “Why didn’t you call Heath in to help you?”

“Heath needs to sleep,” I answer and roll my eyes. “He stayed up late partying with you, and I wanted to let the crew sleep a little longer so that they would be ready for tonight’s show.”

“With me?” Dean balks, his beautiful green eyes widened in humor. His hair falls forward and covers one of his eyes as he leans in to get close to my face. “It wasn’t just me who was partying. Blame Hunter for that little fiasco last night, and don’t tell me you weren’t having fun either.”

Hunter, our drummer, is the wild one. He’s always the first one to get things going and usually the last one to crash and burn. The other guys, Sebastian, Evan, and Austin were just as guilty for the all-nighter. It’s almost two in the afternoon and everyone is still passed out in their bunks.

“I had fun, until I gave up and locked myself in the back bedroom,” I shrug. The tour bus consists of nine bunks and a back room that had been converted from a lounge area to my bedroom. I’m the only female on the bus, and of course, I called dibs on it when I took the job. None of them protested, so I moved in and that’s where I sleep.

“You missed a lot of craziness,” Dean laughs and reaches for a box of CD’s. I take them from him and make a shooing motion.

“You need to rest, too.”

“I couldn’t sleep anymore,” he admits.

“Why not?” I layer the discs on the table and make sure the remaining ones are within reach for the merch crew when the show starts. CDs and tour shirts always sold fast.

“Because, I heard you up at some ungodly hour this morning,” he rolls his eyes. “I knew you’d be in here as soon as the arena opened the doors for us to load in.”

“Well, we have to get things unloaded. The big truck was already here when we arrived early this morning.” The big truck is the eighteen-wheeler that houses all of their equipment and lights. The production for the show is state of the art, and there is a massive crew who’s in charge of getting things set up as quickly as possible. Tear down is just as fast. I have nothing to do with the set up, lights, equipment, or anything else regarding the stage production. We have a team of people who are in charge of that.

“Have you eaten anything?” he asks. Geez, what is it with him?

“No,” I shake my head. “I’ll grab something in a bit.”

A hand lands on my wrist, and I glance up into his emerald green eyes. Dean is a worrier to the fullest. He wants everyone to be cared for, and while I appreciate it, I don’t need to be coddled.

“Come have lunch with me, at least,” he states. It isn’t a question, either. “This can wait for the others to finish.”

“Are you sure you don’t need to clear that with Linc?” I know I’m being sarcastic, but they already knew how much I hated having a bodyguard.

“Actually, I cleared it with Wes,” he shrugs. Wes is the head of their security team and takes his job seriously…almost too seriously. “Which is another reason why I came to find you. You ditched Linc.”

“Great,” I roll my eyes.

“Leave the merch table for Heath,” Dean demands, reaching for my hand. He removes the CD’s and sets them on the table. My awful OCD has me cringing at the thought of just leaving them there in an unorganized mess. “I mean it, Bristol. You need to eat.”

“Fine,” I sigh and let him lead me back through the arena and out to the bus. As I open the door, the smell of fresh coffee reaches my nose, and I inhale deeply. The sound of two more voices surprises me, because I find our two guitarists already sitting on the leather couch with cups in hand.

Evan Miles, our lead guitarist, with his brown eyes and soft pouty lips, watches me over the rim of his cup as I pass. Austin Zane, our rhythm guitarist, with pretty-boy bleached hair that’s undercut and hangs in his pale blue eyes, does the same. I ignore them and make myself a cup, choosing to take a seat in the small dinette instead of joining them on the couch.

“Sound check is at four,” I tell them and take a sip of coffee. “Food will be available after you’re done. I’ll have that set up.”

“You need to eat something before then,” Dean reminds me.

“Yes, dad,” I growl and sip more coffee. His eyes heat with my words, and I look away as if I don’t see them.

“Why are you so sassy this morning?” Hunter asks as he emerges from the bunk area. His black hair is all in disarray, but he doesn’t seem to care as he fumbles for a coffee cup. He pushes the hair out of his eyes and scratches the back of his head where the undercut is shaved close to the scalp. He’s wearing nothing but a pair of loose-fitting basketball shorts without a shirt, and the massive Chinese dragon wrapped around a crying woman tattooed on his back stands out as he fumbles around in the fridge.

“I’m always sassy on show days,” I tease. “You know this.”

A cup of fruit is set in front of me, and I glance up at Hunter. He may be the wild one, but he knows me better than the others. “I don’t even need to ask if you’ve eaten today.”

I take the fork he offers and dig into my food to keep them happy. I swear, some days, I want to hug them, and on other days…I want to strangle each and every one of them.

“Thank you,” I say. All of them relax, and Dean turns on the television. He finds a movie, and they all sit quietly while they try to shake the night before and work through what I’m sure is a mediocre hangover.

“What time is it?” Sebastian, our bassist, yawns as he appears in a pair of baggy shorts. His long, wavy blond hair is up in a sloppy manbun, and he yawns again while he rubs at the back of his neck.

“It’s two-thirty,” I mumbled around a strawberry.

“Man, what the fuck did we do last night? I feel terrible.” Sebastian is usually all business, but he still likes to let loose on the days we have off, last night being one of them.

“I have no fucking clue,” Hunter mumbles and leans his head back against the couch, closing his eyes.

Dean’s eyes flash over to mine, and I immediately open up my phone so that I don’t have to look at him. Things got out of hand the night before, and I’m hoping Hunter and Sebastian don’t mention it. Obviously, Dean remembers it all, because he stayed mostly sober the night before.

Evan doesn’t comment, and I breathe a sigh of relief when Austin makes an excuse to shower and heads back to the bunks. I down my coffee and put my dishes in the sink. “I’m heading back in. You guys need to rest some more. I’ll come get you for sound check.”

“Bristol?” Dean calls out before I can make my escape. I cringe and turn around. Four pair of eyes are staring at me, and I shake my head in a silent plea for them to just let me go.

“I really need to go,” I plea. “I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today.”

“We need to talk about last night,” Hunter says, looking a bit more awake.

“No,” I shake my head. “No, we don’t. Just forget about it. I already have.”

“So, you’re just going to forget that at some point in the evening, every one of us kissed you?” Dean stands and starts to walk toward me but pauses when I hold out my hand for him to stop.

“Yes, yes, I am,” I say and make a hasty exit from the bus. I hear at least three of them let out a string of vicious curses as I close the door.




My name is Bristol Mateo, and I am the tour manager for the #1 rock band, Cycle of Sin. It takes a lot to keep a band of five rockstars on schedule, but I’ve been doing it for just over two years now.

As a new tour begins, I find myself confused over what happened after a night of partying between shows. The kiss from each of them is laced with enough power to destroy me, and my mind is riddled with guilt over the things I feel for them individually.

Dean, Evan, Hunter, Sebastian, and Austin heat my body in ways that are deemed immoral. As we tour across the world, I find myself falling for each of them equally. When they vow their hearts to me as one, I realize I am meant to be loved by them all.

I belong to Cycle of Sin, and Cycle of Sin belongs to me.

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/825658

B&N Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1128633586…


Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/…/rocked-a-rockstar-reverse-harem-novel

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07CYGT4RG

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07CYGT4RG

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CYGT4RG

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2rsGbWI



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First Look at Ranger (Rise of the Pride, Book 5)

First Look at Ranger!

**Raw, Unedited, and Subject to Change**

Coming this Summer!

Copyright 2017 Theresa Hissong


Ranger Final

Chapter One

Leopard set vector

I am hunted by the one who promised to keep me safe.

I will fight for my freedom, and if the time comes that I am found,

I will gladly take my place in the afterlife.

For I am not afraid to die to find peace.

Leopard set vector 

Hope Alexander drove her old, baby blue Camaro across the state line into Mississippi with the windows rolled down, her jet black hair tickling the side of her neck as the ponytail flailed around in the breeze. The weakness in her body, from not being close to an alpha, was taking a toll on her, but she was determined to make it to the Shaw pride.

Leaving her home was necessary when the old alpha had died and a new alpha had taken over. Her brother, Kraven, contacted the Shaw pride in hopes that they would take her in. She’d heard of the pride through her brother and the news outlets who’d interviewed Talon Shaw when the secret of their kind had been exposed to the humans.

Thankfully, there had been minimal panic and chaos around the announcement, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t discriminated against when out in the human world. She’d been denied food twice on her trip when she’d stopped at diners in two different cities. By the time she reached Birmingham, Alabama, her stomach was rumbling with the need for protein. Gas station snacks just weren’t helping keep her panther satisfied.

The state run rest stop was the only place she felt comfortable stopping to stretch her legs and to make the call to the local alpha.

“Hope?” the alpha answered on the first ring.

“Yes, sir,” she sighed, her eyes scanning her surroundings.

“I’ve been worried about you,” he said, his deep voice booming through the line. She knew that his alpha powers wouldn’t affect her, but just hearing the voice of the leader put her at ease. “You should’ve been here by now.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” she replied, her voice cracking on the end. God, she hated feeling scared and weak, but she knew she was on the verge of dying without an alpha. All of her toughness was gone…completely nonexistent. “I stopped for several hours in middle Alabama.”

“What happened, Hope?” Talon asked, his voice dropping an octave as the concern bled through the line.

“Um, well…I had to let my panther free.”

“You shifted?” he snarled. “Alone?”

“Well, sir…” she paused, feeling tears well up in her eyes. Her throat tightened, and for once since she left her old home, she admitted to herself that she was afraid. She hated…absolutely hated feeling out of control.

“Hope?” he called out. The worry in the alpha’s voice was that of a father. Hearing someone say her name with care brought the tears over her lashes, and she hiccupped when the emotions got the better of her. Kraven was the only one she had left, and now, she was without her brother. “Hope? Talk to me?”

“I’m…I’m sorry, alpha,” she cried, bending over at the waist. Thankfully, she’d parked at the furthest end of the rest stop and close to the ramp that led back onto the highway. There was no one around to see her have a breakdown. “I’m hungry and tired. I’m weak.”

“Have you not eaten?” Talon Shaw asked.

“Not really, sir,” she admitted, pushing her fist into her stomach. God, it felt like her stomach was gnawing on her backbone. “The diners I stopped at wouldn’t serve me because they knew I was a shifter. So, I pulled off at dusk last night and spent several hours in the woods. I didn’t find much to eat.” In fact, all her panther caught was a small rabbit. It helped with her energy, but that burned off within a few hours.

“Where exactly are you?” he snarled.

Hope told the alpha where she was and he assured her that she was only a couple of hours away from the pride’s land. “You come straight here and do not stop for any reason. If you do, you are to call me right away. There is a gate at the road, and my Guardian, Ranger, will be there waiting for you.”

“Thank you, sir,” she breathed, wiping the last of her tears away.

“Be strong, Hope,” Talon whispered. “Kraven is counting on you to get here.”

Her brother had hidden her for the past several weeks in a cabin far away from her old pride. When Kraven came to tell her it was time to flee, he’d grabbed her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes, begging her to get to the Shaw pride as quickly as possible. It’d been too damn long since she’d been around the new alpha, and she had already started to feel the weakness creeping into her body.

“I’ll be there before dark,” she promised, squaring her shoulders and dropping into the driver’s seat. She had to get there before it was too late, and her old alpha came looking for her. When he did find her, and she knew that he would at some point, Hope was sure that her life would never be the same again.

Leopard set vector

“Evie,” Ranger huffed. “You need to focus.”

Ranger Coleman watched as the female ripped at her gloves with her teeth, slinging them to the ground. Her canines were showing and her eyes were completely amber. Her panther was pissed and from the look of it, Evie was letting her frustrations get the better of her.

“Fuck off, Ranger,” she snarled, flopping down on the bench. She wiped a hand over her sweaty face and closed her eyes. “I was doing so well yesterday.”

Ranger walked up and took his knee in front of her. The female was growing in so many ways. The muscles in her arms were filing out and her gait was confident. Occasionally, she’d have bad days when everything would filter through her hard work and she would crash.

“Hey,” he whispered, taking her chin. Ranger swallowed hard when her eyes leveled out and her panther recessed, leaving her natural icy blue eyes focused on his.

“What?” Evie reached up to wrap her hand around his wrist. Ranger froze from her touch, closing his eyes. The female had been looking at him differently the past few weeks. He needed to nip her interest in the bud immediately.

“Evie,” he sighed, reaching up with his other hand to remove hers. As soon as she released him, he dropped his hold of her chin and watched as her hand fell haphazardly onto the tops of her thighs. “We are not mates.”

“I…I know,” she blushed. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Emotions, Evie,” he said, dropping to his ass and bringing his knees up to wrap his arms around them. “You are on a rollercoaster. Not as much as you were weeks ago, but it’s still there.”

“God.” Evie gave out a short laugh and stood from her seat. “I feel like an idiot.”

“Nah,” Ranger shrugged. “I’m just hot.”

“Whatever,” she chuckled, rolling her eyes as she picked up her gloves. “I need to go.”

“Me, too,” he said, climbing to his feet. “I have gate duty.”

“I’m going home,” she replied. “Have a good night at work.”

They left to go their separate ways, Ranger looking over his shoulder at the female. She was stunning, but not his. His beast had no interest in her. Kye was her destined mate. There was no doubt about it.

He left his truck at the dorm and walked down to the gate at the road. On the way there, the young cub, Duke, was in his little panther form, running circles around his mother and a few of the children she watched over during the day. It was getting close to time for them to be picked up by their families.

“It’s about time you got here,” Noah, the alpha’s middle brother, grumbled.

“What crawled up your ass?” Ranger dropped his bag behind the chair and his eyes scanned the monitors.

“Nothing,” Noah replied, scooping up his phone. “I’ll see you later.”

“Okay,” Ranger drawled. Whatever was wrong with Noah, he was sure would come out eventually. That boy wasn’t quite right in the head anyway.

An incoming text had Ranger frowning at his phone. Talon said to be on the lookout for Kraven’s sister. The female would be arriving any moment.

Call me as soon as she arrives.

Ranger stepped out of the small building at the entrance to the pride’s land. He wasn’t sure what type of car she would be driving, but he would know if she was one of them when she arrived. Unlike the wolves who masked their stench with oils, shifters knew each other by scent.

He squinted his eyes against the setting sun as an older Camaro turned into the gravel drive and stopped. He blinked twice when he saw the female behind the wheel. She was stunning. Her hair was jet black and pulled away from her face, her ice blue eyes were large, but what made him frown was the dark circles under her them.

“I’m Hope Alexander. Kraven’s sister,” she announced, her pouty lips looked dry and cracked. “The alpha is expecting me.”

Ranger’s panther snarled in his head when the scent of something sweet drifted out of the car. His beast pushed forward, whining in his head to provide for the female…to demand that she tell him why she looked so weak. Hadn’t Kraven just called a few days ago about his sister’s arrival? How long had she been away from an alpha?

“I’m Ranger,” he announced, swallowing down the lump of dread that lodged in his throat. His chest ached and his mind swirled with worry over the new arrival. What the fuck was wrong with him? “Are you okay?”

“No,” she sighed, her shoulders slumping. “I need to see the alpha.”

Ranger grabbed his cell phone and stepped back into the small building by the gate, placing the call to Talon. The moment his alpha answered, he barked orders for Hope to be brought up to the main house.

“Talon, she’s weak,” Ranger snarled into the phone.

“Drive her up here,” Talon ordered. “I have food waiting, and Harold is already in place.”

“Yes, sir,” Ranger replied, dropping the call. He took four steps and was at the driver’s side door, pulling it open wide. The female’s eyes widened, but she didn’t speak.

“Scoot over,” Ranger ordered, pulling open the door. “Talon wants me to drive you up to the main house.”

“I’m not going to complain,” she grinned, but it was forced. “I’m so tired.” He watched as she unbuckled slowly, her movements sluggish. She huffed as she lifted her small body over to the passenger side. She rested her head against the window and closed her eyes.

“I know,” Ranger replied, putting the car into drive. He wanted to slam his foot down on the gas as his panther snarled at him to help the female.

As soon as they reached the alpha’s home, the door was pulled open and Liberty came rushing out. She immediately reached for the handle and wrenched the door open wide as Ranger told Hope to sit up. “My name is Liberty Shaw, and I am the mate to the alpha. May I give you aide into the house?”

“Please, ma’am,” Hope said, her head rolled back on her shoulders against the back rest of the seat. “I just can’t do it myself.”

Liberty pulled the woman from the car, looping an arm over her shoulders. Ranger’s body vibrated with the need to help, but he didn’t want to scare the female by touching her. His panther relaxed when Harold appeared at the door wearing his special gloves to be able to touch the female. As far as he knew, Hope wasn’t mated, but Ranger was certain the doctor didn’t want to take any chances.

“Hope,” Talon spoke as Liberty sat her on the couch in the living room. The alpha knelt at the new arrival’s feet, his brow pushed forward as he took in her appearance. “My name is Talon Shaw.”

“Hello,” she mumbled, her pouty lips trying to form another smile.

“She needs you, alpha,” Harold barked, his eyes scanning the room. “Now.”

Thankfully, most of the pride had left the main house when word had reached them that Hope had arrived in bad shape. Ranger was sure that Talon had ordered them to leave. Booth and Noah left out the back door quietly. Ranger could see their silhouettes through the curtains as they stood like sentries on the back porch.

Talon reached out and lifted her chin, knowing that his touch would never hurt a female, mated or not, because he was the alpha. Ranger’s panther paced in his mind, whining and snarling at the obvious weakness in the female. His chest ached as he watched Talon work his magic over her.

“Take the blood of my pride and you will be one of us. Refuse and you will die. I will honor your place in my pride and protect you as you will be one of my blood,” Talon said before biting into his wrist. The scent of the alpha’s blood drifted through the air, and it didn’t take but a second for Hope to reach out for his offering.

Ranger touched the center of his chest as he felt his own panther push forward when Hope growled low in her throat. The dark haired female bucked as the alpha’s blood reached her system. She groaned and slid off the couch, falling to her knees. Liberty pushed past her mate as the female began to shift.

“Males, out!” Liberty began pulling at Hope’s clothes, speaking soft words to Hope as the change came over her. “Easy, now. Don’t fight the shift.”

Ranger immediately stepped outside the front door and waited for Hope’s panther to make an appearance. It wasn’t that he was worried about her being seen naked. Hell, they all had no problems with nudity, but a panther being accepted into a new pride was usually surrounded with nervous energy. The last thing the Shaw pride wanted to do was to make the new member feel uncomfortable on their first shift.

“She’s going to be fine now,” Talon said, pulling his phone from his pocket. “I need to call her brother. Would you mind running with her?”

“No, not at all,” Ranger said, pulling at his shirt. Liberty appeared at the front door and peeked outside, a worried look flashed across her face when she made eye contact with Ranger. Talon spoke to his mate quickly and put the phone to his ear.

“Ranger will run with you,” Liberty spoke to the panther who was standing behind the alpha’s mate as if she was using Liberty as protection. “Go on. He will keep you safe on our land.”

As soon as the panther came into sight, Ranger dropped his pants and let his beast free. The change was instant, and his human side relaxed when the ache in his damaged leg eased. His animal swung its head to the side to look for the female, and his eyes narrowed when she came into view. Ranger started to move toward her, but what stopped him in his tracks was the massive white scar on the panther’s right side. It started on top of her shoulder and ran all the way down to her hind leg. His panther screamed from the anger at her being hurt, sending Hope’s beast fleeing for the cover of the forest.


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Winter (Rise of the Pride, book 2) Chapter One

Winter Ebook Final

Here is your first chapter of Winter’s book…

(Raw, Unedited, and Subject to Change)

Chapter One

A storm raged outside as Nova stomped down the hallway, taking a sharp left, heading for Liberty’s office at the back of the bar. Her temper was getting the best of her and she’d had enough. She didn’t even bother knocking as she pushed the door open wide, startling her sister who was sitting behind the desk, going over bills. Liberty gasped, but didn’t say anything, her face looking pale.

“I’ve had it!” Nova barked, throwing her hands in the air.

“What’s wrong?” Liberty demanded, her new ice blue eyes flickering amber. Her sister was now part of the pride…a shifter. She’d been changed into a panther when a group of werewolves had held her and one of the young girls from the pride in a cabin, torturing them until Talon had shown up to save the day. Liberty had been beaten almost to the point of death. Talon, her mate, had made the decision to turn her to save her life.

“Pride whores,” Nova snarled. “These women are in here every damn day, trying their best to get themselves one of the pride to mate them. I just had to kick three of them out of here for trying to get their claws into the Guardians.” She wouldn’t admit it but that blonde bitch that was all but humping Winter’s leg was lucky she didn’t get punched in the throat.

“I don’t know what the hell I have to do to get them to stop coming in here and chasing the Guardians,” Liberty cursed, resting her head in her hand. Nova frowned at her sister’s sudden exhaustion. She’d been working a lot lately, opening the bar and staying as late as possible.

“Are you okay?” Nova asked, taking a step toward the desk. When she moved closer, she noticed that not only was Liberty’s face pale, it looked a little green. “Liberty?”

“Oh, God. I’m going to be sick!” Liberty barked, jumping from her seat. She darted around the desk and barely made it to the office bathroom before retching up whatever she’d had for lunch.

“What the hell?” Nova gasped, rushing to her side. She immediately knelt beside her sister, pulling her long brown hair back from her face. “I didn’t think shifters got sick.”

“They don’t,” Liberty groaned, turning her head to expel into the toilet again.

“Then what’s wrong?” Nova worried, unsure of what she needed to do.

“I think I’m pregnant,” Liberty cried. “No. I know I’m pregnant!”

“Oh. My. God!” Nova gasped, scrambling from her spot on the floor. She grabbed a couple of paper towels, running them under the cold tap before ringing them out. She returned to her sister’s side and held them to the back of her neck. “I’m going to be an aunt!”

“Yeah,” Liberty moaned, leaning back against the wall. “I don’t even know how to explain it. The other females had told me that I would know when I was pregnant. Something about it being part of my nature. When I woke up this morning, I knew. I’m so confused. I don’t even know how far along I am. I just started feeling weird this morning and then I was so tired. This was the first time I threw up.”

“What did Talon say?” Nova asked, stroking a strand of hair back from her sister’s forehead. “I bet he’s beside himself with joy.”

“He doesn’t know,” Liberty admitted closing her eyes.

“Uh, don’t you think it would be a good idea to tell him?” Nova asked, raising a curious brow.

“The females said that he would know just from my scent, but he was already gone when I woke up this morning. He had meetings at City Hall again.” Liberty slowly climbed to her feet, holding the wall for a moment to steady herself. “I don’t want to bother him.”

“Go…lay on the couch,” Nova ordered, helping her out of the bathroom. “You need to tell him, because if he finds out you were working and sick, he’s not going to be happy.”

“Okay,” Liberty sighed, dropping down onto the old couch that sat against the wall in the bar’s office. Nova frowned. It wasn’t like her sister to not put up a fight about being told what to do. “I’ll call him later.”

Before Nova could call Talon herself, a swift knock sounded on the office door. She quickly hurried over, opening the door slightly. Winter and Dane, two of the pride’s Guardians stood there. Dane started to speak, but froze before his words sounded. Both men’s nostrils flared as they inhaled a breath, tilting their heads to the side.

Nova stepped back as both men stepped forward, their gazes narrowing on Liberty. Liberty gasped when both men dropped to their knees beside the couch, but neither one of the men touched her sister. They knew that it would cause her pain and Talon would have their heads if they did anything to cause his mate harm.

“Does he know?” Winter asked, his voice full of concern.

“What?” she asked, a confused look crossing her sister’s face.

“You’re with young,” Winter said in awe and ran his large hand over his short cropped blond hair. Nova’s brow raised when both men began to purr softly. They looked at Liberty as if she were the most beautiful thing in the world. Nova knew it was part of their panther nature, and had heard about some of their ways from other females of the pride when she’d been there visiting Liberty one afternoon, but it was really strange to see it first-hand. The panthers could scent a pregnancy and the men found the scent to be soothing. A female who was pregnant was the most cherished thing in their lives.

“You can tell, too?” she groaned.

“Your scent,” Winter paused, his brows pushed forward. “Does our alpha know?”

“No,” Liberty said, shaking her head. “Nova was just about to call him.”

“I’ll call,” Winter demanded, pulling his phone out, but paused when Liberty held her hand up for him to stop.

“Don’t tell him,” Liberty ordered.

“I would never take that right from you,” Winter frowned, turning toward the other Guardian who was standing at attention at the door. “Secure the hallway.”

“What?” Nova asked, suddenly confused. “What the hell, Winter? She’s pregnant, not in danger.”

“All females with young are protected,” Winter said, his eyes swinging back toward her sister lying on the couch. She’d covered up with a throw blanket that was kept over the back of the couch when the office became chilly on a cold day before lowering his voice. “An alpha’s mate is the most protected of all females, and any male would give their life to save that of the alpha’s mate and their young.”

“Okay,” Nova nodded.

She tried her best to ignore the man who’d taken up her every thought during the past few months. That was, until she’d accepted a date from one of the guys that frequented the bar. When Winter had found out about it, he’d raised hell, saying Perry was a loser and wasn’t worthy. Nova had yelled at him and refused to allow him to watch over the house she lived in alone. Dane had become her new bodyguard since the wolves, who’d almost killed Liberty, were still at large. Winter had been furious, but so had Nova.

Winter’s ice blue stare followed her as she crossed the room, kneeling beside her sister. Nova didn’t need to see his face to know that he watched her closely. He’d been doing it for months.

“Can I get you anything?” Nova asked, stroking the hair back from her sister’s face.

“Ginger ale?” she asked.

“I’ll get it,” Dane spoke up, his eyes never leaving Liberty. “You stay with your sister.” The moment Dane took off down the hall, Winter stepped to the door, blocking anyone from entering. Nova shook her head, thinking that they were being a little too protective, but didn’t say anything.

The Guardian returned quickly with a tall glass for Liberty, placing it on the ground so that Nova could pick it up without touching him. She’d become accustom to the no touching policy these men adhered to with any females.

“Oh, that’s good,” Liberty sighed, handing the glass back to Nova. She stood up to place it on the desk when she heard the sound of her sister’s mate and the alpha of the Shaw pride bark, “Where is she?”

The moment the office door opened, Talon Shaw stood there, his wide shoulders touching the door frame, his eyes sparking amber. Rain drops glistened in his dark hair. He inhaled deep and moved forward, dropping to his knees. His large hand pressed softly against Liberty’s stomach.

“Liberty?” he asked, his voice sounding thick like he was about to shed tears. One moment, Liberty was on the couch…the next, Talon had scooped her up into his arms and spun her around as he shouted out his happiness. “I’m going to be a father!”

“Put me down, Talon!” Liberty barked, turning green again. “Now!”

“Let her go, Talon,” Nova warned with a grin, thankful her sister didn’t lose her ginger ale on her mate. Talon saw the look on Liberty’s face and rushed her toward the bathroom. The sound of Liberty getting sick was cut off when Talon kicked the door closed with his booted foot.

Nova smiled at her sister’s mate and his obvious concern as she left the office, almost running into Winter as he leaned against the wall in the hallway just outside the door. The big blond jumped back almost three feet, his eyes wide.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, sliding past him so that she wouldn’t even get close to touching him. She didn’t have time to worry about the damn Guardian. Nova had somewhere she needed to be.

“Where are you going?” he asked, following her down the hallway and looming over her just outside of reach. She didn’t need him bothering her or asking questions, because if he knew where she was heading, Nova was sure he’d raise hell, again.

“Cole,” Nova called out, ignoring the panther at her back as she leaned against the bar. “I’m out of here. Liberty will be leaving soon, too. She isn’t feeling very well. Call me if you need anything.”

As she made her way out of the bar, Winter growled behind her when the door closed in his face. Nova cringed when she heard him push through with a curse.

“I asked you a question,” he barked. He used his long legs to move in front of Nova, trying to stop her from getting to her car, but she walked around him with a scowl on her face. “Are you going out with him again?”

“That’s none of your business,” Nova replied, gritting her teeth. She really didn’t want to talk to him about the fact that she was going home to get ready for another date with Perry. The last time that happened, Winter had lost his temper and Dane had to send him away. “Tell Dane I’m going home.”

“Nova,” he called out, cursing when she shut the door to her car and pulled out onto the two lane highway, heading south to her home. She didn’t even look in the rearview mirror as she sped away, wishing that she was going home to get ready for a date with the panther instead.



Winter pounded his fists into the punching bag in his garage, his mind strictly focused on the area he needed to hit to achieve the best satisfaction. The tightness to his muscles sent a burning fire through his arms that was more than welcomed. Sweat poured down the sides of his face, his back, and his legs. His frustrations were not leaving his mind as well has he’d hoped. His panther was pacing, upset over one tiny woman.

She was out on a fucking date. The little human female that had been eating up his every waking thought for the past two months was on another date with some low life jerk that she had no business hanging around in the first place. The human male was not man enough to handle that little spitfire.

“Fuck,” Winter snarled, feeling his canines thicken in his mouth. He wasn’t jealous. Punch! No, he wasn’t. Punch! He just couldn’t stop thinking about her. Punch! She wasn’t his. Punch! Punch!

Every time he closed his eyes, Winter could see her, laughing at something he’d said or done. He’d watched her from the corner of his eyes most days when he’d stayed in human form to work on putting new locks on the old farmhouse.

He remembered one time that she’d been sitting at the kitchen table, reading a book. It was one of those romance novels she loved so much. The sun had been shining through the kitchen window and caught the side of her face. She’d radiated beauty and he’d been so mesmerized by her that he’d dropped his screwdriver, causing a loud clattering against the tile floor. When she looked up from her book, those brown eyes of hers sparkled and the smile that lit her face had made his heart swell.

They’d been together for weeks while the wolves had caused havoc in their town. He’d thought that he and Nova had become friends, but it’d been Dane who’d been protecting with her at the bar for the past week and a half. The other Guardian had been requested ever since Winter found out that Nova had been seeing this douchebag, Perry. He’d definitely angered her by voicing his concern about the male. That pissed off the little woman, and she refused to talk to him for two days…wouldn’t even look at him.

It wasn’t his problem. Nova had her own free will and could date whoever she damn well pleased. She wasn’t his mate.

Or was she?

He wouldn’t even know, because he refused to touch her. He didn’t want to take that chance, just as his alpha did with Nova’s sister, Liberty. Granted, it was an accidental moment when his alpha touched the female, but he didn’t stop himself from having contact with Liberty’s skin.

He didn’t want to damn Nova to a life as a panther. Being a human once, Winter knew the pain of the transformation. Liberty had been lucky. She was already comatose when Talon had forced his blood down her throat and the healer had given her enough sedative to at least make her forget the hours she screamed in pain in the main house. No one ever told the alpha’s mate about those horrible three days, but everyone remembered it all too well.

Winter had never forgotten the pain…the begging for death as his body accepted the blood, making him change into something lethal. He was different now, bigger. He’d been an average sized human five years ago, barely six foot tall and less than two hundred pounds. Now, he towered over many of his pride. At six foot five and almost three hundred pound of muscle…Winter wasn’t one to cross.

There was something in the shifter’s blood that made him grow, and grow large he did. He had strength that no human male, no matter his size, would have even with the best training. A werepanther could run at speeds faster than any of his animal cousins. Yes, he was a paranormal creature only once thought to be a myth.

As a human, he’d lived in the worst parts of Memphis, trying to keep himself alive while caring for his mother and baby sister. They’d both died the night everything changed. Winter squinted his eyes, trying not to remember that night, but like always, when he let down his guard…the memories came back.

They’d been at home, the family gathered for a rare family meal. His mother was attempting to stay clean and had cooked a decent meal for them. He was twenty and his baby sister was only eleven. The conversation had strayed to her schoolwork and how he’d just gotten a job with Shaw Security Specialist, making enough money that he planned on moving them out of the slums within the next few months. That was…until the front windows shattered, bullets flying everywhere.

The kitchen was open to the front room and the first bullet hit his mother in the head, ending her life with no suffering. Winter lunged for Summer, his sweet baby sister, but he was too late. A bullet grazed his shoulder and buried itself into her chest. The next one got him in the leg, but at the time he didn’t care. His only worry was for Summer.

She died in his arms, gasping for every breath.

It wasn’t until two days later that he woke up in the hospital. He’d been hit more than just in the leg. He’d taken another bullet to his abdomen, barely missing vital organs. Winter had come alive that day, demanding to be released. He wanted vengeance and he would stop at nothing until he found the people responsible for killing the only family he had.

He checked himself out of the hospital, against doctor’s orders, and made it his life’s mission to find the killers. He checked into a motel for the first night, planning and preparing. When he arrived at work the next morning, everything changed.

As he stepped in the office, two pairs of icy blue eyes swung in his direction. Savage, his then boss, and the owner’s brother, Noah glared at him, their nostrils flaring in what he thought at the time was anger. He’d not had a chance to even explain what had happened before he collapsed on the floor from a fever he didn’t even realize he had…or the infection that almost took his life.

They’d smelled the infection with their super human senses. Of course, Winter didn’t know that at the time, but now he understood. It was either let him die…or change him. He remembered Savage telling him as much and apologizing for the next few days when the pain would subside enough for Winter to hold a coherent thought.

The day he opened his eyes, and he wasn’t in pain, Winter stumbled around the room on all fours and thought he was going insane. There was something taking up his brain…his thoughts. No, it wasn’t something…it was someone…

His panther.

Savage had calmed him and had taken him under his wing for the next several months, teaching him how to live and thrive. They grew to be brothers in all ways, even blood. It’d been Savage who’d changed him on Noah’s urging, and in the end…he was thankful for everything they’d done.

The men who’d killed his mother and baby sister were found. The extent of their injuries were unexplainable and they died painfully. It was the right thing to do and Winter had no remorse for the actions of that night he and a few Guardians went hunting in the city.

His phone rang, interrupting his workout. Winter frowned when he saw it was the sheriff’s department phone number. He’d been working with them on a missing child case last week and he thought everything was taken care of when he and Savage found the kid hiding in the woods about a mile from the playground she’d walked away from only a few hours prior.

“Winter,” he answered.

“Winter, it’s Sheriff Lynch,” he announced. “I need to get in touch with Liberty, but she isn’t answering her phone.”

“What’s going on?” Winter asked, going on instant alert. “Is there something wrong at the bar?”

“I really need to speak with Liberty,” the sheriff replied, a heavy sigh sounded through the phone. Winter’s panther sat up straighter in his mind. Warning bells were going off in his head and he knew this had nothing to do with the bar.

“Is it Nova?” he growled, his panther prowled angrily.

“Do you know where Liberty is or not?” the other man asked. “I have to notify the next of kin before I can say anything.”

A deafening roar left Winter’s mouth as the words sank in…words he’d wished he’d never heard again. His knees hit the floor as a pain worse than this first shift struck him in the center of his chest.

“Wait!” the sheriff gasped. “Nova is alive, but she’s at the Methodist Hospital. I need you to find Liberty and bring her here.”

“What happened?” Winter snarled, his canines so thick in his mouth that he tasted blood on his lip where they’d nicked the tender skin.

“I really need you to get Liberty,” he replied. “Now, Winter. It’s urgent.”

“I’m on my way,” Winter snarled, disconnecting the call. His panther struggled for dominance, but Winter shoved him back. Now was not the time to go on a hunt to find the human and kill him. As soon as he knew that Nova was okay, he would let his panther out to play. It’d been a long time since Winter had gone on a good hunt.

Copyright 2016 Theresa Hissong

Look for Winter’s book, Coming August 2016!


Have you read Talon, book 1 in the Rise of the Pride series?

Get the first book for 99 cents at the links below!

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Twenty (20) Minutes…

***Warning: Graphic ***(Pictured below are Sexual Assault Kits aka. Rape Kits and these are photos from Google that are candy coated to give you an idea of what’s inside. But I can guarantee that when they are used, they are not this well put together for show.)

What has this world come to that women are seen as nothing more than an orifice for a man’s demented torture?

Did I get your attention?


Then close your eyes for a moment and put yourself into the victim’s shoes. Imagine what she went through…the residual feeling of her rape.

It’s not something you want to think about, huh?

I’m going to start by telling you that I am not the only one writing a post about the rapist. I am also not the only one who is outraged.

And that last statement is a good thing.

Because it’s time we stop sticking our heads in the sand, ignoring what is happening to women and fight back!

Stop fucking looking away when this topic is brought up because it makes you feel weird! How the hell do you think the victims feel? I wouldn’t use “weird” as an answer.

Just twenty (20) minutes ago, I watched the CNN reporter read the victims statement. (the abbreviated one for TV)

Just twenty (20) minutes ago, my heart shattered for a woman I don’t even know.

Just twenty (20) minutes…that’s the estimated time the rapist’s father coined as his son’s “getting action”.

Twenty (20) minutes of sick satisfaction by a sick piece of shit who felt he had every right to violate this woman with “foreign objects” while she lay unconscious behind a dumpster.

This woman was processed and sent on her way home without being told anything. She found out everything from the news! Her own rape and assault was told to the media before it was ever told to her…the woman who’d been violated.

Do you know all of these people screaming about their “rights” to make $15 an hour working at McDonald’s?

Where the hell was this woman’s “rights”?

Why did her “rights” get published right next to the weekly weather?

The state of this society sickens me. Women have fought for equality since the beginning of time. We have risen above so much to show that we are not helpless twits without brains.

When are we going to stop slapping the hand of men who think it’s okay to take their liberties with a woman and punish them for not being able to control their dicks?

What is it going to take to stop the violence?

What is it going to take to stop some sick and twisted waste of fucking space who gets off on raping an unconscious woman for his own satisfaction?
Our world is not improving and I fear that these instances will continue to increase.

I encourage women everywhere to take a self defense class…learn to handle a gun…train yourself to fight back.

If you don’t take the class, please at least put your pre-teen and teenage daughters into a class. Give them the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves, because we all know that in twenty (20) minutes, a woman’s life can be drastically changed…forever.

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Sneak Peek at “Winter” Rise of the Pride, Book 2…Coming Soon!

Black Leopard, 6 years old, in front of a white background


Rise of the Pride, Book 2

Here is your first look (unedited) at the second book in the Rise of the Pride series!  Enjoy!

“Can you ask Dane to take me home?” she asked, glancing up into his beautiful eyes that had turned from ice blue to glowing amber.

“Dane is not taking you home,” he snarled, leaning forward. Nova leaned back when his eyes narrowed, his panther taking over. She gasped when Winter opened his mouth to speak and his canines had lengthened. “I trust no one but myself to keep you safe, Nova.”

“Are you just going to yell at me every time I do something stupid?” she whispered. “Because, Winter…I don’t think I can handle that.”

His gasp and predatory snarl froze Nova in her spot for a moment. His head tilted to the side and he leaned forward. She felt the heat rolling off of his body…even smelled the scent she’d come to associate with Winter Blue. It was the same scent she remembered from her dreams. The wildness to his scent drove her insane with lust for this man…this animal. Her breasts tingled and a heaviness settled inside her stomach.

Winter’s glowing eyes locked onto her lips, the tick in his jaw relaxed as he let out a tortured breath, then inhaling again long and slow. Nova braced for the kiss that she knew was coming. She wanted it…she wanted him. A thrill raced through her veins as she realized he was going to finally make contact.

Nova was frozen in the spot there on the bed, not moving…not even breathing. Winter’s face showed the war that was raging in his mind. She knew he had to touch her to know if they were mates, but she wanted so badly to just close the distance between them…to take that decision away from him.

But she wouldn’t do that. He had to come to her, because she already knew her feelings toward the Guardian.

His, however, didn’t align with hers.

“I would never yell at you,” he said, his voice nothing but a deadly whisper. His warm breath caused bumps to raise on her neck. She felt her body relax, although her sex clenched with need. Nova’s breath hitched as he stared deep into her eyes. She wanted to close her own but didn’t. She needed to see the moment they touched for the first time.

“Nova?” Liberty said, walking into the room. Winter jumped up from the bed like he’d been struck, shaking his head to clear whatever was on his mind. “I’m so sorry.”

“I was leaving,” he muttered, walking toward the door. Liberty had to step to the side to allow him to pass, but didn’t say anything about what she’d walked in on.

“I want to go home,” Nova said, her voice cracking as her heart beat fast in her chest. “Liberty, I just want to go home.”

“Okay,” Liberty sighed, looking toward the door. “Okay, I’ll take you home.”


Copyright 2016 Theresa Hissong

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Unsolicited Pictures by DM

Unsolicited Pictures by DM


At some point in my life, I decided to write some dirty romance books. I spent my days, dreaming of muscular men; some with tattoos, some with long hair, some in uniform…some out of uniform. My mind would create scenes of passion, love, and companionship; the ultimate Happily Ever After.

Portrait of a young group of students paying attention in class.


As time passed, interest in not only my books, but my personal life started to grow. I’d have several new friend request on my personal Facebook page every morning. For the first few months, I tried to redirect them to my author page, sending them a link and asking politely that they like that one instead. After awhile, the requests started coming in as I made my way into the book world and as an author. I’d made friends with other authors and then their friends and fans started sending me requests. I found more new people at book signings during events and made a host of new fans/friends there.

In the beginning, I would accept most friend requests, unless the person had no history on their page and the account looked brand new. It goes without saying that 99.999999% of those accounts are spam or worse.

Well, as a lot of you can agree, some of those people get through. It happens. And then…then here come the love letters from foreign lands, the instantly-get-down-to-business types who ask for money or for you to set up some account for them to transfer my great-great uncle’s billions of dollars that is supposedly rightfully mine. Okay, whatever!

Then one bright, sunny day when you are least expecting it…you get the picture. The unsolicited dick pick from hell.

Surprised sexy housewife


At first, you’re shocked…then angered…..then thoroughly disgusted!

Here’s where my life lesson on unsolicited dick pics begins:


My first question to a male with an itchy trigger between his legs (Not calling this thing a “Man” because a “Man” wouldn’t be slinging his nasty penis all over the internet to unsuspecting women) would be ….”Why in the ever-loving hell would you think sending a picture of your dick would make a woman jump up from her computer and scream “Halleluiah! I got a dick pic and now I’ve found the man of my dreams!”



Let’s say for a moment, that the woman did actually jump up from her seat with that exact excitement. How in the hell would you two do it? Other than Skype sex? Which, yes…it’s the ultimate safe sex practice, but please! There is no way that you two will be able to “hook up” unless you live in the same area. Or, if you lived far away, that would be a long ass haul for a booty call.

Then we get into the fact that “Itchy Trigger” is doing it because he gets off on getting a negative reaction out of the strange women he sends his dick pic to while sitting at his computer, naked in his mom’s basement.

Now look….I’m all about kink and discovering yourself, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. At what point does your need for weird satisfaction turn into a cry for help?

Are you seriously thinking that sending a picture of your dick is going to find you a wife?

Are you that desperate that internet sex is all you can find?

Are you that sick that you get your jollies off on sending that pic to strange women?

Is this the new “flasher” of our time? (Like…dude!  Where’s your raincoat?)

Is that even your dick in the picture?

Did you steal it off of PornHub?

And why in the hell do they call them “Unsolicited Dick Pics” anyway? I mean, I would never contact a male model and say, “Hey man! Send me a dick pic?” I shouldn’t even have to explain how that would go over.

I have so many pressing questions for these “Itchy Triggers” that I’m very curious as to why in the ever-loving fuck would you think this is okay? Then again, I don’t want to know…I just don’t think I could hold a grown-up conversation with him if my life depended on it.

There are so many questions and so few answers as to why guys get off on this shit.

I guess I’m back to where I began…


Theresa Hissong




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My Life is Not Over

My Life is Not Over…

This is just the beginning!

My Daisys

I had a moment of reflection this morning and wanted to share.

I used to believe that I had to act a certain way. That I had to follow the lines drawn by society. I was told that I had a place in this world; that I had to follow the carefully planned out blueprint of what I was supposed to do, how I was to behave, what I was allowed to say. You don’t disrupt the carefully oiled machine. The circle of life is just this:

Grow up.
Go to school.
Get a job.
Get married.
Start a family.
Raise children.
Have grandkids.

As I grew older, I hated that shell around me. I wanted something more. I wanted to use the mind that was given to me. Not the one that was designed for me.

When I stopped listening to what others told me to be, I learned to use my mind as I wanted. I was able to become what I wanted to be in this life.

This is me in the forest between Port Angeles and Forks, WA in 2011.095

My life is at least half over. In all reality, my time left here is short. The average human life span is 78.74 years. According to these numbers, I have 36 years left to see and do the things I have dreamed about for so long.
Thirty six years to love my kids, to travel to places I’ve only read about, to make a difference in someone’s life.

To some, this would be saddening, but to me…it is a challenge. This life, this world, is mine to explore. I must leave my footprint on it, if not for a nation, but for the children I brought into this world to carry on, not only my legacy, but the history of my ancestors before me.

2014-09-12 11.07.10

My very first book signing as an author. Sept. 2013. Pictured left to right: Julia Sykes, Holly Roberts, Me, Teresa Gabelman

I see so many people my age who’ve just given up on their dreams, saying they’ve waited too long to find happiness with their inner self. I say, there is no time like the present. Do as your heart desires. Go find an adventure. Absorb all of the beauties of this world. Do something every single day to make someone smile. Don’t train yourself to think your time is over. Train your mind, body, and soul to believe that this is your beginning.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings.

Copyright 2016 @Theresa Hissong

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Vlog…Books, Music, Appearances, & Star Treatments

Here is your Q&A answers and other happenings….


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