To My Husband….

American flag

To Wayne….

The Uniforms You Once Wore

His uniforms rest in the corner of the closet. Two years have passed since they draped the back of the honorable man I married. He now wears the uniform of a civilian, not tied to his country by way of a contract. He has seen peace and he has seen war. As a wife, I have endured love, loss, togetherness, and separation, but those uniforms are a part of me as well. For I have ironed creases sharp as a knife’s blade, sewn patches with pride, watched that camo walk away and return a soiled, tattered mess from a year’s worth of sacrifice. For 20 years, we have endured it all, but no matter how far apart, we did it together. But a military wife I will always be….even as I see the uniforms he once wore. ~Theresa Hissong.

About Author Theresa Hissong

International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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2 Responses to To My Husband….

  1. It’s hard to describe how strange those uniforms look just hanging in the closet, and me knowing that I will never wear them again, except maybe for the occasional Veteran’s Day parade. They just hang there, not speaking, and if they could, they’d tell tales of both joy and sadness. Mine stayed for almost two years and eventually made their way into a trunk. Putting them there just felt…lonely. Thanks you him for serving, and thanks to you for supporting. The latter job is sometimes more difficult.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It really says something that all of us agree those uniforms are more than just clothes. They are honor, loyalty, and life. If the uniforms could talk, they’d shed tears made of blood and sacrifice as they spoke.
      Thank you again,
      PS. I’m a romance writer, but have had so many connect with me over this raw moment I shared with the world. It means so much to hear from people who understand.

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