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Incubus Tamed, Book 1
Release Date: 1/22/2019

A succubus is in my territory without permission, and I am tasked to find her. Once she reveals why she’s on the run, I realize there is an insane demon among us. Ashera Andrews doesn’t want my help, but she needs it to keep from being tortured by her maker.

Cassius Snow does everything in his power to protect me, but when he and his incubus friends are attacked because of my presence in their area, I make the decision to return to the place of my rebirth to send my maker to Hades…where he belongs.

A mating between an incubus and succubus is rare but not unheard of. When Ashera and I use each other for energy, the threads of a mating bind us together. When she returns to her maker, and I am left without her, I fear insanity before she can be saved.

I will not let the man who made her destroy what is fated to be mine.

I will risk eternity in Hades to bring her home.

***This is a novella and will be the first book in the Incubus Tamed trilogy.

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Chapter 1



I hate myself.

The thought blows through my mind as I drink from my victim’s vein. The thick, coppery taste of a woman’s blood is my weakness; her body is the temple I must worship. It is within the depths of her body where I find life, and with life, I find my disgust of living.

Cassius,” she moans as the loss of blood causes her to weaken.

I will not kill her. No, she will live, but after I am done with her, she will not be the same. When she is found, my marks and seed will be absent from her body. This female will not remember the past few days. She will wake up confused after I put her into a comatose state before feeding from her vein. If she is a previous victim of mine, she will start to have episodes of insanity. After several sexual encounters with the same incubus, she will die.

There was a time, almost three hundred years ago, when I was out of control. I’ve killed women for their blood. I’ve had sex with them on multiple occasions, taking their souls in the process. I’d leave them in dark alleyways, behind abandoned buildings, in seedy motel rooms, or in their expensive mansions with no care in the world. In the beginning of my new life, I craved it all.

I still do.

Only now, I am older, stronger you could say, and I’ve learned how to get the things I need to survive without taking a human life. I’ve found others like myself, but without them, I am a monster…the demon from your nightmares.

The presence of another immortal jerks me from my thoughts. The need to protect my food rushes through my body. My hand covers the female’s mouth as I bare my bloody fangs at the shadow crouched in the windowsill. She squirms beneath me, but my instinct to fight outweighs my need to fuck.

“Cassius, you need come now,” a voice says. It is a voice I know. “We must go.”

“Leave me, Salvatore,” I growl, bearing my fangs. I push harder on the woman’s mouth as she begins to scream. I haven’t taken enough for her to pass out and lose her memories, yet. Her body tightens, so I thrust once more to keep her pussy primed even though Salvatore watches us from the window.

“Finish,” he barks. “Knock her out. If you are not outside in five minutes, I will come back, and I’m in no mood to fight with you tonight. We have bigger problems.”

“Fuck,” I snarl, knowing if he has come to interrupt my feeding, something has happened in our territory.

“I don’t know why you don’t sedate them right away,” he states and gives me a stern look.

I’d never admit it to him, but I like them to fight me a little. The sex, it’s mundane to me. The demon inside me likes them coherent for as long as possible before I have to take their souls. Sedating them during most of the act eats away at what’s left of my own human soul.

“Leave me,” I repeat.

He falls backwards off the ledge, leaving me alone to finish what I came here to do. The slide of my cock quiets the whore beneath me. She orgasms when I sink my fangs into her vein again. My body coils as I feel the life force of the prostitute bleeding into my body. My energy awakens as hers slowly fades. When I release her vein and remove my hand from her mouth, she moans again as my cock swells inside her body. My release is intense, but I do not shout with desire. There is no pleasure in what I am doing. There hasn’t been for a while now.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper as her body goes lax, and she closes her eyes, never to remember what has transpired over the last few hours.

My pants are no further down than below my cock when I back away from her body. I scoop up my shirt, shaking off the dust and whatever else coats the floor of this apartment.

The night is cool as I escape out the window, clinging to the side of the building to close the window. I leave no fingerprints, therefore, there will be no evidence of my arrival or departure.

“What the fuck is going on?” I snap at Salvatore as I find him smoking a cigarette in the alleyway behind the building. He has lipstick marks on the side of his neck, telling me he recently came from feeding off one of the females he met at our last location.

“There’s a succubus in our midst,” he rattles off, gritting his teeth.

“Did she request approval to be here?” Victor, Salvatore, and myself are the only incubi in the area. Therefore, this is our territory. There are hundreds of cities in the world, and we’ve spread out to keep our victims to a minimum. Too many soul suckers in one area can cause questions to arise. The humans will get nosey, and we could be exposed.

“She did not,” he says, leaning against the wall.

“Who told you she was here?” I press.

“The gargoyles,” he replies. Gargoyles are our eyes and ears in the territory. They are servants by nature, wanting to please their leaders. Memphis and Xavier belong to us, and they know their place in our coven. “They encountered her about an hour ago in a bar on the east side of town.”

“Where is she now?” I ask, feeling anger boil inside me. As much as I hate this life, I don’t want to die. Dying is not an option for me, because the alternative is Hades. The real one.

“They lost her,” he informs me, blowing out a cloud of smoke as he curses under his breath. “One of them said she scoped out the place, had a few drinks, and pushed away several of the males who approached her. Now, why would a beautiful succubus be in a bar full of men just to have some drinks and leave without coming to me for approval?”

“I’ll find Victor and we will hunt for her tonight,” I offer. As much as I hate being what I am, I know that being exposed to the humans would be so much worse.

“Find her and bring her to me,” he orders, then vanishes into the night.

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