Friday Flash Fiction… “Saving Windrose”, Part 4

Happy Friday to you all!!


Here is your Flash Fiction for the week.  This is the final installment of “Saving Windrose”.  I hope that you enjoyed this short story over the past 4 weeks.  I have found that I fell in love with Gavin and Hadley’s story.

Please enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


*All Friday Flash Fiction is written for fun.  The idea for my flash fiction posts are to write a story in 2000 words or less and post it RAW and UNEDITED!  These stories are straight from my brain to you.  They are not perfect and I don’t want them to be.  Its relaxing just to write an idea out of my mind without planning.  In a way, it’s practice for my more involved writings.  Again, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it!




Saving Windrose

Part 4


Gavin’s head was foggy, his body sore. The only thing keeping him from complaining was the soft female snuggled next to his body. He immediately knew it was his mate…Hadley. Her warmth bled into him during the day, her soft words in his ear gave him the will to heal…to come back to her.

Opening his eyes, he stared at her sleeping form in awe. She was his. He reached up with the arm that was not bandaged and stroked the soft skin of her cheek. Her long, brown hair framed her delicate face. Her lips were pushed out in a sleepy pout. She was beautiful.

A light knock on the door tore his eyes away from his mate. Quickly, he reached for the blanket to cover her up before calling out quietly, “Come in.”

Colton opened the door and smiled, “How are you?”

“Sore, but will be okay,” he replied.

“The cook has dinner ready. Would you like to eat now?” Colton asked, his head still peeking around the door, not quite inside the alpha’s room.

“Please,” he laughed when his stomach let out an audible growl.

Just as Colton closed the door softly, Hadley’s eyes blinked slowly as she woke from her deep sleep.

Gav,” she whispered.

“I’m here,” replied softly.

“Oh, Gavin,” she sniffled, tears welling up in her eyes. “I was so scared.”

“I told you I would come home to you,” he reminded her.

“But you’re hurt,” she gasped.

“Just a little scratch,” he smiled, stroking her temple. “I’ll be better by morning.”

They’d slept the entire day, only waking at dinner time. Colton returned with two trays of food. Gavin held Hadley against his side, so that she wouldn’t sit up and expose herself in front of the other male. She was dressed in a shirt and robe, but for Gavin, that wasn’t enough coverage for her to be seen by another male. He was becoming very addicted and protective of his new mate.

“You need to eat more,” Gavin demanded. She’d only eaten half of her meal, steak, potatoes, and half of a roll. There was still untouched food on her plate.

“I’m really not that hungry,” she crinkled her nose. The little worry line in her forehead gave away that her mind was elsewhere. He was quickly learning things about her.

“What worries you, my mate,” he asked as he stroked her hair back from her face, tucking a strand behind her ear.

“Tell me what happened,” she asked shyly. Gavin scowled at her request, hesitation in his eyes.

“He’s been dispatched,” he stated firmly.

“You…you killed him,” she swallowed.

“Yes,” he nodded.

“I need to go back to Windrose,” Hadley stated, her head popped up, her alpha nature taking over.

“Eat,” he demanded. “Then we will go back to Windrose and make a decision on how to combine the packs.”

“I’m sure they will all come,” she smiled. “There aren’t very many of us, but I need to know if you have room for them.” She pushed her plate away from her perch on the bed. Gavin frowned at the plate, but did not comment on her lack of appetite.

“Yes,” he nodded. “The town is large enough to accommodate new pack members. There are homes that sit empty and land that had yet to be developed. I’ve been thinking about building homes here for my Guardians on the property. They need to be close. Just in case.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “Let’s dress and you can take me back to Windrose.”

“Hadley,” he said, making her pause.

“Yes, Gavin,” she turned, looking him full on in the face. His dark hair fell haphazardly over his right eye. The other midnight blue eye watched her with such longing, it made Hadley’s heart ache. She knew that an alpha bonding was strong, but when two natural-born alphas bonded, it was said that the bond was unbreakable by even the gods.

“I will protect you…and your pack, with my life,” he declared.

“And I yours,” she said honestly. Whatever magnetic-magical-ancient pull that brought them together, caused her to instantly trust his word…hell his everything.



Gavin straightened his back, calling on his wolf to help him not show weakness in front of the Windrose pack. Hadley’s bandages had been removed, only a few light pink scars remained on her arms where Jericho had attacked her.

Gavin, on the other hand, was still bandaged underneath his denim jeans. His injuries were still fresh, causing a constant ache in his muscles. His arms were covered in a soft flannel shirt to conceal the damage there.

Hadley had sent word, by way of her brother, a few hours before, asking the town to meet at the alpha’s home for the announcement. As they pulled into the driveway, several cars were scattered across the lawn, others arrived on foot. Everyone looked at the front of the house with relief that Jericho’s short reign was over.

“Stay in the truck,” Gavin demanded. “Let me escort you out. It will show them we are on a united front. I’m sure your pack is uneasy with me, considering what the last alpha tried to do.” Gavin had been an alpha for about twelve years. He had much more experience than Hadley. Hell, she’d never truly been in charge of a pack, only considered “in-training” until the old alpha stepped down, or passed away.

Gavin rounded the truck quickly and opened the door. Holding his hand out, Hadley took his proffered hand and slid carefully out of the vehicle. Gavin placed a swift kiss on the back of her knuckles, giving her his silent strength. Hadley smiled warmly and brushed her fingers lightly over his strong jaw. When they turned toward the pack, she blushed slightly, because everyone was staring at them in awe.

Hadley looked at the people she had known since birth. Her parents passed away when she was a teenager, barely old enough to legally live on her own. Koby became her guardian for the last year of high school and the pack took it upon themselves to help raise her into the loving, responsible alpha she was born to be.

“Hadley,” a strained voice called from her left. She paused and looked at the man she’d known since his school. Garrett was a dear friend and at one time, her boyfriend. He was a caring, deep-hearted member of the pack, but Hadley didn’t feel the bonding connection that she recently found with Gavin. But Garrett was always there for her. His hope was that one day his wolf would finally recognize her as his. It’d been fifteen years and still nothing.

“Garrett,” she smiled. Gavin’s warning growl next to her caused both her and her old friend to pause. “Gavin, this is Garrett Needles. Garrett, this is Gavin Ward…my mate.”

There was a collective gasp that rang out through the crowd. Both men squared off silently, their wolves challenging the other. Hadley felt Gavin unleash his alpha, the feeling rippled through the crowd. The majority of the pack whined softly, most of them bowing their heads in submission. Garrett, however, did not.

“We have come to verify that Jericho Ross is gone,” Hadley began her speech, hoping to distract the two men from continuing their pissing match in the yard. Garrett finally broke eye contact with Gavin, dropping his head slightly in defeat. Gavin tucked Hadley close to his side and allowed her to continue.

“I am taking my rightful place as alpha of the Windrose pack,” she paused, letting her magical strength reach out to her people. All of them relaxed at the feel of her authority touching the pack. “I was attacked by Jericho a few days ago. My brother sent me to Eldridge for my safety, to the pack there. It was there that, upon meeting Gavin Ward, I found my true mate.”

There were gasps and sighs amongst the crowd, some women cried happily and others clapped with joy. Garrett looked displeased and hurt at her admission, but Hadley would deal with him later.

“I have come back to introduce you to the alpha of the Eldridge pack, and my mate, Gavin Ward,” she nodded toward the man at her side. He brought their combined hands up to his lips, kissing the back of her knuckles, before he spoke.

“It was a shock to myself and Hadley,” he began. “When she arrived in Eldridge. My wolf instantly knew this beautiful woman was my true mate. The magnetic pull to her was unbelievably strong and scary. She’d been injured. My sole focus was to heal her and protect her by finding Jericho Ross and destroying him for what he’d done to my mate and her pack.

“I am here to publically claim her as mine and to offer you, the Windrose pack, a home in Eldridge. We are more than able to accommodate each and every one of you with housing and employment. We have some buildings in the town square that are abandoned and can be used to start businesses, if you would like. I will do anything and everything in my power to see your transition is comfortable. Since Hadley is my mate…my alpha, I feel that you all are part of my family, my pack as well.”

“What if we don’t want to go to Eldridge,” Garrett scowled.

“You have your own free will,” Gavin stated. “I am not Jericho. I would never force you to do anything that you do not wish to do. As your alpha’s mate, that makes me your alpha and I will understand if you do not want to follow your rightful alpha, Hadley.”

Questions poured in and the two alphas answered as best as they could with the limited amount of time they’d had to come up with a plan. Hadley assured them that there would be plenty of jobs, homes, and schools for the pack. After all was said and done, out of the one hundred and forty-six pack members, only twenty-seven had decided to remain in Windrose.

“Please know that if you stay here in Windrose,” Gavin began. “You are not without assistance. The Eldridge pack would like to extend their help, if ever needed.”

“I’d like for everyone to come to Eldridge this weekend,” Hadley looked toward her mate for approval. He nodded for her to continue. “We will show you around the community. There are several thousand acres of forest in the town limits. You can build homes if needed, or purchase the ones that are available in town. The pack is always welcome at the alpha’s home. The full moon runs are usually held there each month.” Gavin had given her all of the information while they dressed and traveled to Windrose earlier. They’d crammed for ideas as to how they would combine the packs. As for now, it looked like it worked.

People came by in a line to greet the Hadley’s mate, the new alpha. The older ones asked about when they would hold the traditional mating ceremony. They were assured that it would be held at the next full moon. Hadley’s friends hugged her and told her how happy they were that she had finally taken her rightful place as alpha. They giggled when they told her that she was lucky to find such a handsome mate. Hadley growled a little when they eyed him too long. She was already becoming protective of him, maybe a little jealous as well.

“Come on, my mate,” Gavin said, after the pack had started to leave. They were going back to their homes to pack, preparing for the move. “I’m ready to take you home.”

“We have to prepare for our mating ceremony,” Hadley smiled.

“We may need to practice,” he nuzzled her cheek, kissing the mating mark on her neck.

“No,” she shook her head. The blush that heated her face was unwanted. She was nervous about the mating ceremony, but by no means was she reluctant. “We wait until we are properly mated.”

“Hmp,” he pouted. Oh! Wow! Hadley’s insides clinched at the strong alpha’s expression. He really was beautiful, especially when he was denied something that he wanted. She wanted to take back her words, just to please him, but she bit her tongue and kept quiet.

Kissing the mating mark on his neck, she sighed heavily, “Let’s go home.”

Home…to Eldridge. Her new life was just beginning. There was much to be done before the next full moon, which was in eighteen days. She’d met her true mate and he’d saved her. He’d saved Windrose.


The End…


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