Early Sneak Peek at “Fatal Desires”

Happy Friday!

I am a very impatient person and you all know that I love to share early teasers for the books I write.

“Fatal Desires” will be the first book in the Fatal Cross series.  And you’ve all been asking if Coraline Maddox will get a book.  And the answer is YES! 

Here is a peek at the Prologue for “Fatal Desires”.  It is unedited and raw.  This book will be released this spring. 


beauty woman in rock style



One night of heated passion with Taylor Vaughn and three store-bought pregnancy tests later, I was fucked. Totally screwed.

I was freaking pregnant!

And that low-down, dirty piece of shit wouldn’t return my calls.

Taylor showing up at the same resort as me was just a coincidence…my ass. We’d both been flirtatious on the tour a year ago when Fatal Cross opened for Glory Days, but it wasn’t until three weeks ago that I saw him in the Azores at a resort I thought was private.

A shadow formed over my lawn chair and I raised my sunglasses to see who the hell was bothering me and was surprised, at the time, to see the sexy guitarist hovering over me like a dog in heat. Of course, his eyes heated from roaming up and down the navy blue string bikini I was wearing and you better believed I flaunted my goods for him to see.

Dinner and two bottles of very expensive wine later and we were tearing each other’s clothes off like pornstars just offered a million dollar contract.

It was a curse that sex with Taylor was the best sex I’d ever had. It was also a given that sex that good should’ve come with a warning label, because nothing said I’d get knocked up with his kid. Of course, at the time, I really didn’t care when he was buried to the hilt and I was screaming his name.

My birth control obviously didn’t work, or I’d have made him use some sort of protection. That was the other dumbass move on my part. Rule number one….don’t sleep with rockstars who’ve dipped their pen in so much ink that they’re cocks are stained from all the attention.

Now, I had to get in touch with him and he wasn’t answering my calls or returning my messages. The whole thing was nothing but a one night stand and the sad thing is…I wanted more. Even if he was the biggest jerk on the face of the planet, I still wanted him. We clicked in ways I never had with another man. He got me, but obviously the feelings were one-sided.

Standing in the bathroom of my condo in Los Angeles and looking at the pregnancy tests lined up on the sink, I realized I was the fool. Taylor Vaughn didn’t want anything from me, but a hot night in the sack. I was a conquest. He scaled that mountain and posted his flag at the peak.

And the kicker? In just four months’ time, he would be taking over for Glory Days guitarist, Gabe Miller while he returns home for the birth of his child. I’d be just to the point of showing at that time and with my line of work, I wouldn’t be doing much other than being the bands gofer. Which I didn’t mind, but once my cousin found out about the little bun in my oven, Taylor Fucking Vaughn will be a dead man.

About Author Theresa Hissong

International Best Selling Author of Contemporary & Paranormal Romance.
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